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Do you believe that moving can be a pleasant experience? California Movers can change your attitude to relocation for better if you try the services of our professional packers and movers.

One of the challenges you face when moving is, of course, packing. It is not only a time-consuming and painstaking process but also a responsible one. A lack of relocation experience often leads to unwanted damages and breakdowns. That is why it is reasonable to turn to one of the packing companies for moving and understand that relocation can be a real pleasure without any buzz.

California Movers has a team of careful and certified movers who have also completed an extensive packing training and can take care of your fragile, valuable and many other items. We are one of the best choice among long-distance and short-distance moving companies and aware of full-service packing techniques to prepare all your possessions for long-distance, short-distance, and cross-country moving. Such packing services guarantee that your furniture, pictures, clothes, glassware, and other household items will be delivered to the final point in the excellent state and your involvement into the process is limited to the minimum.

FAQs regarding packing services

Do you perform house packing services?
Do you perform packing services for commercial organizations?
I need partial packing services
I need unpacking services
Can you store my belonings?
What types of items do you pack?
How much will my packaging cost?
Which moving supplies do you use?

Do you perform house packing services?

Ones of the services provided by our moving team are house packing and unpacking. Our strong movers who pack for you have completed special training to provide professional services and protect your belongings during the relocation process.

When you order packing services in our company, we schedule the date and time for our packers to arrive and perform their responsibilities. If there are too much items to pack this process can take place one day prior to the day of the move to get everything prepared and not waste any minute on the relocation day.

The unique feature of our professional services is the same team which works both at the initial and final stage of the moving process. It means that the same movers accompany your cargo on-the-go and help to unload it in the new place of living. Moreover, in addition to packing services, they can also provide unpacking services if you wish.

Do you perform packing services for commercial organizations?

Commercial moving is one of the basic directions served by our company. We provide professional crating and packing services as a part of the commercial moving process. Whether you need protection for one item or packing services for the entire warehouse, it is not a problem. Our movers evaluate how much and what packing materials are required in every single situation, deliver them to the business location, and cope with their responsibilities on site.

Our packers are worth your trust since every person we hire undergoes a thorough check, so do not hesitate to entrust them with packing costly appliances, machines, devices, fragile items, etc.

California Movers has been a partner of many small and large businesses for several years already and this experience and a constant desire to improve our services encourage us to perform moving and packing more efficiently with every new order.

I need partial packing services

Both commercial and household packing services can be performed partially if you need. There are people who start packing their belongings themselves and get tired of this process. It is not a rarity when people look for professional services only for packing certain items. The reasons of such a decision are different, but the only thing we can say firmly is the fact that our packers are always ready to give every client a helping hand and pack only those things which are indicated by the owner. If you are a happy owner of antique China or a unique collection of breakables to be delivered interstate or even across the country, choose one of the best professional packing moving companies and sigh with relief since your belongings are in the right hands!

I need unpacking services

The day of moving is stressful even if everything is organized and managed at the highest level. When you and your belongings arrive at the final destination, many people are ready to give up since they face another great challenge – a necessity to unpack and distribute everything to the right places. However, it is not a reason to get sad because our movers that pack for you can assist you with this painstaking task too. They will not only unload all your freight from the truck and carry it inside your home but also open all the boxes, remove wrap and tape, and deliver all the items to their places.

Can you store my belonings?

California Movers has brought professional services of movers to the new level because here you can find all the necessary solutions for a smooth relocation. In addition to moving and packing services we have mentioned, we offer special storage facilities for our clients.

You can choose rental units of different sizes. Our movers and packers arrive at your home or office, load all the freight carefully to the truck, and deliver it to the unit you have selected. Moreover, our experienced team helps to use space in this unit efficiently and create a perfect environment setting up the air-conditioner options. It is also important to mention that our storage is protected, clean, and can be accessed at any time of the day!

What types of items do you pack?

When it comes to the full-service packing and household and office moving companies, the number of items they deal with is rather big. California Movers has tried to compile a detailed list of different item groups our packers work with:

  • Sizable items and furniture pieces;
  • China, dishware, and glassware;
  • Books and toys;
  • Lamps and lampshades;
  • Paintings, glass, and mirrors;
  • Different types of appliances and electronic equipment.

Each group of these things requires a special approach to packing as well as materials used. The dedicated team of our movers has much experience of dealing with absolutely various possessions and they are talented and skillful enough to choose the most suitable packing technique to achieve the utmost protection for the item packed.

We also pay special attention to the appliance and electronic equipment packing services providing also additional installation/de-installation solutions on site.

How much will my packaging cost?

Our trusted teams of packers work all over the West of the U.S. by an hourly rate. It means that the cost of packing services depends directly on the number and size of items to be packed. The price will be different if you need to move a small studio or a 4-bedroom apartment. However, you can be confident that despite the size of your home, our packers work quickly and carefully. They do their best to provide efficient packing services, so they use boxes of suitable size, shrink clothes and linen, and disassemble pieces which are suitable for that. They realize the responsibility they take and perform their job consciously!

Which moving supplies do you use?

Professional services imply the use of professional packing materials. We have a reliable provider of high-quality packing supplies to guarantee that your belongings are in absolute safety. The most popular examples of the packing supplies are the following:

  • Boxes of three basic sizes: 1.5 Cube, 3 Cube, and 4.5 Cube. They are mostly used for packing clothes, linen, shoes, accessories;
  • Wine box for 12 bottles of 750 ml each;
  • Wardrobe boxes to move full closets and hanging clothes;
  • Packing paper (for small items such as dishware, glassware, other fragile pieces, etc.);
  • Reliable bubble wrap for the protection;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Stretch wrap;
  • Moving blankets.

All these packing supplies are accompanied by professional tools and supplies used by movers. Moreover, you will also find professional equipment in the trucks and vans to hold your cargo tightly during transportation. Some materials and supplies are already included in the cost of packing services and help us perform our job efficiently and carefully to guarantee only the best moving experience to our customers!

What are the benefits of hiring California Movers

The competition in the market of moving and packing services is rather severe, but it has not prevented us from taking a leading position in California. The main reason why so many companies, businesses, and ordinary people choose our relocation, storage, and packing services lies in the multiple benefits they get hiring our team.

  1. No hidden fees
    Our pricing policy is transparent and reasonable, so unpleasant surprises are excluded.
  2. The same team of fast and efficient movers serves one order
    A team of licensed movers and packers takes advantage of every minute and follow the freight working both at A and B points.
  3. An hourly rate includes some packing materials
    Ordering packing services in our company you also get a free set of packing supplies including boxes for packing small things, plastic wrap, hand truck, blankets, wardrobe boxes, and tools.
  4. Insurance
    You are guaranteed to get a refund for damaged or lost items.
  5. The highest satisfaction rate
    Only positive and grateful reviews from hundreds of our clients.
  6. Timely delivery
    Our client will get $1 compensation for every minute of being late.
  7. Weekends, holidays, and night shifts included.
  8. Reasonable prices for local moving as well as cheap long-distance movers.

If you are not able to relocate or order packing services on business days, we make exceptions and schedule your move on any time of the week and day comfortable for you.

How to pack like a PRO tips

Do you plan relocation and it is time to pack? Even if you order professional packing services, learn these moving tips to make the process more organized and effortless.

  1. Get rid of the excessive belongings by selling, donating or sending them to the dust bin.
  2. Sort your possessions by categories.
  3. Try to get free packing materials from the local stores.
  4. Check if you saved original boxes for your electronic equipment.
  5. Make up a list of the things to pack by categories.
  6. Label and number boxes.
  7. Put heavy items into small boxes.
  8. Dishes must be packed vertically and wrapped with paper or bubble wrap.
  9. Get a box of items you will need the first day in your new home.
  10. Pack valuables and documents separately to take them with.

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