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It happened not without a reason that moving services are trusted by professionals. First, it's about convenience. Secondly, do not forget about reliability. Thirdly, it is the accuracy of everything that happens that plays a significant role. Only local movers Oakland CA will always get in position, arrive on time and of course demonstrate their impeccable reputation when performing service.
With the Oakland moving company California Movers which is ready to help in any situation, you can enjoy your move and not have to worry about a lot of small details. Just the same, local movers with many years of experience will take care of them. When the best movers Oakland take on a task, they approach the task in an organized manner, perform all tasks in stages and understand exactly how to implement them without wasting time.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Company Fact Sheet

California Movers USA offers the best full-service movers in the business
  • 30 minutes operator service response time
  • 32 checked and technically serviced trucks
  • 94 experienced employees with a huge length of work
  • 4 hours as average travel time
  • 9760 tons of various goods and property of people have been transported to date
  • 234,740 miles already driven in 7 years of company operation
  • 2016 - the beginning of the work of our moving company


  • New trucks of multiple sizes
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Exact Pickup/Delivery
  • Direct Routing
  • Energetic Trained Teams


When ordering help from Oakland moving services, you can expect to receive a number of benefits:

  • movers Oakland California, drivers, packers and assemblers are experts in their field;
  • arrive on time with their packing and their tools;
  • arrival of a special cargo vehicle of the required dimensions;
  • full disassembly and packaging of furniture, other household items, equipment;
  • implementation of loading and unloading operations in the truck;
  • transportation of very heavy pieces of furniture, pianos and even antiques;
  • unloading of all property that was transported at the point of arrival;
  • unpacking and assembly of furniture products;
  • placing furniture, pianos, household heavy overall equipment in place;
  • vremoval of garbage, boxes, remnants of packaging materials upon completion.

Remember that professional moving companies Oakland provide not only these services, but many others. For example, in addition, services for the storage of property for a long or short period of time can be provided. All moving companies Oakland CA are trying for customers, so when moving to Oakland from California or another city, you can be sure of the professionalism and high quality of service. Additional nuances about the city here:


A wide range of services is offered by a company that specializes specifically in this area. If you suddenly need Oakland moving services, the right decision is to turn to professionals. Only moving service Oakland can cope with all the tasks without difficulties and problems. Also, Oakland moving company will take care of drawing up a contract and a free estimate for services. As for services, you can order:
Local Movers
Moving must be planned in advance, the best solution is to organize a turnkey move. Competent Oakland local movers will help with local moving.
Furniture Movers
Oakland furniture movers - specialists will be able to take out or bring heavy or light furniture items from the floor to the street, load them into a truck or bring them back and install in the places where the furniture should be placed.
Office Movers
Oakland office movers will take care of loading and unloading of office furniture, valuable office equipment, all stationery, as well as safes, important office documents as accurately as possible and taking into account all the specifics of an office move.
Apartment Movers
Oakland apartment movers will do everything to ensure that your household items, clothes and shoes, fragile items, bath accessories, furniture products and common consumer electronics are intact and safe in time for the provision of service.


The guarantee that Oakland movers will do everything quickly providing perfect quality of one hundred percent, is supported with that fact, that the company has been tested by time, it offers a great service and has many satisfied customers, as evidenced by 500 reviews on Google. This speaks solely of the fact that the company monitors its reputation and the complete cleanliness of doing business.
Our local Oakland movers know the specifics of their work. The moving company has a license; therefore, it performs work on its basis and on the basis of the current legislation of the country. Also, Oakland moving company has an internal statute, which also is taken into account and if something from the client’s property is damaged - by accident or not by accident, etc., then the company will definitely take care of it and pay for the thing that was damaged.
Another huge plus is that our managers are always in touch. And the word "always" means 24 hours, 7 days a week, which means around the clock. We understand that you may need urgent moving services that do not hesitate, and specialists are also ready to help. In addition to all this, moving company Oakland offers to apply on the website and order services online. This is convenient because you save time on calls and order the service via the Internet.


Packing property is a delicate matter that implies literacy, accuracy and aesthetics. Therefore, we made sure that packing services in Oakland are carried out at a high level, taking into account the environmental friendliness of the materials used. Therefore, all packaging materials used by specialists are of exceptionally high quality, eco-friendly, and cannot harm either the environment or human health.
It is known that moving supplies are prepared beforehand, as it is discussed with the client ahead what things should be packed. Therefore, professional Oakland movers and packers are prepared in advance for the process and the client does not have to worry about the fact that he will have to buy more boxes, adhesive tape, wrapping paper or other accessories.
Loaders are responsible for the correct and modern packaging, because they know how to deal with fragile items, expensive furniture, important electronics and home appliances for the owners. Reliable packaging is already half of a reliable move.


The size of the team and the number of trucks depends on the size of the move.
Studio, 1 Bedroom
1-2-3 Bedrooms, Office Spaces
3+ Bedrooms, Office Spaces


When it comes to cost of Oakland movers, it is better to ask managers to immediately draw up an estimate for services. It's absolutely free. At the same time, the price for service maintenance and the number of movers, including trucks, may vary based on the complexity of the move, the specifics of the move, as well as the wishes of the client and other subtleties of the process as a whole.
In any case, there is a free moving quote, which will help each client count on a certain amount of money. To get an idea of ​​how much Oakland movers can charge for services, it is worth emphasizing the average cost of moving to the city. For example, if this is a local move, then the price for local Oakland move starts from $510. In principle, roughly all Oakland CA moving companies set the same price, which again depends on the specifics, complexity, and duration of the entire process.

Free Estimate

  • 25 Sm
  • 10 M
  • 5 L
  • Guaranteed Flat Rate
  • Building & Furniture Protection
  • Dollies, Tools & Straps Provided
  • Tax & Basic Insurance Included

2 MOVERS + TRUCK = $150

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

3 MOVERS + TRUCK = $219

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour


It happens, in practice, when the transportation of furniture, apartment moving or office one, or of country type, etc. have arisen unexpectedly. And if the circumstances are such that there is temporarily nowhere to transfer things, household items, furniture, equipment or any other property, then storage oakland is something that cannot be abandoned. The fact is that storage space Oakland is fully equipped for absolutely any everyday situation. The company monitors warehouses, so they are all equipped with:

  • special climate control system;
  • clean and spacious premises;
  • good video alarm;
  • motion sensors and reliable security.

In addition, movers in Oakland CA will take care of the rigging, so you don't have to carry all the luggage to the warehouse yourself. You can choose any storage space in Oakland in size, and adjust the climate control as needed, for example, if food is stored, you can set a low temperature mode, and if this is not required, then choose normal one, that means - standard. Thus, a warehouse can be selected in any size and for any period.



When moving, most people are interested in the weather. If we talk about weather in Oakland, then the climate is quite changing, namely:

Winter. The average temperature varies from 7 to 14 degrees Celsius. Precipitation is the most frequent in winter, as well as the largest number of rainy days.

Spring. The average temperature varies from 8 to 22 degrees Celsius. In spring, the weather remains quite warm, but there may be a few rainy or cloudy days.

Summer. On average, the thermometer indicator moves between +14 +24 degrees.Summer is usually dry, partly cloudy, quite comfortable.

Autumn. The average temperature varies from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the hottest month is still September, and after it the temperature goes down a little.

According to experienced forecasters-experts, the weather in Oakland is quite stable and some strong differences from year to year occur very rarely.


Although each person has his own interests, but still everyone likes to relax. When moving to another city, you need to know first of all, things to do in Oakland and where to go. Therefore, the following information will become your real guide and help you navigate the area. The best places are the following:

Lake Merritt. This city has the historically recognized first officially protected lake. The fact is that it looks like a beautiful lagoon, where you can see many species of fish. Among the fauna of the lake, such species of fish are common as: Striped bass, Three-needle stickleback, Gillichthys mirabilis, Atherinops affinis, Chameleon goby. There are several artificial bird islands on the lake, you can rent rowing boats and enjoy the cool atmosphere in general.

Jack London Square. This place can be considered one of the popular embankments. It was named after Jack London - he was a famous author. It seems that each of us at least once heard about the adventures of a wolf cub, who was nicknamed White Fang, or a fascinating story about a young guy from the working class who fell in love with an aristocratic girl and decided to become a famous writer in order to get closer to her. There are places to go in the square area - entertainment centers, you can look at the railway station or go shopping, visit restaurants or business districts. The lively place is very popular with tourists.

City Hall. This building is simply impossible to ignore. It is the tallest building located west of the Mississippi. The building is historical, three-level and is considered a real gem of the city. Inside there are offices of officials, but on the 12th floor there is a prison, where 32 cells are equipped and there is even an open courtyard. Free concerts are often organized in front of the building in an open square. Guests of the city can enjoy the atmosphere of concerts at noon.

Dunsmuir House. This house has been officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States of America. The house is also considered a real oasis in the city. Its architecture is reminiscent of neoclassicism, and the building has a hotel, which even conduct tours from time to time. It is customary to hold banquet evenings and wedding celebrations, various charity events in this house. The Dunsmuir House is built in neoclassical architectural style. The house was built in 1899 by Alexander Dunsmuir, son of Robert Dunsmuir, a wealthy coal magnate from Victoria, British Columbia. Dunsmuir, who came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1878 to run the family business, planned for the house to be a wedding present for his new bride, but was unable to live in it with her as he fell ill and died during his trip of honeymoon in New York. His new bride returned to live in the house, but she herself died soon after in 1901. In this place, by the way, they filmed the movie "A View to a Kill".


Before moving to Oakland, you need to know about the demographic information relevant for 2023. This will help you understand what demographics of Oakland CA is at the present time and help you navigate in general:

Population. At the moment, the population is about 423 thousand people.

Median age. According to statistics, the average age is 42-44 years.

Median Home Value. To buy your own house, you need to prepare at least 2 million US dollars, and the simplest house will cost this amount.

Median Household Income. According to statistics, the average income is 500 thousand US dollars per person per year.

Average Commute. The cheapest way to move is by personal transportation, so the cost of gas from California to Oakland will be about $150. If you want to fly by plane, it will cost $300 per person.

Own vs. Rent. If you have to rent a house, then you need to count on an average of $ 2,500 plus utilities. It is rare that for this figure you can find rented housing with the inclusion of utilities.

It is important to consider, since the city is the county seat of Alameda in the state of California, so demographics of Oakland CA is constantly changing, as well as the statistics constantly are updated.


Most people, before moving, are interested in the question of what is the cost of living in Oakland CA. This is an intelligent and initial question that needs a clear answer. Based on up-to-date information for 2023, it should be emphasized that prices are very diverse and vary due to strong inflation. For example, today's information is up-to-date:

Restaurants. If you visit an average restaurant with more or less low prices, then one meal per person will cost about 15-20 dollars. Dinner will cost a little more, as people often order alcoholic drinks, so the price can go up to $40-45 per person.

Transportation. A one-way trip by public transport for 1 person will cost 2 US dollars. If there is a desire to take a taxi, then the price of the trip will depend on the mileage, which means for $ 2 - 1 kilometer.

Utilities (Monthly). If we take the average consumption of water, light and other energy resources, then you will have to pay approximately $ 120 per person or family with a very economical use of resources.

Rent Per Month. If you take the rent for an apartment in the city center, then it will definitely not cost less than $ 2,300 per month. When it comes to an apartment not in the center, but somewhere on the outskirts of the city, then it can be more profitable - about $ 1,700 per month.

Buy Apartment Price. Only those who have collected a significant amount of money or who are given a large loan can think about buying a home. The fact is that in order to purchase housing in the city, it is necessary to count on at least 6,700 dollars per square meter and start purely from this figure.

If you analyze the situation, then the cost of living in Oakland CA cannot be called too cheap, so when moving, you need to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision.


People can have the most unforeseen circumstances.

If something happens, the right thing to do is to call the Oakland Police Department: +1 510-777-3333 - take care of your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

If you feel bad, something happened and you need an ambulance, you should contact the general hospital, which receives calls around the clock: +1 510-437-4800.


Try to hire Oakland movers right now and be sure of tomorrow. The fact is that only experienced Oakland movers will be able to do everything according to the contract, on time, and at the same time bring everything whole and without flaws. Turning to one of the best companies, they will give you a free moving quote, pay attention to the nuances and details, and offer a number of additional relevant services at a very affordable and loyal price. Call managers right now and quickly move to a new place, and let life sparkle with new colors. And it is better to entrust the time-consuming process of moving immediately to specialists who understand this like no other. Turnkey moving is your right decision in any such situation.


1518 Broadway #a11, Oakland, CA 94612, USA
Toll Free: (415) 579-2747
Monday - Saturday
8:00am - 8:00pm
Pacific Time
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Relocation Information
Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Alameda County Movers

If you have moved to Oakland, specifically to Alameda County district, our Oakland movers will be happy to provide you with a range of services to a high standard to ensure your satisfaction. Our moving company is one of those who are not afraid of difficulties, therefore Oakland movers are considered the best in this region, as well as an extensive experience in the moving service is a huge plus for clients, because we will definitely not let you down at any stage of the deal. In addition, our movers will take care of the rigging.
Fremont Movers
The decision to move to Fremont from Oakland is also an important one. It is an administrative region of California. Now the city has a developed infrastructure, so the property will be delivered quickly and on time by one of the best moving companies on the market. Fremont's overall assessment is that the city has a high quality of life and is excellent for an extended stay. Overall, the Fremont movers of our company will help you cope with the move faster, that will save time.
Berkeley Movers
But when moving to Berkeley from Oakland, you need to consider that the city is located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, California. It attracts by the fact that there are always a lot of students because of the successful placement of the University of California. But even such an environment will not interfere with those who strive to live here, although they will need to get used to average prices, starting from food to accommodation cost. No matter what floor you rent housing on, Berkeley movers will definitely perform work to raise the property to the floor.