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Professional Packing Services

California Movers provides the best professional packing service in the area. You can now say goodbye to the fear of damage, manhandled goods, or any other packing unforeseen. Customers also enjoy a seamless packing service without sacrificing time and money.
California movers packing services provide everything needed for an easy and memorable moving experience. Clients have access to packing checklist, tips, packing prep video, supplies and boxes, and more to ensure packing becomes safer, straightforward, and interesting.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Our Packing Service Offers:

  • 100% satisfaction.
  • On-time pickup and delivery.
  • Durable packing materials.
  • Skilled and professional packers and movers.

Getting Started: Packing Supplies and Boxes

Most individuals and customers pay less concern to their moving supplies when planning a move. If you are self-packing, ensure you have all the packing durables such as paddings, wraps, moving boxes, tapes, and others. Read our moving checklist to start packing today.
If you don't have time for packing, hire moving company for the best and secure moving service possible.

"The Right Packing is the First Step to a Happy Move”

California movers packing service is unique and known for its attention to details and meeting the needs of clients, even on a tight schedule.
Customers have access to over 30 various cartons for packing their equipment. Here is a list of some items you will need if you are self-packing.

  • Small moving boxes;
  • Medium moving boxes;
  • Large moving boxes;
  • Extra-large moving boxes;
  • Heavy-duty boxes;
  • Furniture pad;
  • Glass dish protection packs;
  • Tv boxes;
  • Mirror boxes;
  • Moving blankets;
  • Mattress and furniture covers;
  • Protective foams;
  • Packing tapes and dispensers.

Customized carton to fit your furniture

If your office has special equipment, we can always prepare on-request custom cartons just for them to ensure the safe delivery of your equipment.

  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Electronic boxes
  • White cuter mailers
  • Tote boxes
  • Envelope boxes
  • Two pieces file box
  • One-piece file box

Tailor-made crates for your valuables

Get specially tailored packaging for your local or long distance move with our professional packing services.

Packing Services

California Movers Packing Services takes care of all your packing duties to your satisfaction regardless of the option you choose.

  • Full Packing — our full packing service option gets the job done fast and saves time. No need to get stressed as our professional packing team will ensure you get up and running in your new destination in no time.
  • Partial Packing — our team will have a deeper understanding of the items you want to move as you enter the details on custom quotes. Our team will ensure to identify the goods you love to pack yourself and how we may assist you.
  • Unpacking — our unpacking service option gives you more room for other pressing needs while our team unpacks your goods to help you prep your new abode beautifully.
  • Office Packing — the office packing service team ensures your relocation is successful and ready before the next working hour. Our professional crew ensures that all appliances arrive safely and on time.
  • House Packing — our house packing service has every material and moving boxes needed to ensure all your home appliances arrive at your new location safely. We even have custom boxes for very fragile goods.
  • Other Services — office mover provides other handy services like cleaning, prepping, and storage of goods to ensure your relocation gets much easier.

“Your Packing Defines You; Let California Movers Pack Your Belongings Professionally”

Packing Tips

  • Make a packing list;
  • Pack your first night box;
  • Start your packing plans on-time;
  • Keep similar items together;
  • Wrap fragile wear with paper or bubbles;
  • Dispose of unwanted items;
  • Know the size of your room;
  • Identify similar packed items with indicators;
  • Move in the early hours of the day.


What is the best way to pack my waterbed?

Our experts recommend that waterbeds be completely drained before packing. Fiber-filled waterbeds require complete vacuum drying before packing them.

Can you help me pack my China wares?

We will be happy to help you with that, our customers get access to custom packing boxes to ensure your items arrive safely.

How much is your service fee?

The packing service fee depends on factors like the volume of items, etc. Get your Free Quote .

Hire Professional Packers and Movers

Ready to make the best local or long-distance move? Speak to one of our experts to get a free quote today!


Storage Services

Save yourself from the stress of using cranked up services that are both inconvenient and time-wasting.
With office moving storage services, you can get your own storage space and fortified staff to store, manage, and keep track of your goods till the next use. Office mover provides both long and short term storage services for almost any type of equipment.

Long-distance Movers

The company simplifies your move from various cities in an efficient, quick, and easy way. California long-distance movers combine reliable technology, infrastructure, and a long chain of expertise to reduce any chaotic moving processes.