Top 5 relocation mistakes to avoid

Americans move their whole life. The statistics say an average American moves 5-7 times in his lifetime. If you are planning to move for a first time and don’t know where to start, we will help you! The most efficient way to learn is to start by examining the most common mistakes people make while moving.


Most people consider packing as just one small part of the relocation process. But actually it is the most essential part of the process for both local and long moving. The proper packaging will allow you:

  • To avoid dents, scratches and dings;
  • To use efficiently space in the truck;
  • To unload your property swiftly.

Otherwise, poor packaging will lead to some damage of your items, which can be money consuming. Also, if you forget to pack the items according to the rooms, you risk to spend more than a day or two unpacking your belongings and furnishing the house.


Start boxing a week or even two before the removal day. Begin with the small décor things that you don’t really need or out-of-season items. The last things to pack are the essentials that would be better to pack in the separate bag and always keep next to you.


A good moving company can be your solution for every important or annoying removal task. The professionals help you to pack, give their recommendations, and organize the boxes in the truck in the efficient and secure way. You will save a lot of time and get a great relief from stress.

Of course, doing everything yourself saves you some money, but there are too many things to worry about and a huge possibility that you will forget something as moving equipment, measurements, labeling, etc. Any of these details can sufficiently slow down your relocation.


While choosing the moving company don’t forget to ask all important questions and order the pre-estimation of the workload. So you will know an approximate amount of your property. Don’t look only at the cost of their service!


Before the removal, many people buy a huge amount of boxes, tapes as well as moving tools. Don’t repeat their mistakes! There are a lot of other ways to find boxes or equipment just ask local shops and your friends for some help.


The best option is the local liquor shop. Most of the time they throw away empty boxes, so you can ask them to leave some for you. Also ask your friends for necessary tools to disassemble the furniture, some of them must have already moved and bought anything.


It’s a huge mistake that can both slow down the process and harm some of your property. Don’t neglect the weather forecast and be prepared if the heat or rain strikes you on the moving day.


Even if the forecaster didn’t say a word about the rain, still provide yourself with some plastic coverings and tarps as the Mother Nature can surprise you any moment.


De-cluttering of your belongings brings you two main advantages:

  • You have to pack and deliver fewer things to your new location. So it will take less to pack everything and load into the truck and the payment for a moving service can be sufficiently lower.
  • You will get rid of everything old and useless, so there will be more space in your new home.


You can give things you don’t use to charity or throw a garage sale. You will breathe a new life into your old items and maybe even get some profit.

Moving can be stressful, but it is also an adventure that brings excitement, renovation in life and help to get rid of anything unnecessary. And if you follow some simple rules you will forget about the negative side of the relocation.

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