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California Movers USA company is a guarantor of a quality move, because its specialists (managers, apartment movers, other employees) understand how delicate such a process is. Choosing the services of our apartment moving company, absolutely every client can be sure that specialists will cope with even the most complex tasks: transportation, assembly and disassembly, loading and unloading, the right choice of packaging for personal belongings, household appliances and other household items, high-quality packing and other tasks. California Movers USA company and our entire team approach the process of providing services in the most responsible and organized manner and emphasize that it is possible to complete a well-planned move in one day.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Other moving services

Professional apartment movers of the company can also perform a number of additional services, which include:
Local Movers
Our apartment moving company will relocate you anywhere within the city. We can move apartments of all sizes, plus condos, houses, and large estates. We move quickly and affordably.
Furniture Movers
The service includes disassembly and assembly of furniture by movers, packaging of each individual belonings in packaging material, descending the staircase and subsequent ascent to the required floor, careful loading of things, equipment and other household items into trucks and their unloading.
Movers and Packers
Managers of California Movers USA will recommend the best packing services and packing materials for a particular type of cargo, what you can save on. At the same time, the loaders will independently pack all the items to be transported. Special moving boxes, bubble wrap, special stretch film, wrapping paper and other types of materials will be used as needed.
Long Distance Movers
It is important to emphasize that the service area is very wide - including large cities, regions and small towns. Long distance moving services are carried out by a team of specialists organized, within the agreed time from point "A" to point "B" on a specially equipped freight transport, taking into account the norms and standards of the transported cargo.


We accept, place, reload, complete, pack, deliver, lift to the required floor, lower your cargo from any floor. With our services you get apartment movers near me and competent cargo escort to the destination by drivers who know the route. Our company is always happy to help with such certainly pleasant difficulties, like moving. The main understanding is that professional apartment movers near me are not uncommon, these are our movers who are always ready for any difficulties.

Residential Movers

California Movers USA is an experienced, competent and respected apartment moving company offering a range of services in different big towns, including: California (absolutely the entire region, including the Bay Area), San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose.

These are some of the biggest towns covered by the company's apartment moving services. Absolutely all local apartment movers are well aware of the territory of their cities, navigate the city streets and objects located along them.
As for other service areas, this information can be clarified with managers. Call the phone number listed on our website and ask for details. Consultation for customers is absolutely free!

Apartment Mover

apartment moving company

Only a competent apartment moving company can perform all turnkey moving services. Choosing one of the best companies in the modern market, you can count on a number of advantages:

  • timely execution of all scheduled services for departures and arrivals;
  • availability of a license to operate the company and insurance for the entire team (dedicated employees);
  • high rating among competitors;
  • own car park;
  • excellent and extremely positive reviews from real customers;
  • long period of work on the market and 1000+ satisfied customers;
  • reasonable, adequate and most favorable prices for services;
  • professional, fast and quality moving with the possibility of storing property;
  • safety and reliability.

Turning to California Movers USA, you can be sure that apartment movers in California will provide services at a high level.

Call the number indicated on our official website to contact the company's managers, who will answer all questions regarding package or individual services of interest! Consultations are FREE!

apartment moving services

The question of exactly how apartment movers work is of interest to many. All processes from simple to complex occur in stages:

Organization of the move

First, the apartment moving company clarifies with the client information on all issues that need to be resolved. They are directly related to the organization of services, resource planning and the schedule of the actual move. Issues that may cause difficulties are fixed. For example, if small apartment movers have to take out bulky furniture and household equipment, then the client needs to be informed about the presence or absence of elevator cabins, the parameters of the staircase in a multi-storey building, how narrow or wide the doorways are, and other points.

Packing materials for property protection

As soon as the owners of the apartment have decided what to throw out of things and household items, and what to leave, you can warn the company's managers about this and ask them for special packaging materials used during transportation. Each customer can count on the fact that high-quality packaging will provide full protection and will withstand the road even for a long distance.

Assembling things according to plan

Modern apartment moving services provide for the dismantling of furniture by loaders, its packing, removal and fixation in freight transport for further movement to the destination item. The main thing that customers should take care of is not to forget anything. Qualified and physically strong residential movers, by agreement, will perform the duties of assembling things on time and according to the list.

Loading and unloading property

Experienced and competent apartment movers will take care of the safety of all personal belongings (even the most fragile and small), expensive equipment, household appliances, safe, furniture in such a way as not to damage the interior decoration, doorways, elevator, stairwell and exterior doors. The process of loading into and unloading from a truck will also be carried out as accurately as possible.

To prevent the relocation process from dragging on for a long time, the client can agree on the temporary storage of property in the company's warehouses, a specific period of transportation and immediate arrangement - bringing the property to a specific floor in a new room, assembling furniture, assisting in unpacking, and subsequent removal of garbage and packaging material. At the same time, the mover of the company will take on the responsibility of lifting and moving all the necessary things.

If you are interested in permanent or temporary cooperation with the company - recruit managers to conclude an agreement! We welcome all customers, both old and new ones!

Apartment Movers

Apt Movers

The company presents extremely reasonable and loyal rates, which include packaging materials, cargo transportation, unloading and loading, etc. Among them:

  • 2 movers plus a truck = $125 US;
  • 3 movers plus a truck = $194 US;
  • 4 movers plus a truck = $328 US.

It should be borne in mind that each extra hour of time will be paid additionally and according to the tariffs indicated on the company's website. Responsibility is guaranteed. Focusing on the price list of our apartment moving companies, it can be emphasized that the cost of services is not only market-based, but also quite reasonable and customer-oriented.

Apartment Movers And Packers

Competent California apartment movers in San Francisco, movers in other cities, will provide the necessary boxes, film, paper to neatly fold fragile items, household appliances and other personal things of the client. Prices depend on what is required. For instance:

  • one bedroom set = $159 US;
  • set for two bedrooms = $259 US;
  • small boxes for small items = $3 US;
  • middle boxes = $4 US;
  • large boxes = $5 US;
  • clothing boxes = $2 US;
  • there are also boxes depending on the size for $15, $20, $25 US;
  • bubble wrap (about 20 feet long) = $15 US;
  • tape for sealing and fastening boxes = $15 US.

In order for apartment moving services to be performed at a high level, the company's employees will pack all things (fragile, small, overall, large, hard, soft, etc.) properly.

The target audience of California Movers USA is people who decide to move due to certain circumstances: moving out of a rented apartment, moving to another city for permanent residence, buying an apartment or house outside the city or in another region, and because of other reasons. The service is used by people of different ages - from 18 to 75 years and older.


Why should I hire a moving company service?

A moving company can help you save costs, as renting a truck usually has underlying costs, which may be more than hiring a moving company to help you handle everything.

How much do movers cost for a one bedroom apartment?

The approximate cost is 125$ per hour..

How much do movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

The price is around 194$ per hour

Get in contact with out apartment moving company

Detailed contacts of the company can be found on the official website, where you can immediately learn about the services provided, contact the manager and ask questions, as well as read positive reviews from real customers.
Call our representatives to get a FREE moving quote. We would be very glad to answer all your questions! Make your moving experience as pleasant as possible with us!


Relocation Information
Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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