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A relocation is a life-changing event that requires careful and detailed planning. But sometimes, people and businesses need to move quickly. They have to be at the new place today or tomorrow early morning. Any delay can be catastrophic. This is where a same-day moving service can help.
California Movers is one of the most reputed professional moving companies. We offer efficient same-day moving service. Time is precious, but we are never hasty in our approach. We plan accordingly, deploy all our resources, and follow all safety guidelines, to make sure that your stuff is there at the location on the same day. Our trained and licensed team will make sure that the move is well coordinated and completely safe.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Local and long-distance Same Day move

Only a few moving companies can offer same day services. This is challenging because of the time constraint. Plus, everything has to be packed, loaded, moved, and unloaded carefully to ensure safety.
We can do this very well. Most of the moves are booked in advance. But we always have a moving team and fully-equipped vehicles that can take up emergency relocations. We can offer our emergency moving services both on weekdays and during the weekend for homes and offices.
California moving company is a last-minute moving company that relocates people and businesses to any distance. We do both short and long-distance interstate moves. We plan and start working quickly, but always take the necessary precautions. We also have clean and safe storage facilities in case you want to settle down at the new place first before moving in with all your prized possessions.

  • We deliver our clients’ valuables safely and quickly;
  • We can move 1-bedroom to 3-plus bedroom homes;
  • We can move commercial establishments and businesses;
  • Trucks and vans of all sizes;
  • Same team loading and unloading;
  • Fully licensed and full-value insurance;
  • Every order is treated with great care and responsibility;
  • On time, always.

Packing Services

California Movers apartment packing services take care of all your packing duties to your satisfaction regardless of the tightness of your schedule.

Full Packing

Our full packing service option gets the job done fast and saves time. No need to get stressed as our professional apartment packing team will ensure you get up and running in your new destination in no time.

Partial Packing

Our team will have a deeper understanding of the items you want to move when you enter the details on custom quotes. Our team will ensure to identify the goods you love to pack yourself and how we may assist you in fast and safe delivery.


Our unpacking service option gives you more room for other pressing needs while our team unpacks your goods to help you prep your new abode beautifully.

Office Packing

The office packing service team ensures your office relocation is successful and ready before the next working hour. Our professional crew ensures that all appliances arrive safely and on time.

House Packing

Our house packing service has every material and moving boxes needed to ensure all your home appliances arrive at your new location safely. We even have custom boxes for very fragile goods.

Other Services

California Movers provide other handy services like cleaning, prepping, and installation services to ensure your relocation gets easier.

The average moving cost for the last-minute move

Does same day move cost more? No, if you are working with California Movers.

However, your move can still cost more because of the following reasons:

  • You cannot select the cheapest time and day of the week;
  • You do not have the time to get free packing boxes;
  • You cannot get free help from relatives and friends.

This is why an emergency move may cost more than one booked in advance.
California Movers offers a very reasonable pricing policy for quick moves. There are no hidden fees.
The main factor that impacts the moving cost is distance.
The distance to be covered will naturally be an important factor. Any additional service you select like packing, cleaning, assembly/ disassembly, or storage will add up the cost. You can reduce the cost by getting packing materials yourself.

Moving Cases Approx. Distance Approx. Cost
Studio apartment: 2 professional local movers for 3-5 hours 45 miles $420
Medium size office moving of 15 PCs, all furniture 20-ft. Truck, 3 professional local movers 120 miles $1740
3-bedroom house, 26 ft truck, 4 professional local movers 37 miles $895
Intrastate move of 3 bedroom home and 4 professional local movers 380 miles $3308

That is the estimated cost of moving with California Movers. However, there may be a slight variation in the price due to factors such as distance, among others. To get your moving cost, book a call with Us or speak with our agents.

How to find same-day movers near me

Last-minute moving is not easy. Only a few moving services can do this. In fact, there are companies that may not even show up or arrive late at your place. Time is critical here, so late arrivals or no-shows can beat the very purpose of your move.
California Movers works all over the western coast of the US. We have representatives in all big cities here, which is why we are able to offer quick and efficient service. Just fill out the application form on our website or call us and a moving manager will plan your quick move, provide an accurate estimate, and send the team to your place.

How we provide an estimate.

  • Photos of items to be moved;
  • Number of rooms in your house or apartment;
  • A detailed list of everything you want to move;
  • Distance from your present to the future location;
  • Day and time of the week.
  • Photos of items to be moved
  • Number of rooms in your house or apartment;
  • A detailed list of everything you want to move;
  • Distance from your present to the future location;
  • Day and time of the week.

We will immediately swing into action once you have accepted our estimate. We will assign a professional moving service manager for your job, arrange all packing materials, a vehicle of the right size, and send everything to your place. The moving team will arrive as fast as possible to help you.
The success of same day moving depends on the coordinated and perfectly organized work of all members of the moving service. Here at California Movers, we take full responsibility of not only the items to be moved, but also make sure that your relocation service is stress-free.

How to pack when moving in a hurry

Pack all you can yourself to save money. Here are a few tips from the experts that will help you pack safely and quickly.

  • Make a list of everything you don’t need at the new place. Sell them off, donate, or just throw them away.
  • Keep a bag with you where you will keep all the essentials like important documents, devices and charges, toiletries, cosmetics, money etc.
  • Take photos of things you are moving. This will help you arrange them better on arrival. It can also be a checklist to avoid losses or thefts.
  • Label and number all the boxes. Make a list of which box contains what items. Also, keep the fragile items apart from the rest of the stuff.
  • Avoid filling the box with very heavy things only (e.g. books). The box can tear while loading. Mix heavy and light items in one box.

Ideally, you should start packing early to plan and organize everything better. This is, of course, not possible with last-minute relocation services. Plus, you will surely have dozens of tasks to be completed before you can move.
So, it makes sense, to have a professional moving service do it all for you. Our movers and packers can do all the packing quickly and safely. We have boxes of all sizes, glass protection packs, furniture pads, moving blankets, mattress and furniture covers, and all other moving supplies to keep your things safe.

Why choose California Movers

California Movers is one of the most reputed moving services in the state. We are a fully licensed and insured short or long-distance moving company. Most importantly, we can offer you efficient day moves. California Movers has developed a unique work mechanism that is perfectly geared for stressful situations such as hurried moving.

  • Professional and trained last-minute movers;
  • Licensed for local and interstate moving;
  • Fully insured moves;
  • Last minute moves for homes and businesses;
  • Excellent reviews from our clients;
  • Some of our clients – Sony, Apple, YouTube, Dropbox, Oracle, eBay, Instagram;
  • Affordable and quick solutions;
  • Years of moving experience.

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How to get a quote or visual estimate?

Time is precious for last minute moves. You must act now. Contact us at California Movers. Just fill out the short form at the website, call us, or send us an email. We will provide a quick estimate. You decide and we can start working almost immediately.