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Moving House Relocation Services

Outsourcing your house to a reliable moving agent makes residential relocation smooth and less exhausting. A professional moving company will anticipate major challenges that could sprout out while moving and help make the process faster compared to doing it yourself.

Although there are different house moving companies out there, California Movers provides remarkable and outstanding services. By hiring us, you will guarantee a top-notch relocation service that will be done in a short timeline. Additionally, we have a proven track record and we’re very reliable.

Are you considering relocating to a new house? Below are important checklists, hacks, and tricks, plan quotes, and other important information that will make your moving very easy.

Quick Fun Facts About House Moving:

  • 15.3 million American households move every year.
  • 33% of Americans prefer to hire professional movers.
  • 8.2% move for cheaper housing.
  • 1.8% move for health reasons.
  • Americans believe that moving is the third most stressful life event (after a death in the family and divorce).
California Movers Team

California Movers Team

Boxes and Supplies

When planning a move, one of the most important details that could get overlooked is having adequate moving supplies. Packing with durable moving boxes, furniture paddings, wrap, and tape helps you to prepare your valuables for your move to California. Use our moving supply checklist to start packing today:

  • Moving Boxes There are more than 30 customized cartons of different sizes and shapes to fit your household items, books, and other items you like to move. However, here are some of the most common moving boxes:

  • Small Boxes: Small boxes are perfect for carrying small items like kitchenware, canned goods, books, shoes, pantry items. They are easy to load and carry when moving.

  • Medium Boxes: Medium boxes are best suited for carrying any household items weighing up to 60 pounds. These could be pots, pans, vases, toys, picture frames, and other items.

  • Large Boxes: These are suitable for larger but not heavy items such as lamps, linens, clothing, and more.

  • Flat Panel TV Boxes: These boxes are typically long and rectangular shaped. They are best suited for a small to a medium-size flat-screen TV, LED, and plasma flat screen.

  • Wooden Crates: These crates are of plywoods tailor-made and secured with steel clips. They’re perfect for bigger valuable items like artwork sculptures or antiques for your home.

  • Bubble Wrap: This is used to protect furniture, cushions, and other fragile items that are susceptible to damage.

  • Stretch Plastic Wrap: Stretch plastic wrap is used to protect and condense items like rugs, furniture, artwork, and other items from damages.

  • Glass Pack Kit: They’re used to protect items like stemware, porcelain figurines, and glassware.

  • Permanent Marker: Permanent marker is used to label moving boxes accordingly to help speed up the packing and unpacking process.

  • Box Cutter: It is used to cut boxes and cartons to unpack what's inside a moving box.

  • Furniture Pads: Furniture padding are thick coverings used to protect furniture and other large items while moving.

  • Box Tape Dispenser: A tape dispenser is used to hold a roll of tape and has a mechanism at one end to shear the tape.

Types of Packing Services Offered By California Movers

Full Packing Services

Packing is the most overwhelming part of moving. Our full packing service option helps you eliminate stress and save your time. No matter the size of the items you are moving and the destination. Our packing crew is ever ready to take care of your full packing.

Partial Packing Services

When you get a quote estimate, we can get a clear understanding of the items you want to move. When we have your quote, our crew will access the room and items you plan to pack.

Unpacking Services

At California Movers, we will help you unpack your household items to your new location so you can settle in faster.

Custom Crating Services

With our custom crating services, we secure all fragile items (antiques, valuable artwork) inside a custom crate. Before our movers load these items inside a moving truck.

Electronics Packing and Installation

We take the hassle out of disconnecting, disassembling your electronics. Additionally, we help with assembling them to get them operational in no time.

Other Services

At California Movers, all sorts of short and long-distance moves are easy and affordable. We provide other services like cleaning, storage, and waste removal.

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10 House Moving Hacks and Tricks

Smooth transition with a little or no lost hours requires strategic planning. This is why we've come up with some hacks to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • Compare 2 to 3 moving companies before deciding on one.
  • Ensure that the moving company you hire has insurance.
  • Inspect the new spot with the building manager to ensure it's conducive.
  • Label every box carefully to keep an estimated moving operation running during and after the move.
  • Change your residential address with the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • Host a yard sale for items you no longer want.
  • Notify your neighbors, friends, families, credit card companies, banks, subscription services of the move.
  • Book a care facility for your pets the day you move.
  • Keep a list of every packed box, the room it belongs, and its content.
  • Contact new schools for the enrollment of your kids.

House Moving Checklist

The best way to ensure a successful move is to create a well-detailed house move plan that eases up the whole process of moving to a new location. We’ve created a house move checklist that will help you streamline your moving process and ensure that you didn’t leave out any important aspect.

  • Hire a reputable moving company.
  • Request for time off from your employer.
  • Start packing as early as possible.
  • Transfer all prescriptions to a new pharmacy close to your new home.
  • Insure all valuable household items
  • Backup all files and photos.
  • Space planning
  • Furniture layout
California House Movers

California House Movers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to do when movers are packing?

It is important to be present to assist the movers in any way you can to ensure the move is faster.

How soon before moving should I start packing?

It all depends on the nature and the complexity of your house relocation. However, we always advise you to commence all preparations at least 3 months before the moving day.

How can I be sure that you are reliable?

  • We have a permit for cross-state moves.
  • At California Movers, we like to do business fair and square.
  • We are an insured company. Should anything happen to your item we move. You will be reimbursed. As our insurance covers every item we move.

California Movers Moving Day Cost

Your moving cost will be determined by several factors, one which is the distance of your current house to your new home. Also, the type of moving service you opt for is yet another determining factor.

Although there’s no clear cut estimate for house moving, below is the average cost of moving house for different approximated distance:

S/NMoving CasesApproximated Distance Approximated Cost
1.A studio apartment with 2 professional movers working for 3-5 hours.45 miles$420
2.Medium size office moving of 15 PCs, pieces of furniture, 20-feet truck, and 3 professionals.120 miles$1740
3.3 bedroom house, 26 ft truck, 4 professionals.37 miles$895
4.An intrastate move of 3 bedroom homes and 4 professional movers.380 miles$3308

Hire California Movers:

At California Movers, we provide long/state distance house relocation.

We offer our clients professional house moving service whenever they decide on relocating to a new home. Also, we have a smooth process of moving all your furniture, beddings, electronics, and other household items.

Read our customer reviews and get the best rate on call.

For any inquiry, contact us on (415) 579-2747 or send an email on [email protected]

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