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Moving Supplies Near Me

Any relocation begins with packing supplies, appliances, furniture. And for this preparatory stage to go in an organized way of moving boxes, it is better to entrust the task to our team. California Movers USA guarantee reliable best packing supplies for moving and careful transportation to the new apartment. Professionally and efficiently we will prepare your boxes for moving dishes, books, clothes, furnishings. We will provide San Francisco with high quality packing materials at the best price.

San Francisco Moving Supplies

Providing packing services for the move, we make reliable preparation of furniture, equipment, large and small items, using the most modern materials and moving supplies in san francisco:

  • Cardboard boxes (small, medium, wine wardrobe)
  • Air bubble wrap
  • Packing paper sheets
  • Moving Tape
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Moving Blanket
  • Wrapping paper

Cabinet furniture is carefully disassembled in sections, packed in bubble wrap and thick cardboard. This way your sofa, armchair, or any other piece of furniture are protected from scratches, abrasions, and other imperfections possible in transit with san francisco moving supplies. To prevent damage to the ends and corners of pieces of furniture, they are additionally packed in a protective profile of foamed polyethylene.

Upholstered furniture is covered in stretch film, and paintings and mirrors are packed in film and cardboard. Chandeliers, vases, and fragile furnishings are placed in cardboard or wood boxes and covered with soft filler. Before transporting tableware, it is placed in cardboard boxes in layers, and a layer of bubble wrap is placed between the layers.

Boxes San Francisco

When it comes to packing small household items, we recommend using a variety of san francisco moving boxes. Finding packing & moving boxes sf can be expensive and frustrating. California Movers can provide exactly the boxes you need at the right price.

  • Small box - (For kitchenware, books, shoes and pantry items) $3;
  • Medium box - (For items up to 60 pounds such as pots, pans, toys and picture frames) $4;
  • Large box - (For lamps, linens, clothing and other items that aren’t too heavy) $5;
  • Wardrobe box - (For shipping clothing like suits, jackets, pants, and dresses) $2;
  • Metal bar - (To serve as hanging rod across the top of the wardrobe box) $2;
  • Blanket box - (For large pillows and blankets) $15.

The density of the moving boxes in San Francisco and their dimensions are chosen on the basis of the features and size of the items.

Moving Garment Boxes

It is not necessary to buy new boxes - you can use leftovers from shopping or buy moving garment boxes directly from us.

Clothes are best packed in medium-sized boxes at the rate of one shelf in the closet - one box. Light and bulky items, such as winter clothes, in large boxes, and heavy items in small boxes. It is important that the packed items are realistic to lift.

It is also important to pack the box correctly, otherwise it will not be able to withstand the heavy load. The correct version is as follows: first close the small flaps, then - half, and then paste the bottom with tape and put things.

Now the box with the things can be sealed: if it is heavy, it is worth wrapping it with tape across two or three times. This prevents the box from falling apart during the move.

Glass Moving Boxes

We easily implement transport glass boxes for moving. Glass and glass jars, bottles require delicate handling during transportation and shipping. With our boxes for moving the question of safe transportation of glass will not be so acute.

If we need to pack several panes of glass (picture frames, glass cabinet doors, etc.), we need to be prepared in advance. We put the glass moving boxes on bubble wrap, put cardboard on each one, wrap it in wrap and then wrap it in several layers to make it sturdy.

Then we wrap the wrapped glass pieces and secure them with tape.

Moving boxes for glassware wrapped in this way will be reliably protected from external influences and will stand any transportation.

Movers Stretch Plastic Wrap

Movers stretch plastic wrap, also known as shrink wrap and stretch wrap, is an important resource for your move.

Plastic wrap is one of the most affordable and useful tools you have during a move.

It allows you to secure furniture blankets, protect fabric furniture from dirt and stains, and secure pesky drawers, doors and cords. Best of all, unlike duct tape, clear stretch wrap leaves no residue or damage to your furniture. But colored stretch tape, especially green tape, can stain your fabric furniture.

Moving Box with Handles

Moving boxes with handles are compact and easy to carry, many of them are additionally equipped with special handles. You just need to choose the right size of the boxes.

If there are no handles on the boxes, and they are needed urgently, you need to find a way to speed up this process. This will help to save time on moving, but also not to overwork and not to lose concentration, which increases the risk of accidents.

Making handles on boxes will help you achieve both goals - you will be able to hold the boxes securely and they will be easier to carry.

Bubble Wrap San Francisco

To pack a moving box like a pro, you need to know how to protect fragile items. In fact, you have one sure way to ensure the integrity of your belongings: bubble wrap san francisco. This packaging material has its strengths but wins in different categories. Before you start buying it when moving, you should clearly understand that other methods lose immediately. And short-term money savings by using other means do not justify the long-term costs associated with broken items and time spent on laundering all your belongings.

Bubble wrap better protects valuable and fragile items from breaking during the move. If you use it correctly - all your things will survive the moving process safely and sound.

Moving Tape

When moving, you will need a tape with a strong adhesive. Weaker adhesives such as tape will not stick to cardboard boxes. Temperature - be aware of the temperature your boxes (and packing tape) can withstand.

Put the top flaps of the box down and open the box.

Turn the box over and fold all edges inside the box. It is better to put the smaller edges inside first and then the larger ones.

Use packing tape and seal the long horizontal side of the box.

The most common packing tapes range from 1.9 millimeters for thin tapes to 3.1 millimeters for heavy-duty packing tapes. If you have heavy boxes, you should use a thicker tape. If light, you may need to use a thinner tape.

Moving Blanket

Shipping blankets are large covers made of durable fabric that are used to protect furniture and other items during transportation. Sometimes they are called furniture pads. Blankets for transportation are made from a combination of cotton, polyester or recycled materials.

A moving blanket should be thick enough to properly protect your belongings without slipping or tearing the packing tape. While lightweight blankets can be up to 0.125 inches thick, heavy-duty blankets can be over 1 inch thick. Those desiring very thick moving blankets should look for products weighing more than 50 lbs/inch.

Packing Paper Sheets

Newspaper paper or wrapping paper has a sheet size: 36" x 24" - which is the preferred size used by professional movers. Use packing paper / newsprint sheets as an economical way to pack and the best moving supplies which protect fragile items when moving or shipping.

Paper is one of the most important essentials when moving. It comes in large packs and is used to pack many different things. It is used by everyone from the average person to a professional long distance moving company. For the most part, it is the only material you will need to protect your belongings.

If you do not want to spend money on packing paper, you can use old newspaper, provided that you fold fragile items in half. Newspaper is thinner than most packing paper.

Packing Supplies San Francisco

We offer a level of quality, experience and packaging supplies in San Francisco that is unparalleled in the market. Our team of manufacturing, packaging and supply chain management experts create and deliver high quality solutions that get your product to the shelf as efficiently and effectively as possible. Contact us today to experience the difference.

We'll help you find the boxes and packing materials in San Francisco you'll need. You can save even more money by choosing one of our packing kits designed for your size move.

We promise 100% customer satisfaction, and our reviews show that we keep that promise. We are the best moving company with packing supplies san francisco which protect your belongings from any damage or rough handling.


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