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Full-Service Moving Company in Irvine, California

California Movers are one of the most swiftly-growing movers in Irvine. Our Irvine Moving Company provides a full range of high-quality local moving solutions across Orange County. Equipped with a fleet of over 20 trucks, we are a local and professional long-distance moving company with services that include packing, loading, transportation, unpacking, and storage. With our top-of-the-line equipment, power-packed workforce, and 100% satisfaction rate, you can fully trust us with your relocation. As your local moving helpers, we are obsessed with giving you a stress-free relocation. We’re always on time, our relocation plans are fail-proof, and we do not charge any hidden fee whatsoever. When California Movers USA helps you move, nothing can come in the way!
Moving to Irvine? Known as one of the safest and happiest cities in America, Irvine has soothing sunny weather and a booming job market. We can help make you have a great start in the city by offering you a hassle-free relocation.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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The Irvine Moving Company You Can Trust

At California Movers, our foundation is built upon your satisfaction. You can always rely on our Irvine movers for relocating your home or office in a professional manner. Our Irvine moving company is fully licensed and insured. We ensure you get the highest quality service through our three essential mantras: working with exceptional planners and estimators, using the latest equipment to transport your valuable belongings safely, and having the most diligent and courteous movers on board.

Whether you’re moving to Irvine or moving to another city from Irvine, once you hire us, we will handle the planning, packing, loading, transport, and storage of your home or office. If you’re looking for movers near you, we’re just one tap away! We’re available for you every day of the week. The best part? We offer affordable and top-notch services with no hidden fees involved. To see how we put together an efficient moving plan for you, get a free quote with us or talk to our moving manager.

Our Irvine Moving Company has successfully performed hundreds of residential and commercial relocations. Among our many moving adventures are relocations of global giants like Twitter, Oracle, Dropbox, SimilarWeb, Sony, eBay, YouTube, Sephora, Instagram, Realm, and more. Our clients have always been more than satisfied with our services, with many of them reaching out to us more than once!

Who are the clients of Irvine Movers?

Since 2016, we have moved almost 10,000 tons for apartment moving and office moving. We have driven more than 234,740 miles.

Irvine Movers

What Are the Services Offered by Irvine Moving Company?

As one of the best movers in Irvine, we provide unparalleled moving services so you don’t get overwhelmed with your relocation. Alongside moving your valuable belongings in their perfect condition, we deliver you 100% satisfaction. From long-distance to local moving, office to residential relocation, we make every move a success. Looking for movers in Orange County? We’re here to help! Explore our services and see what fits you the best.
Local Movers
Why choose to do this alone when one of the best Irvine moving companies can manage the entire process? With our Irvine local moving service, you can relocate to any part of the city with all your belongings transported in their pristine condition. Simply get in touch with us for a professional, safe and comfortable moving experience.
Long Distance Movers
Our professional long-distance moving company is here to help! With high-end moving equipment and seasoned moving professionals, we guarantee you a safe, secure, and stress-free relocation. Whether your relocation is residential or commercial, our team will carve out a plan just for you and carry out the entire process at an affordable price.
Office Movers
To avoid a moving fiasco, you can hire our high-quality Irvine office moving services. From local moving to long-distance relocations, we make the entire process effortless and stress-free. Reach out to our professionals to get a free quote and a customized relocation plan. Our highly skilled movers are always available (even on weekends) to make your relocation a success!
Storage and Moving
Keeping your concerns in mind, our Irvine storage and moving services involve the combination of exceptional customer care and high-end inventory control. Our efforts to provide the highest-quality Irvine short-term and long-term storage services guarantees 100% satisfaction to all our customers. Connect with our Irvine moving company to access a stress-free and affordable relocation.


The size of the team and the number of trucks depends on the size of the move.
Studio, 1 Bedroom
1-2-3 Bedrooms, Office Spaces
3+ Bedrooms, Office Spaces

Moving to Irvine City, CA?

“According to American Community Survey (ACS) data, more than 40 million Americans (or about 13% of the total population) move each year.”

The Irvine city in California is a gorgeous master-planned city sprawling over 66 square miles. According to the FBI, it is known to be one of the safest cities in the United States. In terms of demographics, Irvin boasts a population of more than 307,670. The reason Irvine is the best city to live in is that it is a major corporate, educational, and cultural hub in the country. With a booming job market, the high Irvine city employment rate attracts many residents each year. It has warm and soothing sunny weather, which allows the residents to enjoy endless outdoor Irvine city activities like hiking trails, biking, and a lot more. The city also has breathtaking landmarks like the colossal Irvine Open Space Preserve, Irvine Spectrum Centre, and The Irvine Museum, to name a few. From rejuvenating weather to vibrant nightlife, Irvine never ceases to amaze the residents and tourists with its beauty.

What makes us the top movers?


Moving Cases Approx. distance Approx. cost
Studio apartment: 2 professional movers working for 3-5 hours 45 mi. $420
Medium size office moving of 15 PCs, all furniture, 20-ft. truck, 3 mans 120 mi. $1740
3-bedroom house, 26-ft. truck, 4 professional local movers 37 mi. $895
Intrastate move of 3 bedroom home, 4 movers 380 mi. $3308
Moving local is much more affordable than paying for services of long distance.

How Much Does Our Irvine Moving Company Charge to Relocate?

If you’re looking for cheap movers in Orange County who can provide the highest quality relocation services, our Irvine Moving Company is your best choice. Our exceptional customer service team along with our talented movers will micromanage every step of the process – right from the planning to the final stage of execution.
Key factors that affect the amount you’ll pay are:

  • Size of your properties
  • The moving distance (whether intrastate or interstate)
  • The day and time of the move
  • The materials for the move (if we are using our packing materials or you have yours)
  • The pickup location and drop-off
  • The presence of stairs or elevators
  • Storage fees
  • Insurance

Meet the Magic Movers of Orange County

Wondering how we make the smoothest relocations happen? Meet our professional team of Irvine Movers, who are here to help you make your next move!

  • Two staff for a one-bedroom
  • Three staff for two or three bedrooms and office spaces
  • Four staff for three-plus bedrooms and office spaces

Company Fact Sheet

What makes Us the Top Movers In Irvine? Let Our Facts Talk!
  • 30 minutes service response time
  • 32 trucks, 94 employees
  • 4 hours average time moving
  • 9760+ tons moved
  • 234 740 mi driven since 2016


  • New trucks of multiple sizes
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Exact Pickup/Delivery
  • Direct Routing
  • Energetic Trained Teams

What Does Irvine Moving Company Fact Sheet Contain?

Our passion for providing impeccable moving service is insatiable. Take a peek at our Fact Sheet to know why we’re the best movers in Orange County.

1. Our Irvine Moving Company takes your time very seriously. You can reach out to us on any day of the week and we’ll respond within 30 minutes. Our movers always arrive on time and we can even deliver last-minute, same-day relocations with absolute ease.

2. Our impressive fleet of 32 high-end, different-sized trucks can transport every belonging of yours with the utmost safety. With our expansive, highly trained employee base of 94, our moving company in Irvine will provide you the most satisfactory relocation experience. We will be with you every step of the way!

3. Our Irvine Movers are trained to be quick and efficient. With us, you can a quick 4-hour, 100% safe, and productive relocation.

4. Small or big, we’ve moved hundreds of houses and offices. Companies like Apple, Dropbox, SimilarWeb, and Oracle (to name a few) have appreciated our relocation services for them. Our local moving and long-distance relocations have safely moved more than 9760 tons of valuable belongings.

5. Our movers in Irvine never stop moving. We’ve performed stellar relocations in Irvine and all over the United States. Whether our customers moved to Irvine or relocated to any part of the country, our services always brought a smile to their faces. This is why our moving journey spanned over 234 miles within just a few years.

Key Principles of Irvine Moving Company

Our main goal as your trusted Irvine movers is to provide you 100% satisfaction. We care about you and your possessions. So, naturally, we take each step of your relocation very seriously. Here are the principles we go by:

No Hidden Fees

Our Irvine movers provide high-quality, efficient and timely services without including any hidden fee for your peace of mind.

Highest-Quality Packing Material

Packing is the foundation of every relocation service. This is why our Irvine Moving Company is equipped with a packing inventory that includes highest-quality and damage-proof material.

We Micromange Each and Every Step

As the best movers in Irvine, we believe that every step in relocation matters. We have a solid plan of action for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and arranging your possessions with the utmost safety.

A Large Fleet of the Latest Trucks

No matter the size of your house or office, our movers in Irvine are equipped with high-functioning trucks of varied sizes. Our powerful trucks never break down on the road and keep your belongings secure throughout the transit.

Time is of the Essence

Whether it’s local moving or long-distance moving, we always stick to the schedule we promise. Our punctuality helps us meticulously carry out complex same-day relocations with ease.


1. 1. When was Irvine founded? Why is Irvine so safe?

Irvine is a planned city in Orange County, California. The city’s plan was developed by the Irvine Company and was officially incorporated on December 28, 1971. As of 2020, the city had a population of 307,670 and continues to attract new residents each year with its booming job market, quality education and high safety.
According to the 2020 FBI data, Irvin recorded the lowest crime rate in the country for a city with a population of more than 250,000. As a safe community, Irvin is also one of the best cities to raise a family in.

2. Irvine where to go? Why is Irvine so expensive?

Irvine enjoys a combination of breathtaking natural vistas and a fast-paced corporate environment. It has a picturesque outdoor setting with several natural, historical, and artistic landmarks to discover. Newcomers can visit places like Irvine Spectrum Center, Bommer Canyon Trails, and The Irvine Museum. Irvine is also home to many vibrant events and festivals like Tanaka Farm’s Spring Festival and Irvine Global Village Festival. The city is full of artsy bars like Hive & Honey and Anthill Pub, among many others to enjoy a lovely nightlife.
Living in Irvine can feel like a dream, but the city’s cost of living is 47.8% more than the country’s national average. This is mainly due to two factors:

  • high housing rate (even more than Los Angeles and San Diego).
  • Increased transportation rate (36% more than the US average).

3. Why Irvine is the best place to live In?

Moving to Irvine, California, is an excellent idea because it is consistently ranked as one of America’s top places for:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Employment
  • Raising a family

The city embraces all newcomers by providing overall great quality of life. The city has gorgeous parks and landmarks scattered all over the area and provides one of the best shopping experiences in the country. The credit for the city’s high success rate goes to Irvine Company’s master planning. Today the city enjoys a perfect balance of employment and population, with opportunities for everyone.

Moving to Irvine? Here are some helpful resources

Irvine Police Department

1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, California, 92606

Irvine City Hall

1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606-5207
949-724-6247 (OCGP)

Irvine Medical Center

101 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868

Irvine Health Insurance

14301 Yale Ave &, Walnut Ave
Irvine, CA 92604

Irvine Dentist Department Utilities

4940 Irvine Blvd # 101
Irvine, CA 92620
(714) 838-7272

Irvin Chamber of Commerce

36 Executive Park, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 660-9112

Other High-quality Services by Irvine Moving Company

Our Irvine Moving Company loves to help houses and businesses move conveniently. If you are moving to Irvine CA, we’re here to make your relocation a smooth ride. Our fully licensed and insured company offers high-quality services ranging from local moving to long-distance moving and everything in between. No matter when or where you want to relocate, we’re here to provide professional and affordable service with no hidden fees. Discover our services to find what you’re looking for!

Packing Services

Packaging is an essential part of every relocation. If any of your belongings are packed poorly, you might end up damaging them during transportation. As one of the best movers in Irvine, we are equipped with the highest-quality packing material to ensure all your valuable belongings like piano, expensive furniture, and appliances are secured in place so they can be delivered in their pristine condition. Our packing inventory includes robust boxes of all sizes and types, quality cushioning material to protect your fragile items and tape seals. Our professional heavy item movers are also packing experts who can lock your expensive belongings in safety for a smooth and secure relocation.

Apartment Moving

We understand how attached you are to your possessions. This is why it’s so important for us to relocate your apartment with absolute perfection. Want only the best movers in Orange County? Our courteous customer care, power-packed movers and world-class inventory are here to make your relocation smooth and stress-free. From local to long-distance, we can move your apartment whenever and wherever you want. The best part? We have zero hidden fees!

Same Day Moving

There is nothing more frustrating than a last-minute move. At such a time, what you need are movers you can trust and rely on. As the best orange county movers company, you can breathe a sigh of relief with our professional services. The reason? Our movers are trained to work in tight timelines. Despite the time constraints, we ensure you get only the most stellar quality packing and moving services (both commercial and residential). Our professional services are very affordable and we’re available for you anytime and anywhere!

Furniture Moving

Looking for high-quality, yet cheap movers in Orange County? Move with us by your side! From heavy furniture to fragile appliances, our pro movers can move just about anything in the safest possible manner. As a fully licensed and insured Irvine Moving Company, you can trust us with packing, transporting, unloading, and arranging your furniture with the utmost care. That crystal chandelier or the high-end luxury desk you value so much does not deserve to suffer any damage. We respect your possessions which is why we pack and transport them meticulously.

What’s Close to Irvine? Nearby Cities to Explore

Irvine has many neighboring cities that are between 5 and 84 miles away. Irvine’s closest neighbor is Santa Ana, CA which is just 5 miles away. The incredible city of Irvin is surrounded by other equally incredible cities like Santa Ana, Long Beach, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Glendale, and Huntington Beach.
The Huntington Beach city in Orange County, for example, includes miles and miles of attractive beaches, giving it the title of “Surf City.” This enchanting city also boasts a flourishing economy and lovely weather. California Moving Company’s Huntington Beach Movers are also a proud part of this gorgeous area, providing excellent long-distance and local moving services as always.


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