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Moving with Kids

Kids and moving – let’s hope we never have to say both words in a single sentence, but if moving with your children is worrying you, you need to stay calm and a bit attentive. Business opportunities, employment, or a life decision may compel you to start thinking about moving your family to another state, but it can be hard, not only for you but especially for moving with kids. So it is better to move with professionals, such as California Movers USA.

How to move with kids?

moving with children

Children tend to associate places with their emotions, i.e., their happy place or sad place, and sudden relocation can stress them out about how they'll find the same level of comfort and happiness somewhere else. After all, for them, the world does not stretch for miles and miles but is confined to their environments: what they see and hear.
Moving with children can be mentally exhausting both ways, even if your move is local or long-distance. So if you're moving with a baby, you'll definitely want to know the best age to move a child. So Children are up to 3 years old, infants and preschoolers will not experience difficulties when moving. You can get them excited too by sharing insights about the new place or how their lives would only become better where you’re headed, throw in a couple of pictures to pique their interest. But whether they are excited at the prospect or petrified, there’s a lot you’ll have to do to make things go on smoother.
The challenges are multiplied even more if you’re relocating with family to another state, the change in environment can have some impact on your young ones, so be sure that you're prepared for calming and comforting the little ones. You know it’s for the good of the family, you need to show it to the kids.
But how so? Worry not, we’ve prepared a comprehensive California movers’ guide just for you .

Moving with children

How To Move with Kids

Your best bet for cross-country relocation is to get a long-distance moving company like California Movers on board for managing your move. This will take the burden off your shoulders, is more cost-effective, and is comparatively much safer than transporting your stuff (if you can) across state lines.
But who will take care of the little ones?
Surely you are wondering how to move with children. Well, we’ve shared some moving with kids tips and recommendations below to get you started in the right direction, and we hope these will help. Also learn things to consider when relocating your family.

how to tell a child they are moving

Telling your children about the move is the first and forest thing you need to deal with, just letting them know in advance is not enough. Give them enough time to process the information, as soon as you’re sure about the relocation, let them know immediately. Doing this will help you avoid a ton of trouble down the road, if you're thinking about moving long distance with baby.
Of course, no one makes such an announcement on the eleventh hour, but do consider the emotional needs of your children, this is the most important part of your kids' checklist. The best way to make them feel open and excited about the idea, rather than being scared and unsure, is to gather the whole family and tell them all why you're moving and how it is going to affect all of you.
Be positive about the whole thing.
Plus, your kids should know about the move before the people associated with them, i.e., their teachers. Just imagine the mental pressure your kids will sustain if they find out that you’re moving your family to another state but not from you, from someone else.
Confide in your children before you discuss it with someone else, don’t worry, you’ve raised them well, if you phrase it smartly and highlight the necessity of the move, they’ll surely understand.

Share The Details with the children

The human mind naturally assumes the worst in ignorance. Your kids will know, from the moment you tell them, that they’ll be leaving their neighborhood, their school, their friends, the extended family, and any other special place behind. They have no idea what they’ll get in the new place or if it will even be as welcoming as the previous one and so on. However, you should do your best to get your kids moving.
It is up to you and you alone to comfort your children and show them what will change, be as positive as you can but without crossing the line of realism. Share all the details; for instance, if the entire household is moving, tell them that you’re moving your family to another state.
If the entire family is not going, it is better not to keep it a secret, it will only hurt them more if they learn about it abruptly. But in any case, let them know why it is important, why there is no other option, and what will their lives be like in the new place. Tell them how to tell your friends your moving, it will definitely be a little traumatic for them at first. Show them how they’ll have a bunch of new things where they’re headed to, like:

  • A new school
  • A new place to call home; be sure you highlight all the aspects which make the new place more welcoming and exciting as compared to the old one, i.e., separate bedrooms, backyard, a bigger house, and so on.
  • A different climate
  • A brand-new landscape
  • Places to visit and distinctive features of the destination

And so on…

Show them that there's much to look up to in the journey. If you're all going, highlight this factor as well that no matter where you are, you'll all be together. Knowing what lies ahead is sure to comfort them and make them more acceptable to the idea of moving your family to another state.

Plan A Small Trip to The Destination Beforehand

You can make relocating with children less stressful by making them more agreeable to the idea at hand. Why not show them where you’re headed? You can plan a family trip to the destination beforehand, show everyone what the new place holds for them and how your lives will change for the better.
The visual experience is sure to make your children understand you better in this regard.

Pack all the things Strategically

You might get the urge to pack everything right away, but that is not the nicest way to approach the problem. Your child's life is about to change, and while moving with kids is stressful for you too, you need to put their needs before yours.
It would be best to keep their stuff, or at least the favorite items, unpacked for some time (this is especially true for toddlers), so they can see that things are the way they've always been.

Keep the children covered with the detailed information

Don't treat your kids as kids, well, not with regards to the information you offer. Keep them covered with the details, as much as they need to cope with the change. This includes the address information, the name of the new school, where your family is going to love, why you're moving, your job/work/company, and why this is a smart decision.

To prepare a fun shedule for children

Your kids will to get tired of bothering you this whole time when you're packing and preparing to move (unless you hire professional long-distance movers to help you through it all). You need to prepare a fun schedule for them to keep them occupied, and this avoids any trouble with the packing.
Create a to-do list for children of sorts to better help them spend their time productively and without bothering you a bit.

Let the children Decorate a Bit

ince your kids are being so cooperative, why not reward them a bit. It is only natural for children to want to decorate their rooms, so why not do that? You’re moving with kids, so let's make the experience worthwhile for them.
Respect their choices for wall colors and bedsheets. Plus, if they have some special preferences for the room design and décor, you should try and comply with them. If you have a room to spare, why not make it a little playroom for the kids?
This will surely help them radiate their energies most positively.

Bribing Is Good, Sometimes

Lastly, if nothing helps while moving in together with kids, why not give away some bribes?
Treats and candies or other items that motivate your children to modify their behavior more positively can help you get through the ordeal without stressing yourself completely. You can even promise them their favorite toys once all the dust is settled. Of course, some children may simply want to make their parents proud of them and thus act nicely, and if this is so, you can consider giving them gifts in return.
Such positive reinforcements will keep the kids off your back and get them to settle in your new place without much fuss. But don’t overdo it, you need to teach your kids some adaptability and responsibility, so keep your bribes within reason.

Moving with kids?

kids Move

Moving your family local or long-distance can be stressful, especially if you have to contend with kids. So why not take the load off your shoulders and let our professional moving company staff at California Movers handle the moving with kids for you while you busy yourself with your children's to-do list.
This way, you’ll stay calm and positive throughout, and your children will emulate the same attitude. If you’re still unsure about how to move your family to another state, just let us know, we will guide you through your specific situation based on the years of experience we’ve gathered on the field.
Contact us at your earliest convenience to get moving!


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