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Moving from San Francisco to Seattle

Moving is often not an easy thing to do, especially if you are moving from San Francisco to Seattle. There is Seattle’s constant rainy weather to worry about; and apart from that, there’s all the hassle involved in moving to another state.
Don't worry, that's where our moving company comes in. Our San Francisco to Seattle movers take the stress out of moving day, leaving you to focus on the upcoming change in your life in rainy, but beautiful Seattle.
Seattle is one of the most famous metropolitan areas in the world. Take at least the cult films that were filmed here, such as "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Sleepless in Seattle", "Crazy Love" and even the sensational trilogy "50 Shades of Grey". Needless to say, this city is home to many Hollywood stars, famous comedians, models, presenters and singers. Seattle is also the birthplace of rock singer Kurt Cobain, the world's most popular Starbucks coffee chain, Amazon Corporation and Boeing. Decent place to live, isn't it? And many US residents seek to move to this city for the purpose of permanent residence. Especially actively there is a wave of moving to Seattle from San Francisco, California. What is the reason for such excitement? Let's try to answer this question. Below we have put together a short analysis and overview of some frequently asked questions. We hope this information will help you with your final decision and will make your selection process easier.



Both San Francisco and Seattle are large cities that are situated on the West Coast of America. These are prosperous, cultural, industrial centers that have managed to glorify their country and are especially attractive, both for tourists and for people who are looking for a permanent place of residence. And although both cities are quite expensive to live in, seattle Washington still has an important advantage over San Francisco in this case, since prices are lower here, and this very often plays the most important and decisive role.
And where can it be more expensive than in the most expensive city in the US - San Francisco! Namely, this city is the first in the list of US cities according to this indicator. In some respects, of course, it is inferior to New York, but it is also not far from the latter. Almost everything is expensive in San Francisco: utilities, rent, food. And it should be noted there's the income tax!
And now let's deal with Seattle: below the price of accommodation, indeed below the cost of utilities, the acceptable price of food and drinks, and there is no income tax.
The only thing that can keep an San Francisco resident in his city is the presence of great variety of fruits and vegetables that cost a penny. The reason for this is the location of the city in the agricultural region of California. But all other factors point to the need to move to a city that is more accessible in terms of level and acceptable in terms of quality of life. And so, for many people think about moving from San Francisco to Seattle. Let's get acquainted with this place in more detail.


For 2023, the population of Seattle is 788 thousand people. The last census was conducted in 2010 and since then the growth of people in the city has noticeably accelerated. In just 12 years, the population has grown by 178,000! The territory is inhabited by different nationalities, including:

  • Whites - the main part, is 67%.
  • Asians - 15%.
  • African Americans - 7%.
  • Other races, including French, Spanish, German - 2.5%.
  • Native Americans - 0.50%.
  • Haitians - 0.25%.

The main language is English. Although many other languages ​​can be heard in the city, including Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, French, German.



The city is located in the state of Washington in the northwest and is one of its largest centers, both industrial and cultural. It is also on the first position in the list of the fastest growing cities in the region.
The metropolis is located around the Puget Sound. It occupies the green landscapes of Washington. From the city you can see the Cascade and Olympic mountains, as well as the Rainier volcano, whose height reaches 4390 meters. The abundance of greenery and served as the emergence of such a nickname for Seattle as the "Emerald City".


Seattle occupies 368 square kilometers of whole territory of the United States of America. The land stretches for 83 square kilometers, and water takes 58 square kilometers.
In terms of population, it ranks 18th in America and 1st in the state of Washington.


Seattle has a base tax that has been 9.5% since 2014. Both services and goods are taken into account. Many product categories are exempt from sales taxes.
According to the standard, taxable goods include soft drinks, cooked food and dietary supplements.


The city is located in the Mediterranean zone, so it is cool and humid in winter, and warm and dry in summer. July is the hottest month there. At this time, the average air temperature is 21°C. The coldest time is in December. In winter, the average temperature is +5.5 °С. So, living in seattle is suitable for people who can not stand the heat and the scorching sun.


The median monthly salary in Seattle is $6,300. The maximum official salary for the Emerald City is $29,000 and the minimum is $1,400.
The amount of wages varies by type of activity. For example, the highest rates are observed in doctors - 11.5 thousand dollars, architects - 10 thousand dollars, employees in the telecommunications sector - 8750 dollars. The smallest salaries are for such professions as a consultant - 2.5 thousand dollars, a sales manager - 3.1 thousand dollars, a banker - 3.3 thousand dollars.


In the USA there are both criminal and absolutely safe states and cities. As for Seattle, its residents are lucky. It ranks first on the list of the safest cities in the United States.


It is known that most often people use air transport, both for domestic and international travel. To get from San Francisco to Seattle, you can book plane tickets in advance and fly at the appointed time.
The San Francisco airport is international one. It is considered the largest airport in terms of passenger traffic in the Bay Area of ​​this city. And yet, it ranks second in terms of passenger turnover in California (in the first place is Los Angeles Airport).
Location of the airport is determined on the south of San Francisco in San Mateo County. An interesting fact is that, according to statistics, it ranks 21st in the world, and it was first discovered back in 1927. Also today, the facility serves as a hub for one of the world's famous airlines, United Airlines. The natives gave the airport a nickname "SFO", which is deciphered by its code as IATA. There are currently three operating terminals in this facility. They serve local air operators. One international terminal has also been opened. To fly to Seattle, it is enough to buy tickets for one of the domestic flights of American Airlines.
The airport has a variety of public facilities for the comfort of each individual passenger who is waiting to board. There are also shops, a medical center, luggage storage, other places like bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. There is a free wireless Waf-Fi for everyone, which is also very convenient.
The distance between Seattle and San Francisco is 1093 kilometers. You can overcome this distance by plane, train, bus or car.
If you need to get from one point to another as quickly as possible, then the plane is suitable. Although this is the most expensive option.
But the road will take only 4 hours and 10 minutes.
You can choose the most budgetary way, but also longer in time - 23 hours 45 minutes.
A bus ticket will cost almost the same as a bus, and the journey will take 21 hours and 50 minutes of your time.
Moving by car along the paved road without stops, the road lasts 13 hours and 50 minutes..


Analyzing seattle vs san Francisco, what do people who plan to live in one of these cities or move from one to another is the cost of living. And according to this parameter, Seattle wins, since in this city the prices for all types of services and products are lower than in San Francisco..
For example, renting a 2-room apartment per month in Seattle costs $ 1,700, while in San Francisco for a 1-room apartment you will have to pay from 2.5 to 3 thousand dollars per month.
Consider the cost of living for one adult resident of the Emerald City:

  • the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment in not the most popular areas of the city is $ 1,700, and in popular areas - $ 2,000-2,300;
  • utility bill - 200 dollars, but in the summer it is about 80-90 dollars;
  • Internet from the only Internet provider in the state of Washington Comcast aka Xfinity - $ 40 at a speed of 60 Mb per second;
  • regular food - 600-700 dollars, healthy food - 900-1000 dollars;
  • medical insurance for one adult - 300 dollars. Residents under the age of 19 may be covered by Washington Apple Health for Kids free of charge;
  • kindergarten - 600 dollars. The state provides free places for families with low financial incomes;
  • mobile communication for two - 80 dollars;
  • travel in public transport with the Orca Card - 115 dollars. This is 2.75 one way, which is 5.5 dollars per day;
  • other expenses, for example, buying clothes in second-hand stores or on sales, snacks at work or while walking, recreational activities on weekends - in the range of 400-600 dollars.

This means that in order to live with minimal expenses in Seattle, you will have to pay from 4,500 to 5,000 dollars a month and this is without taxes. With standard expenses, you will need 7 thousand dollars per month, and the maximum expenses are about 12-15 thousand dollars per month. On the latter conditions, people who have wages above the average can live, despite the fact that both parents work in the family.


Many tourists tend to get to the state of Washington, which is famous for its cultural, historical and architectural attractions. Each city and region are really a whole story. For those who move to Washington state for permanent residence, there are also good options. The best places to live are:

  • The city of Yakima, which is full of vineyards, beautiful nature, an abundance of cafes, restaurants and shops. Here you can observe the ancient architecture, which is harmoniously combined with modern houses.
  • City of Redmond - this place is the home of Microsoft. There are many routes for cyclists, so a family vacation will be both enjoyable and rewarding. There is a large Marimoor park, near which is Lake Sammamish. In this city, life flows calmly and measuredly.
  • Seattle is a dynamic and bustling city, but for active people it is an ideal place to live. It will not be boring here, because the city has a huge variety of entertainment, many job opportunities and great prospects for people who want to succeed in business or the creative field. It is here that such large corporations as Amazon and Starbucks are located.

For family living, the top cities in Washington State are Olympia, Bellingham, and Bellevue.



The city of Seattle has many neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and suitable for people with a certain level of financial income. Consider the best options for those who decide to move from san francisco to seattle:

  • Downtown is the center of the metropolis, if we talk about its economical side. This is a financial center. It's incredibly beautiful here. Getting into Downtown immediately feels like a hero of some romantic movie. Skyscrapers, an abundance of chic buildings, modern architecture and many interesting shops.
  • Belltown is the outskirts of Downtown. This area is distinguished by clean and well-groomed streets. It exudes a certain chic. Most importantly, there are no homeless people in this place, so the area is absolutely safe for children.
  • South Lake Union is a technological district, the main feature of which is the presence of Amazon offices. Here, every passer-by is an employee of the company, and every building is an office. But to live in this area is calm and pleasant. There are no homeless people.
  • Capitol Hill is a warm, comfortable and cozy area. Ideal place for families with children. Here everyone will feel in maximum safety.
  • Lower Queen Anne is an area with inexpensive but presentable housing. It is suitable for those who like to live luxury, indeed.

For people who want to live closer to the water, have their own yacht, or love relaxing by the water, Eastlake is the place to live.


Seattle has a low crime rate, so living there is relatively safe. The biggest problem in the city is drug addiction. But this is a moment, which should not call a panic, since addicts usually do not appear on the streets. Drug addicts have their own points - brothels. But there is almost no racism in the city, so people of various nationalities live peacefully in it.
When choosing an area to live in, whether you are a newlywed couple, a bachelor or you have a family with children, it is best to settle in the northern parts of the city. There is the highest level of security. There are almost no homeless people and drug addicts. This section includes areas such as:

  • Windemere;
  • West Ballard;
  • Blue Ridge;
  • West Seattle;
  • Laurelhurst;
  • Seward Park;
  • Viuridge;
  • Fishing lines;
  • Inverness.

In this part of the city you can also find housing in different price segments.


To make the move easy and stress-free, the best solution is to hire a company that deals with moving from San Francisco to Seattle. Specialists will take care of all types of work: packing things, sorting them into categories, loading, transporting, unloading. The company also takes care of planning the move, which allows you to completely eliminate any worries for customers. They may continue to attend to their own affairs, complete work projects, or resolve family issues before leaving.
The company's team of employees are qualified specialists who can provide a license to work and insurance. These are experienced guys, professionals in their field.
Their duties also include additional services, such as rearranging heavy pieces of furniture in the house, arranging and connecting household appliances.
The company has teams that will help with long-distance moving to a new location. So, the services are suitable for both individuals and legal entities.


Seattle is a unique city. Here everyone will find a suitable type of recreation and entertainment. There are active and extreme sports, excursions, water and hiking activities, many museums, theaters and other entertainment places. You can choose whatever you like, but here are five exceptional attractions that should not be missed by anyone who goes to Seattle:

  • Space Needle - if we see it in the film, we immediately understand that the shooting took place in Seattle. Its main attraction is the observation deck, which is located at an altitude of almost 160 meters. There you can not only look at the city from the best angle, but also visit a souvenir shop and eat at the City Sky restaurant.
  • Pike Place Market, which is a world-famous six-story market. It has the best selection of seafood and fish in all of Seattle. In addition, you can buy and even taste a variety of products at the market - from meat and cheese products to sweets, pastries and nuts.
  • Columbia Center - the largest skyscraper in the city, it is 285 meters high! If you look at it, standing at the very entrance, the earth can leave from under the burdens. But you can return it back already inside on the observation deck of the 73rd floor or in one of the bars that are located above.
  • The Seattle Waterfront is the main symbol of this place - the Ferris wheel. You can ride it at least in order to get a better look at the Olympic Mountains. And in the park, you can have a delicious meal, have fun, walk through souvenir shops and drink wine.
  • Seattle Central Library - this place proves that libraries are not at all boring, gray buildings with nothing to do. The architecture and shape of the building is impressive. It is made in the style of futurism, and glass and metal were used for its construction. The building has no right angles. Inside the library looks no less interesting and original.

For those who love holy places, it will be nice to visit St. James Cathedral, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Holy Trinity Parish Church and St. Mark's Cathedral.
The city also has many interesting museums dedicated to music, aviation, police, Seattle art.


To begin with, it is worth mentioning that Seattle is a real technological center of America, because it has become the home of such global corporations as Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks and Boeing.
Many popular films, series, TV shows and shows have been filmed in the city. So, this is a place where many stars live. If you're going to live in Seattle, then get ready to one day meet one of the following famous people:

  • Anna Faris, an actress who grew up in Seattle and has a mansion in the San Juan Islands.
  • Denis Bonaduce, a professional fighter, comedian, actor, radio and television host. He works at a rock station in Seattle.
  • Jean Smart, an actress who has appeared in films and TV series. She was born in Seattle and has her own house in the city.
We also should mention that the legendary Bruce Lee had lived in Seattle for a long time. It was in this place that he opened his first kung fu school.


To compare the pros and cons of moving, you need to analyze the level of safety and quality of life in San Francisco vs seattle.
The following facts point to moving to the "emerald city":

  • Low unemployment rate - only 4%, while the average in other states is 5.0 - 5.3%.
  • Decent pay. This applies even to the minimum bet.
  • Fairly high level of security.
  • A large number and variety of job vacancies.
  • High level of education.
  • Wide range of real estate prices.
  • There are many natural areas, so for nature lovers this place is what you need.
  • A wide variety of entertainment for every taste and budget.
  • Comfortable climate all year round.
  • Affordable prices for rental housing, utilities, food and clothing.

It is not necessary to pay for entertainment in the city, because free festivals, concerts or exhibitions are often held on the streets and in different institutions. Anyone can visit them.


To ensure that moving to Seattle from Bay Area is carried out at the highest level, quickly and comfortably, and you do not miss or forget anything, you can use the services of professionals. If you call a team of specialists from a turnkey moving company, clients manage to free up a lot of time for solving personal issues.
Individuals can use the services to move from one house to another, as well as private clients to move an office around the city or from one locality to another. The company offers services of loaders over long distances and locally.

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