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How to Pack for a Move

Every year many people move for a variety of reasons. Moving to a new place is quite exciting but at the same time one of the tedious and difficult things to do. When packing for a move to a new place, you need to take care of all the useful things and leave all the unnecessary things behind. It takes too much effort and time to manage all such things. You need to make some preparations before you consider any change. So how to pack for a move?
With California Movers USA, you'll learn the ins and outs of the professional packers and moving process. Therefore, the services are built in a way that allows customers to save money, but without sacrificing high standards of service.
Read about how to pack for moving and arrange the transportation of all items in our previous articles.
And this article also will give you the answers to the questions you care about!

How to Pack for a Move

Packing Tips

Whether your reasons are personal or business, the service will help to find the best ways to pack for a move and relocate everything: shoes, clothes, TV, books, dishes or plants. Start with the preparatory phase, during which packing materials are purchased or assembled. These are needs for packing ideas:

  • boxes;
  • bags;
  • newspapers;
  • air bubble wrap;
  • duct tape;
  • scissors;
  • garbage bags.

You should also prepare markers or felt-tip pens to sign the boxes.

The rules for the selection of packaging materials are simple:

  • boxes of different sizes should be used;
  • old, clean rags are good instead of newspapers;
  • there should be plenty of packing materials.

When everything is ready, you can begin to use the best packing tips during the process. It is important to do everything consistently - this will not only ensure the safety of things when moving, but also facilitate their unpacking at the new place.

Packing Checklist for Moving

Task #1: Get everything done as quickly as possible.

Here's a 10-step packing moving checklist.

1. Even in a hurry, try to assess which things you no longer need. The smaller and lighter your luggage, the easier it will be to move it.

2. The key details of any move can be designated by an abbreviation: boxes - film - duct tape. However, first of all, use all the bags and suitcases that you have.

3. It is convenient to transport outerwear in covers, and shoes - in boxes, which can be stacked and connected in large blocks, wrapped with tape.

4. After filling the suitcases and bags, proceed to the boxes. The most convenient are the boxes from under the fruit with closable tops and side openings, which act as handles.

5. To save space, try to make the most of each item.

6. Vacuum storage bags from the packing list for moving can also help save space.

7. Separately assemble a box of essentials from a moving packing list.

8. Tape all boxes carefully, even if they seem to be securely closed.

9. Always sign everything. Write with a marker or stick stickers under the tape, indicating where books, dishes, cutlery, and so on lie.

10. Household chemicals and leftover cereal and food from the refrigerator can be stowed in bags, which should then also be sealed with tape.

Take advantage of our packing tips. Documents and especially valuable things like watches and jewelry, according to the packing checklist for moving, are better to pack in a personal bag or backpack.

Moving and Packing

Moving and packing always go side by side. Surely one of the first problems that may seem global in these circumstances is how to pack and choose ideas for moving your belongings.

Here are the basic tips for packing for a move we can give you:

  • Get rid of what you don't need.
  • Sort things by what you need.
  • Sort everything by season.
  • First the suitcases.
  • Pack shoes separately from clothes.

But if you are moving not far and you do not have a lot of things, it is quite possible to transport things without resorting to the complexities of packing & moving, but simply stacking them neatly in the back seat of the car.


With a wealth of experience, Professional Packers can help with packing, planning, coordinating and successfully executing your move. The only thing you'll need to worry about is how to entertain yourself - and the kids, if you're moving with your family - during the move.

Assistants professionally and quickly perform help with packing to move, preparing for the transportation of household appliances, dishes and more. You can always order moving and packing help services by contacting us by phone, through messengers of social networks or via the feedback form on the website. Before the start of the work you will be drafted a contract with the cost of services.

And if you're not ready to turn to services, you can always pack everything yourself! To do this, try searching for video and photo instructions on the internet and use special tips to make the process easier.

Packing Tips

How to Start Packing to Move

You can ask “How to start packing to move?” Collect large, hard items first, then all seasonal clothing and shoes. Last are furniture, appliances, and everyday items. Be sure to sign the packing for a move where to start, because it will make unpacking and arranging things easier. We advise don't think about how to start packing to move but treat the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things.

When to Start Packing to Move

There is no such thing as a better time when to start packing to move. After all, the best time is when you need to move!

However, traditionally everyone chooses the summer months. This is usually the warm period between mid-May and mid-September.

It's worth considering that the date can affect the availability of moving services, moving crews, and the overall cost of the move. But if you are willing to do everything yourself, it is also possible to do it easily and without stress.

Few people look forward to starting thinking when to start packing to move, even if they can't wait to move. Start packing empty boxes at least a month before you move, if not sooner.

What to Pack First When Moving

If you do not know and ask yourself “what should i pack first when moving?”, make a list of the most necessary things.

First, pack all bulky items and things you don't use. Remove curtains, stow blankets and pillows, and empty shelves of clothing. After that, start packing small items, dishes, and toys. This way you decide exactly what to move first when moving and make the move easier. Now you know what to pack first when moving.

How to Prepare for a Move

Not sure how to prepare for a move?

Then keep these tips in mind:

  • Form boxes so they are not too heavy. Pack books in small boxes, and wrap dishes in newspaper or bubble wrap. Seal the bottom of boxes with tape.
  • Properly prepare the furniture for the move. Remove all removable parts of furniture in advance. Secure opening parts with tape.
  • Start loading the car with the largest items. Secure them to the vehicle with special straps.
  • Before moving preparation, cover the floor and walls with film, this will help avoid unwanted scratches.
  • By following these tips, you will be getting ready to move into your new apartment without any problems.

How to Efficiently Pack

When preparing for the move, you will probably have a question "how to efficiently pack?”. It is better to pack clothes in medium-sized boxes at the rate of one shelf in the closet - one box. Lightweight and bulky items, such as pillows and blankets can be efficiently packed in large boxes, and heavy items, such as dishes and books, in small boxes. It is important that the packing efficiently items are realistic to lift.

Tips for Movers

If you hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting for you, it's a common courtesy to tip for movers, as if you gave a cab driver or waiter at a restaurant or leave a review on a website. This should be factored into your overall expenses when you start planning your move.

Daily moving tipping usually ranges from $20 per participant for smaller moves to $40-$60 per person for larger, more complicated moves. For cross country and multi-day moves, we recommend the same daily mover tip. If your team is with you all day, we also greatly appreciate providing drinks or lunch.

How to Pack Quickly for a Move

Packing in one day is certainly a hassle, but far from impossible. Make sure you take the time to pack and protect your belongings along the way to prevent damage during the move.

So, how to pack quickly for a movefready for the moving day.?

Option 1: Hire professional movers and packers to do the job for you. Not only will they be able to know how to pack for a move quickly, but the safety and efficiency of their work will guarantee you a smooth and successful move.

Option 2: Learn how to pack quickly for a move and get to work without delay.

However, packing for a move is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. It's usually a good idea to start the process a month or so in advance so you have enough time to take care of your belongings and get everything ready for the moving day. We hope now you know in detail how to pack for a move.


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