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Piano movers

A piano is not only a piece of furniture or a musical instrument, but also a spiritual value, so that its movement must be done very carefully.

Carriage of a piano like one of the most sensitive instrument can lead to damage to piano, damage to furniture and house. So, it’s better to hire movers with a lot of experience in this sphere.

It will allow you to save strength and time, forget about the troubles connected with moving a piano and just enjoy your piano in a new location.

If you hire a team of our professional piano movers, you can be sure that your valuable cargo will be delivered to the right place intact.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” provide:

  • Transportation services at any time convenient for you;
  • Clean trucks with climate control;
  • A team of professional movers with extensive experience and all necessary equipment;
  • Storage in a specialized warehouse if it is impossible to move an instrument to a new location

To move smoothly, piano moving company must prepare an instrument, prepare a house and take into account all the influencing factors such as steps, gravel, grass and so on.

Team members of “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” moved more than 10,000 pianos in California and can guarantee the piano’s complete safety.

Our piano moving company work with a wide range of piano owners:

  • individuals,
  • universities and schools,
  • concert halls,
  • retailers.

We understand and respect the emotional affection of the owners to their instruments and do the best to meet customer expectations.

How We Pack Your Piano for a Long Distance Move

Moving can become a real challenge especially if you have heavy and costly items like pianos. To eliminate the risk of getting scratches, damages, the influence of weather (rain, snow) it is better to pack the piano. Our movers have all the necessary packing materials to ensure that your property is fully protected during transportation. Here is how we pack our clients’ pianos for a move.

Step 1: Wrapping with a special film

First layer of a special film protects your instrument from micro transportation scratches and moisture. We remove all the hinges that can damage your instrument and also wrap all the individual parts like lid, legs and pedals separately.

Step 2: Wrapping with blankets or towels

Wrapping with blankets helps prevent any possible bumps and dents that may occur moving a piano upstairs or downstairs, or moving it through the doors and transporting it in the truck.

Step 3: Securing the blankets with a duct tape

We use duct tape in order to prevent blankets from slipping off during transportation.

Step 4: Leaving some space without film

We try not to pack the piano with a film entirely. Slippery polyethylene can play a bad joke – hands can slip off at a crucial moment. Besides, if the temperature outside is below room temperature, harmful condensate can be produced under the film. When it rains pianos are usually covered with a tarpaulin.


What our beloved customers are saying about california movers.

  • 5 star rating
    California Movers recently relocated me from San Francisco to San Diego.  It went flawlessly.  They arrived on time for pick up and again on the delivery date.  They were quick and none of my belongings were damaged.  I highly recommend this very professional moving company.  My thanks to...
  • 5 star rating
    Just moved a piano and some other furniture/items that were very important to me from SF to Palm Springs.  These guys did an excellent job.  Showed up on time, wrapped what needed to be wrapped, strapped things down, were careful so there was no damage at either end (walls, floors, etc.), and...
  • 5 star rating
    We just moved from the Bay Area to Portland with these guys, and they did a great job! Fast, efficient, reasonably priced. The clear / easy process was very refreshing vs. other companies. Knowing the price up front and guaranteed delivery made choosing them easy. Also, all our stuff was on the...
  • 5 star rating
    I recently moved from Fremont to Medford OR.  My first contact was Nick and he showed up on time, answered all my questions and gave me a quote.  I had them pack, load and unload.  The team was led by Max who was efficient and pleasant.  His crew - Alex, Dima, Salim and Ruslan did an excellent...
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