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Moving for a big distance is a stressful and exhausting process if you have to deal with this challenge alone. However, when you hire long-distance movers, a necessity to cover a big distance and even your cross-country relocation seems more exciting and less frightening. The reason for that is professional help you get from the experienced employees and lower level of responsibility for the whole process.

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Cross-country moving makes people face a number of problems. They should not only prepare all their valuables for relocation by packing, labeling, listing them but also find people who are worth their trust to deliver them to the final destination. If you are not ready to cope with the troubles caused by long-distance moving, California Movers experts are always here to take this responsibility.

If you are not sure what moving company to choose, experts advise paying attention to the companies that have already spent several years in this market and have a high satisfaction rate. In addition, it would be more affordable to hire a full-service company rather than order all these services in different companies and ensure if the total move price cannot be changed by the company. There are two other important points to consider as well: it is cargo insurance and the coordination of the moving process. All these and many other features help to understand the level of professionalism characteristic of the moving company and make the only right decision.

Business and residential long-distance moving company

Being one of the best full-service long-distance moving companies we realize the importance of providing services both for small and large businesses including manufacture and ordinary residents who have or wish to change their place of living.

In addition to many devices and technical equipment, there are a lot of important documents that cannot be lost or damaged. Sometimes, we are asked to move heavy machines and equipment to another area, let alone antiques, musical instruments, or sports equipment. Our staff is aware of all the peculiarities arising from household and office relocation and are experienced enough to complete any move successfully.

Relocation FAQs

How does an online quote differ from an in-home estimate?
How do you insure cargo?
How early before the move should I contact a moving company?
What is the best way to move long distance?
How much does it cost to hire long-distance movers?
How to find the best long-distance moving company?
How to reduce my moving costs?
Why choose California Movers?
I want to get a moving quote

How does an online quote differ from an in-home estimate?

The main thing that differs both these concepts is the accuracy of the estimate. When you leave an online quote, you are asked to list all the items to be moved and often, this list has many differences with the real situation. An in-home estimate is performed by a professional of the company, who arrives at your current place of living and makes up a detailed checklist of what should be packed and delivered to a new place of living. This professional has much experience and can determine the number of specialists needed, space in the truck, packing materials required.

How do you insure cargo?

California Movers is ranked the highest because of several reasons and one of them is a type of insurance we offer. Unlike other moving companies that insure the total weight of the cargo, we guarantee that each item of your stuff will be protected by insurance and even if anything unplanned happens, you will undoubtedly get a full refund.

How early before the move should I contact a moving company?

It is natural that in late spring or summer, the number of orders in moving companies is much bigger than in fall and winter. Consequently, if you want to book a date and time that suit you most of all, it is better to turn to the company about 2 months prior to relocation if it is peak season. In cold seasons, it would be enough to reserve a date 2-3 weeks in advance. It means that your team and truck will be already waiting for your order.

What is the best way to move long-distance?

Moving a long-distance, it is very important to choose the best way how to do that. Of course, if you relocate alone and have a very small budget, not many things with, and move to the city in the same or neighboring state, it will be probably reasonable to buy a ticket on the train or bus.

However, if you have a big family, a lot of different stuff, and things that require special packaging and care during the trip, there is no alternative to reputable long-distance moving companies. It is much more reasonable to turn to professionals for help than regret about losses, damages, frauds, and delays. Choosing our company, you can forget about all the challenges associated with moving and spend this time with pleasure and profit.

How much does it cost to hire long-distance movers?

It is natural that the cost of long-distance moving services depends on many circumstances. So, it is impossible to answer this question without consideration of the services required for moving, the distance that must be covered by the truck, the number of movers, size of the truck, checklist of the stuff to be delivered, etc. However, it is worth paying attention to the advice given by experts if you want to save on relocation. They insist on hiring experienced full-service companies since they offer more competitive prices and there is no need to look for the services required in another place.

California Movers has proven multiple times that long-distance moving can be affordable and hassle-free if you choose the right company. Our cross-country relocation team guarantees efficiency and comfort to every client.

What influences the moving cost most of all?

In fact, a long-distance move is a complex process that consists of several important stages. All of them influence the total cost in some way. Our company has a standard tariff for every kind of services required for moving and their sum constitutes the final price. In fact, the amount of this money depends on the number, weight, and size of items to be moved, mileage to be covered, packaging materials required, type of value protection/insurance chosen, a necessity of storage, etc.

How to find the best long-distance moving company?

The choice of the reputable moving company that performs long-distance orders can be really tough for a person who has nerve dealt with relocation before. The reason for that is a wide array of companies that offer moving services and lack of experience what features to consider to make the only right choice. If you are also at the crossroads and do not want to be mistaken, look through the requirements issued to trusted movers by experienced travelers:

  • A company should offer all the basic and some additional long-distance moving services required for effective moving;
  • It should have many positive testimonials of other clients and have a high satisfaction rate;
  • The company should guarantee that no extra fees are charged from the client in addition to the total cost of the services;
  • It is important to find out if cargo is insured and whether claims about damaged or lost items are applicable;
  • A customer should ensure that his belongings are the only ones in the truck and will not be transported for a long distance or around many states (otherwise, they are subjected to more damages, losses, thefts, etc);
  • A company should guarantee clients its official responsibility for the violation of the contract points (being late, not meeting deadlines, one-side changing the agreement, etc).

Each of these points that can be applied to the moving company confirms its reliability. We realize how important it is to meet all these standards and put much effort to deserve our clients’ trust and recognition. We guarantee that every order has its own truck and moving team, is insured and has no hidden fees, while every minute we are late brings our customers 1$ profit.

How to reduce my moving costs?

If you want to pay less for moving, it is important to choose not only cheap long-distance movers but also ones providing a full range of relocation services. It will prevent you from paying twice more for hiring other assisting companies.

In addition, there are many charity organizations and federal programs (e.g. deductive moving expenses) that will decrease the total cost of your move providing financial help. You can apply for federal help only if you meet certain requirements, while charities try to support different categories of population (veterans, single mothers, disabled people, etc.).

Why choose California Movers?

Long-distance move with experts is no longer a challenge. You can start your cross-country trip with a light heart if you choose California Movers since there is a 100% guarantee that you will get the following benefits:

  • A team of experienced and certified movers (packers, loaders, coordinator, etc.);
  • No delays and hidden fees;
  • The highest satisfaction guarantee;
  • ‘Per item’ insurance if needed;
  • Possibility to choose a suitable date and time (weekends and late hours included);
  • Free in-home estimate;
  • Spacious and professionally equipped trucks and storage units;
  • One crew moves all the valuables for every separate order.

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All these and many other benefits of our company make it the outstanding leader in the market and the number one choice for customers.

We are licensed to carry out all types of moving services

California Movers deserves your trust being an officially licensed long-distance mover. We are holders of up-to-date licenses from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). They prove our capability of transporting cargo across the state lines and the utmost safety of this process.

Are you looking for the movers near you? - We can help!

California Movers team works all over the west of the US, so whether you move interstate or have to change the place of living intrastate, you can rely on us fully. With our headquarters located in California, our movers help people in any place of the Western states no matter what distance you have to cover to your new dwelling. 

I want to get a moving quote

If thoughts about moving have become a burden to you and it seems that this long distance is impossible to cover, it is time to think about moving quotes offered by our company. Some people are afraid of hiring cross-country movers being not sure to afford it. But with our moving quote, you can get a full estimate by request and only then decide if it suits you. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, press ‘Get a quote’ button and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our representative will arrive at your home and make up a detailed list of items for us to move. After that, our employees will count you the ultimate cost of the move.

Tips for a successful long-distance move

If your destiny has prepared some changes in your life and you have a necessity to move, you must be ready for that. Moving for a long-distance keeps many unpredictable situations in store, so if you do not want to regret about any things that could be prevented, learn these tips and try to follow them.

  1. Long-distance moving must be planned in advance, scheduled, and well-thought.
  2. Make up a list of things to be moved and ones taken with not to forget or lose anything.
  3. Complete all the tasks like changing the address, bank, disconnecting utilities in advance.
  4. If not, get rid of these things.
  5. Pack everything carefully for the content to withstand a long way and label/number boxes.
  6. Prepare for move-in (set up utilities, clean the space, find a place for parking, etc.).
  7. Check everything on arrival. You can leave a claim if there are any issues.
  8. Avoid shouldering all the moving responsibilities yourself - get our professional assistance.

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