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Professional Full-Service Movers in Chico

California has been attracting people for many years, but not everyone wishes to move to big densely-populated cities. It is much better to live a silent and measured life in such a city as Chico in Butte County. The city has attracted so many people for the last 20 years and even now residents of other states continue to relocate to this area.

Whether you want to settle in Chico or have serious reasons to leave the city, Chico movers are always happy to give you a helping hand. Our company is a leading Chico moving company that provides professional assistance when you move within the city or should cover a much bigger distance. Our dedicated movers perform a full range of moving services to make the process seamless and well-organized.

Customized moving services to fit your needs

Many people make a huge mistake when they think that relocation is only hiring a truck. Of course, you may ask your friends and relatives to help you with packing and loading, but there is no guarantee that your belongings will arrive not damaged or even broken. When you deal with experts, you get a guarantee that your valuables will be delivered to your new destination in the excellent state and on time as all the cargo is insured. Moreover, you prevent yourself from facing many other challenges that are difficult to foresee if you a beginner in this sphere. That is the reason why we are a full-service company and offer a list of moving services Chico, CA that are required for a successful completion of the relocation:

  • Commercial and residential relocation;
  • Long-distance relocation;
  • Storage facility for rent;
  • Relocation of the heavyweight and oversized cargo performed by our piano movers.

It means that such basic components of a successful moving like packing, loading, hiring a truck with a driver, unloading etc. are included in the final cost of the relocation process, but we also offer additional services to our clients:

  • Creation of the detailed relocation plan with a checklist and evaluation of the total cost of the relocation;
  • Providing professional packaging materials;
  • Making additional stops not included in the basic route of the truck;
  • Disassembly and assembly of the furniture pieces moved.

What makes California movers different

You may wonder what differs our company from other movers offering their services in this area. In fact, we have our own philosophy that makes us outstanding in the market. Every customer of our Chico moving company would undoubtedly appreciate the following benefits:

  • We guarantee to treat our clients as friends who look for professional advice.
  • ‘No hidden costs’ means that we are absolutely sincere with our clients and run a transparent business.
  • Creation of a detailed and accurate plan of every relocation to meet the schedule.
  • Every item of our client’s belongings is treated carefully.

Moving to Chico

Chico is a green and beautiful city where 17% of the total area is taken by one large park and there are many other parks there too. Known as “City of Roses”, it has many features of a perfect place for a family life thanks to its warm climate, well-developed equipment, and excellent employment opportunities. It is a cultural, educational, and economic center with many neighborhoods. Having once received a title of the regional retail trade destination, there is still a large retail district that attracts many visitors from other cities and towns.

Chico quick facts

If you plan your moving to Chico, CA, consider the following information about the city too.

  • Bidwell Park (3,670 acres) is one of the largest parks not only in California but also the USA.
  • Chico is a city of museums telling about nature, aviation, history, arts, and culture.
  • There are two professional basketball and baseball teams to cheer on.
  • The Median Family Income is $62,233, while the average home value is $277,900.


  • City Council, 411 Main Street Chico, CA 95928; (530) 896‐7200
  • Housing and neighborhood services, 411 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Chico, CA 95928; (530) 879-6300
  • Chico Unified School District, 1163 East Seventh Street,, Chico, CA 95928-5999; (530) 891-3000
  • Human Resources and Risk Management, 411 Main Street, 3rd Floor, P.O. Box 3420, Chico, CA 95927-3420; (530) 879-7900
  • DMV Office, 107 Parmac Rd #1, Chico, CA 95926; (800)777-0133


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