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Everyone in life has a situation when it is time to move. But moving can be difficult if you do not immediately turn to San Jose local movers, who will be able to justify their reputation earned over the years and provide services at a "premium" level. Competitive offers are just the first thing you get when you contact California Movers USA. Another local moving company in San Jose will save you from stress, save your nerves, and will do absolutely everything to make you satisfied.
It is cheap movers San Jose that is the key to the success of your move. The first is that we always arrive on time. Secondly, we can perform not only storage and packaging services, but also moving with the introduction of logistics services - intercity, local, residential, etc. Thirdly, no one can compare with our impeccable reputation.Only trusted San Jose moving company can do it faster and better than the competititors


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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California Movers USA offers the best full-service movers in the business
  • 30 minutes operator service response time
  • 32 checked and technically serviced trucks
  • 94 experienced employees with a huge length of work
  • 4 hours as average travel time
  • 9760 tons of various goods and property of people have been transported to date
  • 234,740 miles already driven in 7 years of company operation
  • 2016 - the beginning of the work of our moving company


  • New trucks of multiple sizes
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Exact Pickup/Delivery
  • Direct Routing
  • Energetic Trained Teams


If we talk about San Jose local movers, then it can be argued that the company operates on a fully insured and licensed basis. Among the main advantages, it is important to emphasize the specifics:

1. High reputation. Since local movers in San Jose is based in California, you can find reviews and positive feedback from customers from different parts of the country about it.

2. Reliability. Best movers in San Jose can only happen if you contact professionals who know their business, offer a full range of services from a simple move from home to moving your business property.

3. Punctuality. Drivers with loaders always arrive at the agreed time at the destination. All work is carried out strictly by agreement. Naturally, the deadlines are not violated.

4. Transparent payment system. For us, the matter of cost is always responsible, therefore, before ordering services, we issue a special estimate with prices for services, and only after the client agrees with the prices, we start working.

Turning to the best moving companies San Jose, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality service in which you can be 100 percent sure. All your valuables will be transported, packed, dismantled according to the contract concluded with the company.


If you need moving services San Jose, you can contact our company. Firstly, our San Jose moving service is an up-to-date and fast solution to the problems associated with moving. Secondly, our moving company San Jose offers a number of additional services:
Local Movers
Our local movers will relocate you anywhere within the city. We can move apartments of all sizes, plus condos, houses, and large estates. We move quickly and affordably.
Furniture Movers
We will disassemble and assemble furniture products. Also, San Jose furniture movers will carefully load and unload furniture into trucks.
Office Movers
Office Movers will carry out a number of rigging, loading and unloading of your office equipment, furniture and even valuable documents. San Jose office movers are your assistants always and under any circumstances.
Apartment Movers
Apartment Movers themselves will independently bring to the floor and remove all your property from the floor. San Jose apartment movers will also perform other tasks, for example, help with the packing of your cargo.


Ordering services in our moving company is entirely justified. Our local moving company San Jose is not only licensed and performs labor activities in accordance with the current legislation of the country, but is also ready to pay damages in case any goods or property is damaged. Payment will be refunded in full for the damaged item and no questions asked.
Local moving company in San Jose accepts applications 24 hours 7 days a week around the clock. Therefore, experts are constantly in touch. In addition, customers can submit online applications on the site at any time of the day - even during the day, even at night. Best movers in San Jose will always be at your disposal - just get in touch in any convenient way.


Only San Jose movers and packers know where to start, how to approach the issue of moving as competently as possible and how to complete all the work assigned to them. Everyone knows that the packaging of property must be given special attention. The fact is that during transportation it is important that nothing is crushed, crashed, broken, or damaged. That is why packers and movers San Jose pack household items, appliances and other things with increased accuracy. At the same time, specialists use only environmentally friendly materials for packaging. The eco-friendly packing materials used by San Jose movers do not harm either human health or the environment.


The size of the team and the number of trucks depends on the size of the move.
Studio, 1 Bedroom
1-2-3 Bedrooms, Office Spaces
3+ Bedrooms, Office Spaces

cost of moving to san jose

The cost of a local move to San Jose starts from $510. To find out the exact cost of movers, it is enough to contact the company's managers. They will take care of the free moving quote and make a free estimate for the services ordered by the client. Due to the fact that the estimate with prices will be on hand, customers will be able to understand whether they can afford San Jose local movers and whether they can pay for all services.

Free Estimate

  • 25 Sm
  • 10 M
  • 5 L
  • Guaranteed Flat Rate
  • Building & Furniture Protection
  • Dollies, Tools & Straps Provided
  • Tax & Basic Insurance Included

2 MOVERS + TRUCK = $150

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

3 MOVERS + TRUCK = $219

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour


Temporary storage services have always been popular in the world. This service can be ordered immediately in the company by contacting managers. But to find out how expensive are storage services you can view the list with prices on the website online, which is very convenient. The company offers up-to-date moving and storage San Jose - services that are most in demand today.
At the same time, the company owns only modern and completely clean warehouses. They have a built-in climate control system. By renting Bay Area storage San Jose you will be pleasantly surprised, as the lease can be short-term or long-term. This means that moving company San Jose offers to rent warehouses of any size and for any period, as soon as you need it.

San Jose


The most interesting question for many is the question about which can be the weather in San Jose. This is true when it comes to moving. In order to save money, many people try to move during the cheapest months, which means when it is as hot as possible outside.
Things to know about climate conditions:

The coldest season is Winter. The average temperature ranges from +6 to +15 degrees Celsius. December, January and February are the less rainy months, so you need to plan your move very carefully.

Spring. In May, April and March, the climate is more temperate, as for this state. The average temperature ranges from +8 to +24 Celsius. These months are usually the most suitable for moving, as it is almost impossible to get on a rainy day.

Summer. In July, June and August, the least rainy days are practically absent (maybe 1 for the entire summer season). The average temperature ranges from +13 to +28 degrees Celsius. This means that the move will take place under the hot sun.

Autumn. In September, October and November the weather is kept in the same climate as in the summer season. The average temperature ranges from +7 to +27 degrees Celsius. There may be a few rainy days in the season, so the move will still take place on the hottest days possible.


On the planet, including in every city, there will always be some sights that you should see. If you don't know which interesting things to do in san jose, then visit the TOP 4 most popular places:

Silicon Valley. This is a real modern center of technology and innovation. Various military structures have been developed here for a long time.

Spanish colonial buildings. These are real architectural works of art of the Renaissance period.

The building of the Order of Odd Fellows. It was built back in 1883 in the Italian style. As historians say, Masons gathered in the building. At least once, but everyone heard about this religious and ethical movement, whose members called for self-improvement; they themselves were often called "free stonemasons".

Technical Museum of Innovations. Everyone who wants to do practical exercises and study various innovations of our time can come here. The building is located in the very center of Silicon Valley, if you are fond of high-tech, you will be interested in visiting one of the excursions organized by the museum.


Population data is constantly changing. If we talk about San Jose ca demographics, then we can safely bring to your attention the latest information for 2023, collected exclusively from official sources:

Population. The population is 349,678 (as of 2023).

Median age. The average age of residents is 36 years.

Median Home Value. The median cost of houses is $2,500,000.

Median Household Income. The median household income is $80,977.

Average Commute. To get to the city / leave it you need about 200 dollars.

Own vs. Rent. The rental price for an apartment is from $ 1,500 per month or more.


The total cost of living in San Jose for two people with an average level of consumption for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be from 2500 US dollars. The reason for this is that the cost of living in San Jose is quite expensive. According to the latest information for 2023 from verified official sources, people spend quite a lot of money on living:

Restaurants. For two people, dinner in a restaurant will cost an average of $50-100, depending on the order. This amount will be enough if you want to dine with a salad and a second course, washed down with a glass of delicious fine wine.

Transportation. Transportation prices will range from $30 to $250 depending on whether a person travels by public bus or takes flights.

Utilities (Monthly). Rates depend on the consumption of energy and other resources - an average of $ 100 per month.

Rent Per Month. A mid-sized apartment costs $2,500 per month and up, depending on amenities.

Buy Apartment Price. When buying an apartment, you need to count on 15,000 or more thousand dollars. In fact, it all depends on the area, the surrounding territory, as well as the location of the object you are interested in.


911: in any dangerous situation related to the safety of you and your family, fire or deterioration in health, call the telephone number and the fire department, ambulance or police officer will arrive at the place of call as soon as possible.

311: for non-emergency services, dial this number and they will help you.

408-277-8900: if there is some kind of non-emergency and non-urgent situation, but at the same time, if there is a problem and you need a police officer to come to you, call the number indicated and solve your problem.

408-535-3515: when you need a consultation or need to get some general information about services or about the city, you'd better call the customer service center and you will definitely be consulted on all your questions. Thus, remotely you can solve many issues, saving a lot of time.

California Movers USA


There are many situations for each person. But when it is necessary to hire movers San Jose, it is more correct to contact experienced specialists immediately. The reason for this is that in San Jose movers absolutely everything is thought out to the smallest detail. You will enjoy not only a free moving quote, but also clarity in all actions, experienced performance of all ordered services and respectful attitude towards you. Leave an application for a free quote, call our representatives at any convenient time of the day or send an application for ordering services online on the site - be content with the best!


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