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San Diego

Are you moving to San Diego or away from the city? In both cases this is a life-changing decision that can bring you joy and happiness of recognizing new places, new people and new job. But it is possible, if you find experienced San Diego movers!
“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” is the company that can provide you with the professional San Diego movers. Releasing you from all routing tasks, our company packs everything, loads it into the vehicle and transports where it is required.

San Diego Moving company

Our moving company San Diego perform the following moving services:

  • Checking each packed item, repacking if it is needed and wrapping everything unpacked;
  • Handling the challenge of bulky furniture disassemble and wrap separately every part;
  • Routing the best way to transport your property without breaking it;
  • Supplying with the best unit to store your belongings.

By using a full range of the moving services, you free yourself from the relocation stress and get more time to handle more pleasant relocation issues.

Relocation of home or commercial object in San Diego

The main areas of our work are relocations of commercial objects and houses.

  • Home relocation in San Diego
    Changing the place of living is a huge step in life. “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” helps to get through the most annoying moving tasks. Whether it is local or long distance relocation, our San Diego movers make everything efficiently and without such problems as property damage or delays.
    Our skills allow you to chill out and watch our furniture movers work. Our San Diego movers are strong and quick-witted guys who easily find a way to handle the bulkiest items. We provide a full set of relocation services, including property packing and organizing as well as driving it to the specified point.
  • Commercial moving in San Diego
    Commercial relocation usually presents as a big pain in the neck for a business owner as it often costs a pretty penny. If it takes too long the money losses are inevitable. But office relocation with “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” minimizes workflow interference and saves company daily income. As we work according to the thought out plan.
San Diego Moving company

Storage units in San Diego

If you need to keep your possessions somewhere before the settling in a new place, use capacious warehouse in San Diego. The storage units are wide and climate-controlled. The necessity of any special storage conditions needs discussing with our manager. Using our storage room, you get:

  • Opportunity to arrange any required conditions for the storage: temperature, humidity, equipment;
  • Easy access to your belongings and opportunity to get them back just after calling us;
  • Zero risk to damage any of your items as we are professionals in the packaging and cargo handling.

Without considering the distance of your relocation or the type of a moving object, we will assist you in your moving to San Diego. We not only quote affordably, but also do our job promptly and effectively. Our staff consists of professional movers San Diego, packers, logistic specialists who will perform any relocation challenge promptly.
Moving to San Diego? Do it with “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company”! Save your time and money with our professional help.


What our beloved customers are saying about california movers.

  • 5 star rating

    Used this company to move. Their quote came back a bit higher per hour than some of the other movers I checked with. I chose them because they had the most straight forward process and confusing no additional fees such as (gas per mile, materials, etc.) all cost included upfront. I was told up…

  • 5 star rating

    Great for long distance and last min moves 🙂 This review is long pending. We were very satisfied with their service during our move from the Bay area to Austin. Due to some confusion in dates with our previous mover – we reached out to California movers one day before the move! Nick responded…

  • 5 star rating

    Jose and Rinat helped us to move yesterday. They came over on time, packed everything very carefully, reassemble the bed and the couch and assembled them back at the destination. They calculated the exact time they had taken and we paid as much as expected. Thank you, guys! I would highly recommend…

  • 5 star rating

    Reviews Yelp googl facebookWe write reviews, help your companiesWe guarantee, complete confidentiality, quality of service executionReplace reviews in the event that more than 30% of the order will be filtered within 30 daysFirst review for freeContact us 860smirnov860@gmail.comSupport 24…

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