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Moving from San Francisco to Sacramento

If you've made up your mind about moving from San Francisco to Sacramento then you need the services of our moving professionals for fuss-free relocation. The two cities offer very different sets of conditions and opportunities, and thus it is important to understand these differences before you relocate. Our team of movers can help you manage your relocation hassle-free and at a reasonable price.
California Movers is a highly professional long-distance moving company servicing areas such as Los Angeles, but also Sacramento. This means that we can handle all sorts of short-distance and long-distance relocations, no matter what the volume of the stuff to be moved. Our long-distance movers are highly experienced and resourceful workers who know how to handle such projects efficiently and without causing any disturbance for our clients.
As a top-rated moving company, we have ensured, throughout our career, that we bring customer satisfaction to the forefront of our operations. Simplicity, comfort, and affordability, this is what we bring to the table when relocating our clients.


san fransico to sacramento

Whatever it is that has brought you to this point in your life where you've planned to relocate, you need to be prepared for the move – all you have to do is call us for handling your relocation, and that will be all from your end. We'll take it over from there. Whether you're planning on moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area, having a team of professionals manage your move can cut down stress, time, and effort on your part.

On top of all of this, we'll ensure that all of your stuff reaches the destination safely and in pristine order as if it was not moved to begin with. When you contact us, we'll send over one of our representatives to give you an estimate for the costs of moving based on several parameters. These include distance, the volume of stuff, whether or not there are sensitive objects, and so on.

We offer services such as:

  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Providing insurance coverage for your stuff
  • Piano moving

Our work has won us the admiration of our clients which is reflected perfectly in the tons of positive reviews, and we aim to provide this same level of top-class service.

San francisco vs sacramento

The fact is that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to live in. There are many reasons why people invest a lot of money in living in San Francisco. The weather, proximity to Silicon Valley, and the diversity of residents are all very attractive. However, all these great qualities don't bring the price down.
Not only has Sacramento become the top destination for those who wanted to leave San Francisco, but it also topped the list of the most popular places for home buyers in the United States looking to relocate.
Sacramento is about 1.5 hours northeast of San Francisco and is experiencing a renaissance, and the rest of the West Coast is taking notice. And given that the cost of living is 33% lower than in San Francisco, according to NerdWallet, it's easy to wonder why.

Pros of moving from san francisco to sacramento

San Francisco had the largest net outflow with 35,800 people, or 24% of potential home buyers in the area wanted to live elsewhere. Sacramento has become the top destination in the state for those who wanted to leave the city by the bay. Homes in the Sacramento metropolitan area cost half as much.
Sacramento has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. There are many businesses, restaurants and stores, which creates good opportunities for work and business.Here you will find a variety of restaurants and cultural activities.
In addition, Sacramento is in close proximity to the Sacramento River and several preserves, making it an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts.


How far is san francisco from sacramento

Do you know how far is Sacramento from San francisco? The distance between Sacramento and San Francisco is 75 miles. The length of the road is 87 miles.
There are 5 ways to get from San Francisco to Sacramento by the following modes of transportation: bus, subway, train, car, or plane.
Sacramento Bus Station - San Francisco Bus Station bus takes 2h including transfers and departs from the station 4 times a day.
It also takes approximately 2h to get from Sacramento Bus Station to San Francisco, a distance of 91 miles.

Moving to sacramento from bay area

If you're moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area or are considering it, as you can now see, Sacramento is truly a fantastic place to live, work and play. You'll never run out of things to do, and there will always be more friendly people to meet.
If you're seriously thinking about moving to Sacramento, don't hesitate to contact California movers. Our interstate movers will handle all of your relocation needs and arrange for quality and fast service.


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