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Boxes and Packing Supplies in San Francisco Bay Area, California

California moving company is happy to provide our customers with different types of packing supplies for the move.

Small Box 1.5 Cube

Small Boxes which are mostly used to pack books, kitchen, fragile items.

Medium Box 3.0 Cube

Medium Boxes which are mostly used to pack clothing, linens, shoes.

Medium Box 4.5 Cube

Large Boxes which are mostly used to pack clothing, linens, shoes.

Wine Box 12 Bottles x 750 ml

Customized foam inserts are molded to fit a standard 750 ml wine bottle. This box ensures the safety of valuable wines.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe Box is perfect for moving closets and any hanging clothes. You can utilize the bottom of the box for moving shoes.

Packing Paper 100 sheets

Packing Paper is used to carefully wrap all the kitchen items and any other fragile items.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is mostly used to protect all fragile items.

Moving Tape 6-pack

Moving Tape will help you seal all the boxes as a Pro.

Stretch Wrap

Use Stretch Wrap to protect Mattresses and everything while a move is being done in bad weather.

Moving Blanket

Moving Blanket is a perfect supply to protect furniture from all kinds of damages.