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California Movers USA is your local and long-distance moving company with an established station in San Francisco. Our skilled and full-service movers exemplify excellent customer service. It is in this spirit that we seek to promote and sustain progressive learning in the logistics, transport, supply chain management, and related fields by supporting individuals in society that are keen on pursuing a career in moving services.


Award Criteria:

The competition seeks to award 3 participants with scholarships in the following order;

The total scholarship amount is $2200. Award amount will be made out to the winners’ schools in the form of a check and mailed to the winner’s personal address.

Please include your email address for correspondence.

Applications must be submitted to [email protected] by September 21, 2022.

The submission deadline for the competition is on 21st September 2022.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants are to submit an essay of between 1000-1200 words discussing one of the challenges listed below that movers’ industries face. The essay should include innovative recommendations to the challenge highlighted. The topics to choose from are:

Case studies that recount first-hand experiences and sentiment are ideal as they provide real-life experiences in your career.

Application Requirements:

– Attached are copies of the following to your application form;

– Essay

Eligibility Requirements:


DISCLAIMER AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STATE: California Movers USA will take ownership, control, and license of all essays submitted in this competition. Accordingly, California Movers USA can post these essays on our website and any other websites. This is in accordance with the trademark, copyright, intellectual property laws, and other unfair competition laws of the U.S.