Pros and Cons of Seasonal Moving

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Planning your move, you naturally try to make it as simple and comfortable as possible. That is why you pay attention even on such things as weather and mostly the season of the year. The season can sufficiently influence the aspects of the move and the details of the moving plan. In order to know what season is better for your type of move you need to know all pros and cons of moving during every period of the year.


PROS. Winter is not very busy time for the moving companies as people rarely think of relocation during the cold months. It means you will have several advantages:

  • More affordable offers from the local moving companies;
  • Less traffic on the roads;
  • Little demand on the real estate market makes sellers offer more attractive prices.

CONS. Cold winter weather creates several inconveniences for the moving work:

  • The driving conditions can be hazardous;
  • The weather can create danger for movers while handling the cargo;
  • The moving process can impede the celebration of the winter holidays.


PROS. A good weather and summer break gives you lots of possibilities to relocate easily:

  • School summer break allows you to relocate your kids without much stress so them will settle in the new location before they go to the new school;
  • There a lot of days with good weather that allow you to move without dangerous conditions;
  • Summer is a perfect season to throw a garage sale and declutter your house.

CONS. There can be days with the extreme heat and as the busiest moving period summer doesn’t have many offers from the moving companies:

  • If the move falls on the day with the extreme heat, there is risk of dehydrating yourself as well as the possibility to overheat some of your items.
  • You have to compete for the movers as lots of people want to relocate during summer months.


PROS. Fall is considered to be one of the most comfortable periods for relocation:

  • Being an offseason, fall provides affordable quotes from the movers;
  • In the beginning of the season the weather is neither hot nor cold and quite comfortable for the movers.

CONS. The weather in fall is still unstable and if you have kids they will have to relocate during the schooltime:

  • There are rainy or windy days in autumn, which create hazardous driving conditions;
  • There are no breaks in the school during the fall and your kids will have to adapt to the new school after beginning of the studying year.

If you are planning a move in the nearest future, California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company will help you to schedule an easy and smooth move during any season. We are dealing with both local and long-distance relocation and are ready to relocate you to or from Sacramento or other cities of the Bay any time of the year.

With California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company you will relocate swiftly without considering the weather.

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