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Transportation of things from an office or personal apartment, house or cottage or any other premises (military base, warehouse, shopping mall) is a difficult task. California Movers is one of the most qualified on the market today, which is ready to take control of the transportation of anything, both overall and small, very tiny and fragile. In this case, long distance movers will go to any point from California without any problems, such as: Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Francisco etc.
Transportation and other works will be carried out as carefully as possible, because the company's employees know how moving is different, what types of them exist, and also seriously assess the complexity of the tasks that they face.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Our company guarantees reliability and speed. We have the best long distance movers near me who take the initiative in their own hands and deliver the entire load within the agreed time. Having trusted professionals, you can not worry about logistics, documents, or saving financial resources. Qualified movers near me are ready for the most difficult situations and movers will provide departure at your first call.

Hire best long distance movers

When movers long distance are needed urgently, customers can count on California Movers for many reasons:

Profitable price

Like it or not, but the cost for services will play a key role for customers. Any person does not want to spend fabulous money for services, since the value should always be thought out and client-oriented, prudent and adequate.

Freight transport

The company has its own new fleet, which is fully serviced technically. All trucks are in impeccable condition, fully prepared for long distances, and will be able to overcome any mileage without problems.

Different types of transfers

Thanks to the variety of company services, customers can not only take advantage of the traditional household move, but also order an office, apartment, restaurant, warehouse, etc. moving.

100% satisfaction

Only the best long distance movers can bring all the property to the destination safe and sound. Thus, customers will be glad that their belongings and objects remained intact and were not damaged during transportation.

Driver qualifications

Each driver of our company perfectly copes with his duties, has a long experience in guiding trucks, knows the local territory and will easily take on the provision of long-distance travel services.


Time is money, which means that both resources are very valuable for customers. Employees of our company are aware of this, so they always arrive for loading, unloading, transportation and any other services at exactly the agreed time and without delay.

High level of service

It is known that customers are business people, which means that excellent service is a priority for them. In our company, we will make sure that the move becomes the easiest and most enjoyable, because the team is formed only from competent and professional employees of the highest rank.

Full value insurance

Even when cheap long distance movers are needed, company managers will write out insurance files. The fact is that for both parties when moving, it is important to protect valuables, objects and property in general, so this document cannot be dispensed with. If an accidental loss occurs, then under the insurance contract it will be possible to recover 100 percent of the value of the entire property.

Maximum transparency

The clarity of transactions and cooperation is very important for the company, so customers will not see absolutely no hidden fees. The estimate will be issued free of charge for both urban and intercity transportation.

Additional services

In addition to transportation, the company offers services for the storage of things, items, cargo, property, as well as packaging, rigging, unloading and loading, disassembly and assembly of furniture products.

Our long distance moving company offers modern and up-to-date services at very modest prices! Service at the level of "Premium class" is provided for you by 100%!

California’s #1 Movers

Since the moving company long distance has shown itself to be excellent, performed a large number of moves and received feedback from customers with perfect recommendations and positive comments, it is not strange that people turn to the best, reliable, popular ones. Clients trust our company for many reasons:

  • Fulfillment from planning services to the implementation of the move itself;
  • Guaranteed success thanks to the official cooperation agreement;
  • Loyal prices that will please even the most demanding customers;
  • Professionalism, accuracy, competence in all matters;
  • Availability of a license and other permits for activities;
  • Security of transportation and storage services;
  • Execution of all orders in the shortest possible time, as far as it is realistic;
  • Packing of all things exclusively with environmentally friendly materials;
  • Provision of a warehouse for temporary storage of things;
  • Brand new fully serviced 32+ vehicles;
  • Truck drivers with extensive experience in driving trucks and much more.
  • The company cooperated and helped with the transportation of property to global popular world giants. We are talking about a list of the following companies: Dropbox, YouTube, Twitter, Oracle, Sephora, eBay, SimilarWeb and many others.


Everyone is trying to find the best way for themselves to quickly move to a new place. To do this, there is a long distance moving company, which can be found by geolocation through the official website indicating the specific points of the location of the offices. Turning to experts in this field means saving time, money and, of course, nerves. In addition, truckers know firsthand what distances are and how sometimes it takes a long time to get to a neighboring state, because traffic jams, various unforeseen situations, and finally, no one canceled rest stops. Long-distance moving is the concern of professional drivers, which can be of two types:

  • Intrastate moves. This is the type that is carried out by drivers within the same state.
  • Long distance moves. A type of transportation of goods when you need to cross state lines or travel outside of them.

California Movers is leading the competition. Carriers are not afraid of any distances, and they are ready to fulfill orders in a complex way. Truckers are well acquainted with the city, they understand maps, and trucks are equipped with modern GPS navigators.


Most people who wish to cooperate with the company are interested in the cost of the services provided. This is completely normal, so it is worth emphasizing that the price includes the distance, the number of things, the packaging materials used, and the movement by car. Approximate costs based on a 1-room apartment + 1 truck for transportation + 2 qualified movers (taking into account the most popular international routes):

Route Approx. distance Approx. cost
From San Francisco to Los Angeles 380 mi. $1900
From San Jose to San Diego 450 mi. $2500
From San Francisco to San Diego 500 mi. $2400
From Sacramento to Los Angeles 380 mi. $2200
From San Francisco to Fresno 180 mi. $1500
From San Francisco to Sacramento 80 mi. $900
From San Francisco to Long Beach 400 mi. $2100

Offers from California Movers are relevant for absolutely everyone who plans to move to a new home, another city or neighboring state. The cost is fixed taking into account the competitive prices of the modern market. Since this is the cheapest moving company long distance, all that remains is to contact the manager, tell about the details, taking into account the smallest factors that can affect the final price and agree on cooperation.

California Long Distance Moving Company

Long distance moving types

First of all, the client needs to clearly understand what budget he expects, how many things need to be transported and how far. Thanks to this, you can understand how long the whole process will take. Long distances take a certain period, so you should take this into account.
Moving within a state or city. Such transportation can also be called local. To move things, objects and property, movers near you will use ingenuity - they will make an assessment of the scope of work, understand in which boxes or packaging to pack things, furniture, valuables, and also quickly, most efficiently carry out rigging, delivery to a new place and lift all items to the desired floor, within a state or city is completed in one day, which means it is fast.
Transferring between states or cross-country. Competent truckers will perform the service as quickly as possible, and before that, the movers will disassemble the furniture, load things into the vehicle, carefully pack it with bubble wrap and into boxes that will be fixed with adhesive tape. Each unit of cargo will be recorded and entered on the waybill. Also, the terms of transportation will be discussed with the client and delivery of everything as soon as possible.
You can find high quality workmanship, care and complete accuracy, control and responsibility, insurance and understanding in our company!

Request a Long Distance Moving Quote

It is necessary to emphasize the reasons that completely affect the procedure and the process of moving. These factors have specific features:
1. Distance. Naturally, a lot depends on it - how much fuel was spent on the road, and the depreciation of vehicles is also included in the price.
2. The number and dimensions of items. Measurements depend on things - furniture, household items, appliances, equipment, clothes, fragile devices, as well as the fact how much or how little of them is taken into account without fail.
3. Package. In order to bring everything in integrity and safety, it is necessary to carefully pack things. To do this, use cardboard boxes, special tape, bubble wrap and eco-friendly plastic bags.
4. Storage. There are situations when a person has nowhere to temporarily keep his household, office or other items. For this, a storage service is offered in a special room under the full protection and protection of the company.
5. Additional charges. Since experienced movers carry out unloading, loading manually, namely without the help of elevators, but through the staircase, the work is taken into account depending on the number of floors passed.
California Movers provides the cargo with a full insurance policy, so anyone can sleep peacefully and not worry that something might not go according to plan.

Packing services for long distance move

Today, there are several types of packaging used by moving companies. Among them: cardboard boxes; polyethylene bags; plastic containers; bubble wrap; polystyrene, etc.
Packing services can be exclusively complete or partial. Packaging inventory consists exclusively of environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the environment and human health.

1 Bedroom Set = $159


  • 25 Sm
  • 10 M
  • 5 L
  • 1 roll of shrink
  • 4 rolls of tape
  • 1 box of packing paper
  • 50 ft. bubble wrap

2 Bedroom Set = $259


  • 50 Sm
  • 15 M
  • 10 L
  • 1 roll of shrink
  • 8 rolls of tape
  • 1 box of packing paper
  • 100 ft. bubble wrap

3 Bedroom Set = $399


  • 75 Sm
  • 25 M
  • 15 L
  • 2 roll of shrink
  • 12 rolls of tape
  • 1 box of packing paper
  • 200 ft. bubble wrap

Any item is packed as many times as necessary for its safety. This action provides full protection against all kinds of damage.

Plan your LONG DISTANCE move

In order for everything to go according to plan, you need to go through only 6 stages:
Step 1. Filling out an easy form. The step will not take longer than a minute. The form contains personal information about the client, point "A" and point "B", the approximate date (when it is necessary to make a departure), room parameters, types of cargo.
Step 2. Getting an estimate. Thanks to the filled-in information data in the application for the service, the consultant will contact you and advise. In addition, they will provide an estimate for the move so that you can count on one or another budget.
Step 3. Individual move. The company offers services such as turnkey cargo transportation. At the same time, the location of the cargo, the distance, dates, times, nuances, etc. are taken into account.
Step 4. Reservation for the day for transportation. This offer is very interesting in that clients can book a specific day when they need to move their property.
Step 5. Unloading and loading. These works are carried out by loaders, while the owner of things can be calm. Loaders will carry the cargo from the required floor and load it into the vehicle, and upon arrival they will unload it and bring it to the desired room.
Step 6. Completion of the transaction. When the company has done all the points prescribed in the contract, it will be possible to consider that the work has been completed. Therefore, the transaction is considered completed, and the client can leave a review on the company's website.


International cargo transportation - how to calculate the budget?

Distance, fuel costs, complexity of rigging, amount of property, size of residential or commercial premises are taken into account. The company will prepare an estimate for calculating the budget for free.

When is the best time to move?

It's about people's comfort. Transportation can be carried out at any time of the year - spring, summer, winter or autumn.

Why should I contact California Movers?

Loyal conditions for customers, the presence of a license to operate, high service, free consultations, complex logistics, storage services, experienced truckers, packing, disassembling and assembling furniture and much more make it clear that this is one of the leading companies that is worthy of attention.

What additional services in California Movers are worth highlighting?

In addition to office, apartment, local and international moving, the company is also engaged in the transportation of furniture products, other dimensional products, and provides services for the elderly transfering, which is very significant and relevant at the present time.

California Movers USA Team

California Movers’ additional moving services

California Movers is a great solution for anyone looking for "ALL IN ONE". Firstly, customers will be able to remain completely satisfied. Secondly, they will be given the opportunity, in addition to local relocation, to use a number of additional services that have their own characteristics and advantages. To understand what they are, it is worth saying a few words about each of them:

Office movers

Oddly enough, in any office space you can find a lot of miniature, fragile and important devices, things and objects, including computers, household kitchen appliances for employees, other office equipment, and furniture. The office loaders of our company will be able to easily carry out packing, loading and unloading and transportation work.

Furniture movers

Sometimes, disassembling and assembling furniture, and then also moving it from a room to a truck and vice versa can be very difficult. Doing all these tasks on your own will take a lot of time. In order to save strength and nerves, by contacting the company it will be possible to order furniture movers who will take on all the tasks.

Storage services

The company offers to use an excellent warehouse, which is equipped with the latest. Clean territory, compliance with the temperature regime (if necessary), security systems, full protection of all valuable things of the client that is really the best that can be.

Apartment Movers

From your precious furniture to priceless crockery, we deliver all your belongings without letting anything get damaged in the process. Our affordable long-distance movers are here to help you move stress-free.

Long Distance Moving Companies near you

For customers who are looking for a long distance moving company, you should remember that in any case you need to contact the company's manager and describe an existing problem. The consultant will be happy to advise, inform about what the time duration of the performance of certain services may be, and also offer to conclude cooperation. By signing the contract, customers can be sure that transportation over long distances or local length will be carried out taking into account reliability, transparency, and accuracy.


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