5 tips for a winter move

Moving isn’t always an enjoyable process and often brings a lot of concerns. But if you move in winter you need to face freezing weather, snowfalls and all range of bad weather conditions that can cause damage to your property as well as to you. If you don’t want to end up in the hospital with a bunch of broken furniture, you have to follow several simple tips for winter relocation.

Check the weather forecasts

Knowing the exact temperature and the possibility of snowfall will help you stay prepared for anything and reduce risk of any painful surprise: get the proper clothing, make weatherproof packaging and get necessary equipment that protect against snowfall.

However, be ready to delay your removal day, as sometimes the weather conditions can be too extreme even for the fully winter-proof outfit.

Service the car

It is not only the walkaway that you have to prepare before the move, the condition of highways and other roads are also different during the winter, that is why your car need to be prepared for the slippery roads and low temperature. Just in case, keep an extra amount of gasoline and anti-freeze in the car.

Pack correctly

Packing for the winter move requires special approach. Use more waterproof materials such as plastic bags, plastic or bubble wrap. Also, keep the winter clothes somewhere near you, so you can use it any moment during San Diego moving or moving to some other places. Be careful while packing electronic devices, protect them from the cold as much as possible.

Carefully plan your route

The route is especially important during winter relocation. Try to pick main roads instead of back-roads as the busiest roads will be cleaned fist in case of snowfall. But still try to avoid big circles to safe some gasoline, as in the extreme cold temperature the engine functions poorly with less than half a tank of fuel.

Prepare your new house

Spending some time and money on winterizing your new home before move-in, you will protect yourself from the sufficient spending in the future. So before the moving day, make an inspection of your new residence and assure that all facilities are prepared for the cold weather.

Also, if you have pets, don’t forget to make their move comfortable and warm. And warm yourself and the movers all the time: prepare blankets, hot drinks and extra clothes.

If you want your winter relocation pass seamlessly and stress-free, you can use an expert assistance. California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company offers you help to plan smooth winter relocation. Our moving company in Sacramento, San Francisco and other cities of the Bay providing a comprehensive range of removal services both for long-distance or local move.

Move with California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company and don’t worry about weather conditions.

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