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We all have to deal with housing and utility services in one way or another and you've wondered more than once how to set up utilities. Someone as a private person, and someone else as a business entity. The topic of utilities raises a lot of questions. However, in this article, California Movers USA will tell you all about communal services in apartments and their features.


What are Utilities

Housing and communal services are services to maintain and restore the proper technical, sanitary and hygienic condition of buildings, structures, equipment, utilities and communal facilities. Let's take a closer look at what are utilities include:

  • the provision of electricity;
  • water supply (hot, cold water) and wastewater disposal;
  • heating (central, individual);
  • gas supply.

What Counts as Utility Bills

Worth considering what counts as utility bills. Payment by tenants in state and municipal housing and by owners of housing for communal services is called communal payments. Both owners and tenants of housing pay the same prices and tariffs for all services. The types of utility bills in California are most often as follows:

  • water;
  • heating;
  • household gas (for cooking);
  • internet.

Additional monthly costs could include: cable TV, home insurance, car parking, garbage collection, laundry service.

Apartment Utilities

When planning your monthly living expenses in the United States, apartment utilities are an important part of your budget. But what are utilities for an apartment meant by that? Of course, the most costly item is rent, but utility costs are an important part of monthly planning as well. And what utilities do you pay for in the apartment?

How Much are Utilities in an Apartment

How much are utilities in an apartment? Water and gas in the U.S. are not expensive, so they do not significantly affect the total amount of utilities. On average, the cost of set up utilities in the U.S. in a one / two-bedroom apartment costs about $160 - $200. Due to the fact that the U.S. energy market is represented by several electricity suppliers, there is no single flat rate. In California, the average apartment utilities cost of 1 kWh is $0.17 But the cost of electricity in the U.S. can range from 9 cents per kilowatt, in Washington state, to 30 cents in Hawaii. The average cost per kilowatt in the U.S. is - $0.13. Consequently, if you use 300 kilowatts per month, the average electric bill for an apartment would be about $40. Quite often, water charges are already included in the monthly rent. The cheapest water bill in an apartment is $6 per month in Florida. Wisconsin and Vermont pay about $18. Paying for gas costs - $20-30 per month. This expense is almost negligible compared to other utilities. The average gas bill for an apartment in New York City is $68, while Florida and Hawaii pay the least. Now you will definitely answer the question what are the utilities for an apartment.


Internet Utilities

Is wifi a utility? The Internet utilities in the U.S. is considered quite an expensive service, the average monthly fee is $ 45. But do not forget about wifi, with a router you can save good money by dividing the monthly fee for 2-3 apartments.

Does Rent Include Utilities

Do you have to pay utilities in an apartment? The landlord can make a commitment to pay for utilities. The landlord sets a fixed price for the apartment, which already includes utilities. In this way he insures himself in case the tenant cannot pay the utilities. He gets and pays the bills himself, and the tenant doesn't care about the payment. To avoid nuances, it is important for the tenant to know in advance who pays the utilities, the owner or the registered relatives. But in most cases, which is logical - utilities when renting are paid by the one who lives in the apartment, namely the tenant. Utilities are paid in full, based on usage. In the case of individual arrangements - partially. Now you definitely know does rent include utilities.

When to Transfer Utilities When Buying a House

When to transfer utilities when buying a house? The obligation to pay for housing and utilities comes into effect from the moment the right of ownership to the residential property arises. In order to establish the date of liability for debts, experts recommend that new owners additionally obtain a statement indicating the date of transfer of title to the property.

Things Needed for New House

You can switch utilities when buying a house. In the case of apartments, basic services will be required. But in the case of commercial or government production, transmission, distribution, or storage of energy, water, stormwater, cables, or information related to telecommunications, it will be a little different.

How much Does It Cost to Transfer Utilities

So, perhaps you are asking yourself a question how much does it cost to transfer utilities. Costs vary by utility company and provider. Some companies charge a transfer or reconnection fee. When you call to switch utilities and/or transfer them, we recommend asking if there are any costs and fees for transferring utilities when moving. If your setting up utilities are completely disconnected, you'll probably have to pay a fee to get them up and running again. But how to switch utilities into my name?

How to Transfer Utilities to New Owner

When moving, a question may arise how to transfer utilities to new owner. You have to arrange for utilities to work when you move in, so contact your current provider - or find a new one using the utility price comparison website. To move in, you must:

  • Contact the supplier.
  • Let them know your information for your new account
  • Let them know when you move in
  • Get a meter reading
  • Give your supplier your meter reading

That's all!

How to Set Up Wifi in New Apartment

It is not enough to just buy a router, so that the Internet is equally good throughout the apartment, and you can access the network simultaneously from multiple devices. How to set up wifi in new apartment? You need to install it correctly, connect it and configure the wireless Wi-Fi. Then you will be able to use the Internet from any gadgets. The entire process ща setting up wifi in new apartment can be done by yourself, without the help of a technician. Or you can call the professionals. In any case, don't be intimidated by the multitude of settings - you only need a few of them.


How to Set Up Water Bill in New Home

We've already figured out how to set up utilities, but it's still important to know how to set up water bill in new home. Setting Up Water Bills in apartments at the inlets of cold and hot water pipelines. In this case, separate accounting of water consumption must be provided, i.e. meters are installed separately for cold and hot water. The room where meters are installed must have artificial or natural light and an air temperature of at least 5 °C. Meters must be placed so that they can be read, serviced and disassembled at the place of installation without problems, as well as to carry out metrological verification. In addition, water meters must be protected from vibration. They can be placed on horizontal, vertical or inclined sections of pipelines.

Electricity in Apartment

For electricity setup, the latest generation of meters are being installed that allow you to track your personal electricity in apartment consumption by the minute on the website. If you turn off the lights when you leave the room and don't use too many appliances, the amount will be less.

How Much is a Electric Bill for an Apartment

Electricity is cheapest in Utah and Oregon. The average electricity bill for apartments is about $100 a month, but in some states that amount is less than $80, and in others it is more than $140. How to Get Electricity Turned on Same Day? Wherever you need same-day electrician services, the process of setting up electricity for an apartment will be the same. Here's how to get your electricity turned on quickly, even on the day you move in.

  • Compare electricity rates.
  • Choose your electricity provider.
  • Sign up online or by phone.
  • Ask for "switch" and pick today's date.
  • Turn on your lights!

The setting up electricity provider cannot guarantee when your lights will be on. But as long as you're on time for your provider's scheduled turn-off time and pay any deposit, your electricity will be turned on on the same day. So, if you are thinking about moving, it is very important to find out in advance how to set up utilities. You can also hire local or long-distance movers who will facilitate your move and you will not have to worry about anything.


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