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Today, there are not many well-reputed moving companies that are ready to take on the most difficult moves. Since San Francisco local movers managed to prove itself in the modern market, more and more clients began to use the services of specialists. Everyone knows that quality service is easy to get used to. And since it is SF local moving company that organizes work at the highest level, then looking for others would be the biggest mistake in your life. In addition, all employees of the company work according to a fixed schedule, answer calls, adapt completely to the client and take on the most difficult challenges. Local movers near me as a service is no longer a problem, just call the managers by phone, get a free estimate for services, enjoy moving and everything will be just fine.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Packing services
Our California packers and movers will assist you in packing your belongings. Select either partial or full packing services depending on your needs. The local moving service offered by California Movers is wholesome in this regard since we can handle the packing, the unpacking, and everything in between.
California Movers also offers secure climate-controlled storage units, perfect for keeping your belongings protected during your move. Besides local moving help, you probably also need to keep some of your stuff locked up safely in a spacious and well-aerated space – we can provide you with such a space. Our local moving and storage company can handle all of your moving needs!
Furniture Movers
Our California movers are professionals, skilled at moving all kinds of belonings and larger items. Our movers take great care to preserve the look of your items while moving them, especially for local relocation. And we assure you that this moving service is top-tier.
Apartment Movers
Our expert apartment movers will move your belongings up and down carefully to prevent any damage to your items. We have professional and properly trained movers on board to help you get with your local move, and you can do this without worry, especially about the safety of your items.


Only San Francisco local movers will be able to fulfill any whim of the client, as they are ready for difficulties and will not back down in front of heavy obstacles. Customers absolutely understand that sometimes it can be an overwhelming task to transport office or household belonings, electrical equipment, household appliances, things and electronics. Therefore, the San Francisco local moving company is ready to take responsibility for the move and make the task as easy as possible for all clients. You just have to trust professionals who know exactly what they are doing, because of their experience.
SF local movers - these are not just strong men, but also experienced specialists who will perform a number of works as quickly, completely safely, and quite accurately as possible. We are talking about rigging loading and unloading, assembling and disassembling belonings, transporting all things and property from point A to point B. SF local moving company, which is really competent in its field, works with clients under an agreement that can be concluded at any convenient time. Also, each client has the absolute right to calculate the cost of services immediately before ordering them. Such a service speaks of exceptional customer focus, which leaves a positive imprint on its reputation and popularity.
Thus, local movers near me will not only come to the rescue, but also show their physical strength in practice. Remember that carrying weights without special training can be absolutely unsafe for your health, which means that the right decision would be to trust the professionals from San Francisco.

local moving company

So, why should you choose California Movers to help with your local move? First, you will be provided with the move quote possible. Other than the price advantage there are six main benefits of moving with Bay Area movers and packers. Here’s what our trusted full-service movers can do for you:

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction:

We always do our best to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Our expert movers work alongside our customer service team to ensure your experience goes smoothly with our San Francisco local moving services. If you’re Googling stuff like “local movers in my area” know that we always take the wishes and special instructions of our customers into account. And our moving quotes are unparalleled. Whether you want us to handle your move A to Z, or just take care of the moving part, we have your back. We’ll get as involved as you want us to and make sure that your relocation proceeds precisely as you want it to, all for the best local moving rates.

2. On-Time Pickup and Delivery:

California Movers cares about being on time. San Francisco local movers are punctual, and we will make sure your belongings arrive with care and precision. Timeliness and punctuality are core values in the relocation business, and what good would local moving help be if movers were nowhere to be seen at the time, they said they would be there. Not only do California Movers ensure timeliness throughout but also show remarkable flexibility with regards to your schedule, i.e., we also handle last-minute and emergency moves!

3. New Trucks of Multiple Sizes:

We have recently added new trucks to our lot! This means that you can select the truck that fits your number of belongings best, saving you time and money. Also, our trucks are well-maintained and perfectly regulated, so there won’t be any unnecessary delays on our end. Plus, with several trucking options, you’ll know for sure that you never have to worry about overpaying for your relocation. As for the rest, our local movers with truck will handle it all.

4. Skilled and Professional Moving Teams:

Our expert California packers and movers are high-qualified. We hand-selected professional movers to add to our teams, making sure that they will work hard and be careful. The relocation business is not a hobby, it is a serious professional niche. Our local movers for small jobs and for heavy items are all properly trained and extensively experienced to be able to handle your local move as efficiently and quickly as possible. And, of course, we ensure that all of your stuff stays in perfect shape throughout the local moving process.

5. Straightforward Quotes:

Other Bay Area local movers might try to trick you into paying more than you have to. With California Movers, we are always upfront and honest with you. Your free moving quote will never deceive you. There is no single rate for all our local moves, all projects are not the same, there are multiple variables to be considered throughout, so the costs vary. We understand how much our customers value honesty, and thus when we give you a quote, it is the same as us giving you our word – this is much it will cost you to relocate your stuff. With us, you get the best local move cost with no hassle and no hidden fees.

6. Full-Value Insurance:

We guarantee that your items are fully insured. If an unplanned event occurs, we promise that you will receive a full money refund. The one thing that everyone expects from our local movers is safety – when you call local movers in the area to help you with your relocation, know that you’re getting professionals who can keep your stuff completely safe throughout. But, of course, there is the ever-slightest possibility of an accident at any stage of the operation, and we are prepared for that too.

You won’t have to cover the cost – we will! Not only do we provide the best moving company quotes local companies will, but we are always ready to face the unpredictable for you!

The most interesting thing in cooperation with us is that our local moving company near me is ready to fully ensure the safety of your cargo during transportation. If necessary, SF local moving company draw up an insurance contract. At the same time, it will also be possible to find out the cost of services in advance, and only then decide whether the price for the service provided is suitable. Such tactics only testify that our San Francisco local moving company goes to meet each client, take care of clients, offer the best solutions and the most favorable cost of services. Any client will be satisfied with good prices for one hundred percent. At the same time, our San Francisco local movers are ready for all difficulties because they not only have experience in this area, but also provide such services on an ongoing basis. In light of the above, they can confidently call themselves experts in this field.

Cost of a local move

Your relocation quote shouldn’t be scary. Yes, we know, moving costs can get ridiculously high. However, with California Movers, you never need to worry about hidden fees or additional payments on your local move. There’s always a more efficient way of doing things, i.e. managing the truck size, optimizing the packing process, and scheduling the move on a non-busy day – our quick local movers in California are willing to cooperate on all levels.
Apart from Google searches like ”local moving companies near me” and “local moving company near me,” people also look for affordable packages. Rest assured, our local movers with trucks won't charge you a dime more than what it costs to transport your goods.
You will undoubtedly be looking for the best professional movers quote you can get. We understand the cost restraints for our clients and thus are always willing to help them save on their move. You won’t find more considerate and understanding moving specialists in your city! Our local moving company is the best one, will provide you with the best mover quote on the market and the cost-plan is completely transparent.

2 MOVERS + TRUCK = $125

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

3 MOVERS + TRUCK = $194

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

As the aforementioned standard in quote cost plans show, we offer varying costs because of the different needs of all clients. If you’re looking for local moving companies nearby in hope of saving as much as you can on your local moving project, you can’t go wrong with California Movers – our cost plans are transparent and we never overcharge, ever. This much is expected from all premium moving local companies, and we are one!

California Movers

Local packers and movers

When you search online for “local movers in my area” you always look for affordability and reliability. Moving is only part of the agenda here, you also need to prepare your stuff for the move, and if you’re hiring a moving local company, you need to know if they can handle packing as well. Sometimes, it is not possible to spare time with all of this prep-work, or maybe you don’t have the resources/technical expertise for this, and this is why the best local moving companies, such as ours, offer full and partial packing services. One of the things you need to check when hiring a company is what type of local moving quote they can provide for you. As opposed to many other full service movers quote providers, we have everything clearly lined up for you even before you hire us.

1 Bedroom Set = $159


  • 25 Sm
  • 10 M
  • 5 L
  • 1 roll of shrink
  • 4 rolls of tape
  • 1 box of packing paper
  • 50 ft. bubble wrap

2 Bedroom Set = $259


  • 50 Sm
  • 15 M
  • 10 L
  • 1 roll of shrink
  • 8 rolls of tape
  • 1 box of packing paper
  • 100 ft. bubble wrap

Based on our expertise and experience, the aforementioned supplies should be able to cover the packing in the corresponding settings. When you are looking to move local, you search for packers and movers for small items or even for a car, make sure that they understand the project requirements precisely, as we do. You can hire packers with storage from our company with confidence knowing that we can handle the entire move from start to end. People looking to hire a moving company find California Movers to be resourceful enough to handle the prep work for them, takes a massive load off the shoulders!
Pause your “local mover near me” Google searches and give us a call today .

Full Service Local Moves

Step 1: Get a free moving quote!

With us, there is no hassle in getting accurate local moving company quotes. We will quote your moving cost for free. Simply visit our website on your laptop or mobile device and fill out the information, and we will get started on your free moving quote today. Your quote will include information on what California Movers will deliver for your rate. We offer local movers while delivering premium services for our clients.

Step 2: Your Customized Moving Plan

When you make the decision to work with California Movers, you will receive a customized moving plan and a complete quote for moving. This plan contains our local moving services map for the moving process, i.e., a detailed outlay of our local moving services, and will guide our movers and packers and you through the move. This ensures that everyone is on the same page when you go ahead and hire California Movers.

Step 3: Book Your Moving Date

Once you have hired our local movers, you will need to book your moving date. Choose the day that works best for your schedule, and our moving crew will come over on the prescribed date. Thus, your endless Google scouting sessions for local movers and packers and storage in California, come to an end now, and you can start moving as soon as you want to.

Step 4: Sit Back and Wait for the Movers

Now you can relax! Our moving staff will make this a stress-free operation by taking care of every detail for you. All you need to do is sign the papers on your local moving project and let California Movers handle every aspect of your local move.


How much does a quote cost for my local move?

You don’t have to shop around for the best quotes about relocating anymore. Your initial quote is 100% FREE of charge. When people visit our website, often redirected after searching online for terms such as “how much does movers and packers charges?”, they have the option of either contacting us directly or filling up the free quote form with a couple of details. There are no charges for this stage either way, and we’ll let you know precisely how much our local moving services will cost you.
This quote will be perfectly accurate, i.e. we won’t overcharge you one bit.

How do your prices compare to other moving companies?

California Movers is one of the best local moving services you will encounter in your area. We are a high-quality option for all of your moving needs. Our competitive prices allow our customers to pay less and receive more when signing up for our moving services. When compared with other full-service moving companies in the vicinity, we offer greater transparency and complete assurance with regard to the accuracy of our quote.
Our California packers and movers will only charge you the agreed-upon sum, as per the initial local moving quote you received, not a cent more than that.
Plus, all of our charges are completely justified in terms of our efficiency, quickness, and more!

Why should I hire California Movers?

California Movers hires only the best professionals in the business to pack and move your belongings. We can assure you that our customer service for your local move needs is unequaled. Plus, our local movers and removers pay great attention to the detail, following through with specific instructions where needed, and more. We can also help you with packing and unpacking, pickup and delivery service, providing delivering trucks as per the requirements of our clients, among other things.

California Movers will make your local moving experience easy and breezy!
California Movers

Find Local Movers & Plan Your Local Move Today

Whether you’re looking for competent local movers with a truck or without a truck or someone to handle the packing and unpacking of your stuff, you need not look any further. We handle it all, and by all, we mean everything – you won't have to move a muscle! Our local pickup and delivery service is completely wholesome, affordable, thorough, and transparent.

Eliminate all the stress about the cost of moving locally. We We have thousands of satisfied customers and the huge number of positive reviews to our local movers is confirmation of this.

When we give you a moving quote for a move, that is based on the amount of work needed to get your project done; our California packers and movers never overcharge our clients. You've probably landed on this page after searching for the "best local moving companies in SF” on Google which says more than enough about our commitment to the business.

Contact our local moving service today or fill out the quote form, and we'll get you moving right away!

local moving company

Since the local moving company near me is ready to help with the difficulties of moving, you just need to call the specialists at the phone numbers listed on the website. Definitely, local movers near me have already managed to demonstrate their experience and skills in practice more than once - throughout their career they have handled tons of oversized cargo of a very different nature, which means that your move will not become an obstacle for them. San Francisco local movers lifted grand pianos, large-sized appliances and lowered them from different floors, even to situations where there were no elevators in the house. Therefore, do not worry, the specialists understand exactly how to make sure that the entire cargo remains intact and safe.
San Francisco local moving company also provides its own car park. Absolutely all property, all valuable and fragile things will be loaded and properly secured in specially equipped trucks. SF local movers are also excellent drivers, they will definitely be able to find the shortest route to their destination in order to bring all the things as soon as possible. SF local moving company fully cares about your time and understands the value of the time resource. Just for this reason, all work is carried out at an incredible speed. Moving will no longer be a problem, and you will not be nervous and worried, our company will take care of it.


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