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Changing the city or state of residence is a huge step, which influences most life aspects. It means new accommodation, new work location, new acquaintances and many other life changes that bring joy or stress.

With all these changes you don’t need any other worries that moving brings. In order to release you from them we can offer you the facilitation of the moving by our team: local distance movers and long distance movers. Company workers are aware of the hidden shades of working with breakables as well as all details of cargo transit throughout California.

Long distance moving in California

The distance of moving to a certain extend defines the complexity level of transit as it is quite hard to keep the possessions undamaged transporting them through several states and plan every stage of the transit. Such projects require accurate routing and thought-out schedule.

Unlike many California moving companies we deal with every stage of long-distant moving from project planning and estimation to truck unloading at the new place. We make a plan and route of transportation and precisely follow it while preparing a plan B in case if any unexpected situation emerges.

Local moving

You can order the assistance of our movers and packers, even if you move just across the street. Our local-distant movers will show up at your door to pack, wrap and box your items, transit them to the required location and help with unpacking. Local moving projects also include house packing service, loading and furniture assembling options.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” facilitates the moving period by releasing you from the annoying repositioning worries as packing, routing, handling operations, etc. Working on the project, our trained team provides any sort of moving services:

  • Business moving;
  • Residential moving;
  • Piano moving;
  • Packing and moving services;
  • Storage.

Business moving and office relocation

An ineffective relocation of a business object threatens to interrupt flow of income for a long haul. If the relocation period extends, the staff will not be able to work and the customers will not be able to submit orders. Therefore, it is essential to perform repositioning swiftly and outside the office hours.

“California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” provides tools, equipment and skillful workers to speed up the removal of your office or another commercial objects. We disassemble and reassemble massive furniture pieces, rewrap and tape everything and arrange the pieces in the truck in an order that ensures its safe haulage.

With our movers you eliminate the risk to lose an extra cent, you will not get any hidden fees and will appreciate the transparency of our work.

Home moving

There are only a few teams among the California moving companies who can offer you an all-inclusive solution for home moving service.

We became a sought-after moving company as we perform our job with forethought and at a quick rate.

Piano moving

Our piano movers stick to the plan preparing house, piano and any adjacent furniture. This approach provides rapid and smooth relocation, which guarantees undamaged conditions to your piano. No scratches, dents, dings or breaches are guaranteed. We choose the safest roads and drive carefully so the jolting during the transit is minimal and cannot harm your stabilized item.

Packing and moving services

Our qualified guys arrive at your old place to take care of everything, including furniture disassembling; taping, wrapping and boxing of your belongings, as well as truck loading. Then they transport your property to a destination point along the most efficient route that is both safe and short.

After the arrival to a new place we unload the truck, unpacking, helping you furnish everything by assembling furniture and placing everything in the proper places.

Storage units

A convenient storage unit is exactly what you need if you are ready to remove your things from the old place but a new space isn’t really done. That is the moment when “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” can offer you its specially equipped premises. Spacious driving-up and a climate-controlled system assure that your things will be handled and preserved securely with any required conditions. It’s affordable and easy way to solve the problem of storing for any period of time.

By working with us you get:

  • Expert and friendly corporate movers and packers;
  • Transparency of all expenses;
  • Possibility to move at weekends or at night.

With us your property is secure and protected from any damages!

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