Easy moving. Is it possible?

Every time you think about home or office relocation the unpleasant worries come to your mind:

  • How to disassemble and reassemble all the bulky furniture?
  • How to pack every tiny piece of your belongings so it won’t break during transportation?
  • How to organize everything in the truck carefully?

These and many other “How’s” come to your mind immediately risking to blow up your head. If you hate solving all these moving tasks you need the assistance of a professional moving company!

“California Movers. Local & Long distance moving company” is the one! We are one of the professional moving companies that can facilitate the process of relocation to the point where you will just control everything without laying a finger on single box.

“California Movers. Local & Long distance moving company” is the best choice for relocation within California and to the other American States. The main areas of our service are San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento. We provide exclusively good and professional moving service that includes residential and commercial relocation.

Residential relocation

Moving home is more than just stressful. It’s exhausting and wearing. Every house is full of breakables and small memorable things that cannot be damaged.

That is why home relocation demands high quality organization and forethought.

“California Movers. Local & Long distance moving company” provides all range of relocation services:


You can pack your possessions yourself or wait for us to do it for you. In any case we come to your place, check the quality of every item packaging and rewrap all unsecure items so it will not break during transportation.

Truck loading and unloading

Our professional movers and packers help to load and then unload the truck. Accurately placing the items into the vehicle we ensure their safety on the road: the right placement can save your belongings during jolting. We also help you to load tiny objects in your car if needed.


We choose the shortest and most secure way from your old place to the destination point. When interstate relocation is needed, we deliberately think over the route and always have a plan B in case of any unexpected situations.

Office moving

Only an experience company with highly qualified movers can easily perform a commercial relocation. The service of commercial relocation refers to the repositioning of office, workshop, shop or other small business facilities.

The main difficulty of any commercial relocation is the time needed to remove the equipment from the old place to a new one. As one of the best and most competent removal companies “California Movers. Local & Long distance moving company” realizes that time is money. We know that any delay of the relocation process can cost you a bunch of money as the workflow of your employees will be disrupted.

In order to prevent any suspension, we meticulously plan every moving stage and on the due date everything we need is to follow the schedule:

We came to your office to estimate the amount of work: quantity of furniture, office machinery, number of breakables.

We adjust the exact date of moving and make a program of the future relocation.

On the appointed day we wrap and box everything to make sure that the items will stay intact after the transition.

We unload the truck and help you to get established in the new place.

The commercial moving takes different amount of time depending on the size of your office or workshop.

Storage service

“California Movers. Local & Long distance moving company” provides a full range of moving service including a storage place for any

If you need to wait several days/weeks before moving in the new place you can leave your possessions in our secure warehouse. The facility is dry and spacious; the rooms can be equipped the way you require.

Such an affordable and convenient way to store your belongings will eliminate every worry about your items until your new place is ready.

Call us if you need to move! We charge no hidden fees offering you the best relocation experience in California.