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It can be a challenge to find professional short-distance movers if you are not aware of all the features you should pay attention to. However, it is enough to remember California Movers company to be confident that your moving for a short distance can be always performed at the highest level. Hire professionals for your local move to be smooth and managed!

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I only consider short-distance moving companies near me
Average price for a short-distance move
What types of moving services do you perfom?
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I consider only short distance moving companies near me

If you reside in this sunny state of California or any other state in the western part of U.S. and have to relocate within its territory, you will probably look for a local short-distance moving company not far from you. Many people believe that such movers do not charge for extra mileage and know the area well. They are more likely to arrive on time and schedule the move accurately without delays. Undoubtedly, they are absolutely right. California Movers is a full-service moving company which performs top-notch short-distance relocation services. Our movers know all the western states up to scratch, so they will not get lost and will choose the shortest and the safest road to get to your current and your new place of living.

Average price for a short-distance move

All short-distance moving companies set different average prices for a move. The reason for that is many factors that impact the total moving cost. When you turn to California Movers, you should not think how much you need to pay for every service since our movers guarantee every client their full range with no hidden fees. It means that our basic moving price for a small move will not double since everything is already included there. Naturally, if you pay for moving several bedrooms and hire our local short-distance movers more than for an hour, the total cost will increase. In fact, the main factors that influence the average moving price are the following:

  • Distance to be covered;
  • Weight of cargo and quantity of items;
  • Vehicle size;
  • Other considerations (floor, stairs, elevator, road quality access to the truck, etc.);
  • Additional services (providing packing supplies, furniture assembly/disassembly, cleaning, etc.).
  • All these and many other things constitute the moving cost. Whether you need only a standard package of services or think of ordering some additional solutions, remember that turning to a full-service company such as California Movers is always cheaper.

What types of moving services do you perform?

The range of moving services provided by California Movers is wide enough.

  • Local & long distance moving services

    Our professional relocation company offers superior moving services all around the country. We are ready to move your belongings either across the country or across the road. It makes no difference what distance we should cover to deliver your possessions – the only thing that really matters is our customer 100% satisfaction rate.

  • Apartment movers

    A standard home move remains one of the most popular services provided by California Movers. This process keeps in store many challenges since the abundance of boxes, diversity of items moved, and elevation lead to tough problems for inexperienced movers. Our dedicated team will secure from these and other mistakes making the relocation easy and hassle-free.

  • Office relocation

    Only experts are aware of the peculiarities of tailor-made business moving. We do have experienced and trained employees that guarantee cutting-edge solutions moving your company or office to another place. Moreover, we never waste any minute since time is money in business and we realize that perfectly!

  • Military & government moving services

    Life of military and government workers often means moving, but we can remove hassle from this process by paying attention to every detail and excellent organization. Discipline and trustworthiness are two main features that characterize our professional short-distance movers, so you can entrust us to move your family valuables, undoubtedly!

  • Senior moving services

    Young and senior people have a different attitude to relocation, so our employees are ready to assist the senior population with either physical or emotional aspect of the transition. We include not only standard moving services but also do our best to cope with the organization, selling or buying property, rent, cleaning, connection/disconnection of the appliances, etc.

  • Appliance movers

    Moving appliances from A to B point is a risky job unless you provide our moving team with this responsibility. We wrap and pack every item separately in the boxes for their security during transportation, so not only individuals order these services in our company, small and large businesses take advantage of our help too – many leading retail companies are our partners.

  • Heavy & small furniture movers

    The main issue arising for furniture moving companies is scratches and damages, but you can prevent these troubles by hiring our strong short-distance movers near you. Both bulky and small furniture pieces, heavy and lightweight ones are a routine job for our employees. They are strong enough and provided with professional tools and supplies to move any quantity of furniture pieces carefully and safely.

  • Piano & pool table movers

    If you face a problem how to move a grand piano or a heavyweight pool table, call California Movers and your cherished possessions will be delivered to a new destination in the best condition. Our licensed professionals are experts in moving unique musical instruments and expensive furnishing to any distance.

  • Packing services

    Every group of items requires certain packing materials for its safe transportation and we have all of them. You can not only obtain wrap, boxes, tape, bubble wrap and many other packing materials in our company but also order exceptional packing and unpacking services provided by our specialists.

  • Storage options

    California Movers is proud of its air-conditioned storage facilities of different sizes. You can rent a unit of the necessary area and access it anytime being confident that your belongings are kept in the complete safety and perfect environment.

Why is moving with California Movers so beneficial?

All our clients agree that our moving services look outstanding in the market since we offer not only a standard list of benefits to our customers but also several exclusive propositions mentioned in this list too.

  • Certified moving team

    You may wonder what differs our movers from others, but there is a fact that will impress you. We never hire people who have not completed special training which allows them to work in this sphere. Our employees are a face of the company, so we are proud to have such strong, careful, and friendly people in our team.

  • Exceptional five-star reviews

    However, there is one more thing we are proud of – the highest rating from our clients. California Movers has helped hundreds of families and businesses to move successfully and many of them shared their gratitude in multiple positive reviews on the Internet. It is a real pleasure to know that our services have been appreciated by so many people and this is also a boost to continue developing and improving the quality of services provided.

  • A wide array of different moving services

    Why is our company called ‘full-service’? The reason for that is our desire to take into account every aspect of the moving process and provide comprehensive service to all clients. Years of experience allowed us to build up an effective algorithm of how to complete every stage of the relocation successfully and efficiently. Moreover, we have come to the conclusion that people often require additional services and we are happy to perform them at the highest level too.

  • Insurance

    Almost every cheap short-distance mover you will turn to guarantees insurance to the freight transported. However, it is important to specify that this cargo is insured by weight. When you turn to our moving company, you can order insurance by item and be confident that all of them are covered by the policy.

  • Scheduled and coordinated moving

    Managers of our company plan every move from A to Z. You can be sure to have a well-organized relocation coordinated by the company representative on site. Moreover, our customers can choose a suitable date and time for our moving group to arrive. They always turn up on time and deliver your belongings within the time frame indicated in the contract. However, life is unpredictable, so we also reward our clients with 1$ bonus for every minute of their being late!

  • Affordability

    Naturally, one of the most important factors in the choice of a short-distance moving company is its moving cost. California Movers prices may seem not the cheapest ones among the competitors at first sight, but our experienced clients have realized that it is more affordable to hire full-service movers than pay multiple hidden fees afterward. It means that you can save cooperating with us and get more for the same money!

  • Working 24/7, 7 days a week

    Not all companies admit performing moving services on weekends and at late hours, but we realize that you can be busy on other weekdays. That is why we try to meet the requirements of every client and make exceptions in the rules.

How to reduce my moving costs?

Money should not be the reason to refuse from the help of professionals, because the consequences of such a decision can be more costly. However, we realize how important it is to be within the budget you have, so we offer you to learn several great hints of how to decrease the amount of moving costs.

  1. Choose the date and time reasonably. Weekends, holidays and night shifts are usually more expensive as well as peak seasons such as spring and fall. Moreover, it is preferable to book a date in advance to be able to choose and save some money. Early booking is cheaper, especially in winter.
  2. Try to find as many free packing materials as possible. You can use second-hand wrap and boxes, ask your friends or some businesses to give them to you.
  3. Pack everything yourself since this service is paid additionally and is not included in the moving package.
  4. Make up a moving budget and consider all the expenses
  5. Create a checklist of the things to move yourself and follow it carefully.
  6. Declutter and sell all the things you use quite rarely not to pay for their moving and get some profit.
  7. Apply for a tax deduction if it is possible or look for help in different charity organizations to save.

Tips for a short-distance move

Moving for a short distance has its benefits since sometimes you do not need a truck to transport your belongings and you can always ask someone for help. However, there are several more useful tips to remember if you move not far away:

  • Since your new destination is not far away, you can make several trips forth and back to save on the truck;
  • Prepare your new dwelling for a move;
  • Don’t be shy to ask your friends and relatives to help you with moving;
  • Make up a checklist not to forget anything;
  • Label the box to make unpacking simpler;
  • Hire experienced movers to prevent possible risks and dangers;
  • Be ready to pay the moving company per hour.

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There is a tendency to consider short-distance moving less stressful than a long-distance one. In fact, there are a little fewer challenges when you move locally but still, you have to cope with a variety of tasks and take full responsibility for the process, so it will definitely get on your nerves. However, California Movers knows a simple solution to the abundance of these problems. Our company suggests getting a moving quote for your short distance move and ensure that professional help can be affordable. If you are not sure that your move is a sort-distance one – don’t bother, we will provide you with affordable long-distance moving quotes if needed.

Leave an application for a moving quote on our website and our managers will send you a company representative to make an accurate estimate of your move. Moving with experienced assistants can be quick, safe, and smooth, it is enough to choose the only right company.

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