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Moving Supplies

Packing and moving can be very strenuous and stressful. But it will become much easier if you get professional help and have the right tools. We at CaliforniaMoversUSA are an end-to-end local and long-distance packing and moving company. We can do the entire packing for you, loading, transit, and unloading on arrival. We can even store your things at our warehouses until you are ready to move them. We can also supply you the full range of packing supplies in case you want to pack yourself.


Our Packing Service Offers:

  • 100% satisfaction.
  • On-time pickup and delivery.
  • Durable packing materials.
  • Skilled and professional packers and movers.

Contact us for end-to-end moving services, 100% professional packing, or simply to get your supplies for self-packing.

Why Good Packing Is So Important

Even the slightest movement during transit can cause damage – scrapes, scratches, and chips. You can prevent movement and damage by packing efficiently. For this, you will need the best-quality moving supplies.

Packing supplies are designed for 3 different purposes.

  • Surface protection
    To protect the surface of your valuables from damage caused by rubbing against other objects. Packing paper, bubble wraps, foam sheets, and furniture wraps are all very useful for this.

  • Cushioning
    This places a protective layer around the object to prevent any jostling or movement that can break the item. It is usually gravity and the valuable’s weight that causes the damage and not another object.

  • Void fill
    Even the best surface protection and cushioning may not help if there is a lot of empty space inside the packing boxes. You must pack for density. Pack the boxes as tightly as possible. Fill up empty spaces with paper towels, clothing, towels, pillows, anything you can find.

Common Moving Supplies

Boxes and bubble wraps are the most common moving supplies – these are the basic items. You may not need much else for small moves. You can protect delicate items and small valuables efficiently with perforated bubble wraps. You may also need customized moving boxes apart from the standard boxes. The customized boxes will protect objects of unusual shapes. You will find them very useful to protect electronic equipment and other valuables.

Small Box

Store small items in these boxes like books, shoes, kitchenware, pantry items, and such others. They are easy to load and carry.
Cost for each small box – $3.

Medium Box

Carry household items weighing up to 60 pounds in these boxes. You can carry pots, pans, vases, toys, picture frames, and other items.
Cost for each medium box – $4.

Large Box

You can carry larger items like lamps, linens, clothing, and such others. But make sure that these objects are not too heavy. The box might break if the weight is too much.
Cost for each large box – $5.

Wardrobe Box

Use the box to store, move, or ship longer items of clothing like suits, long jackets, pants, dresses in these boxes.
Cost for each wardrobe box – $15.

Metal Bar

The wardrobe boxes all have a metal hanging bar where you can hang your long items of clothing. You will have about 2 feet. of hanging space.
Cost for each metal bar – $2 .

Moving Blanket

Also called furniture padding, these are cloth coverings for protecting appliances, furniture, and other large objects. The blankets provide cushioning and can absorb shock.
Cost for each blanket – $15.

Packing Paper

Packing or wrapping paper is an affordable way of packing and protecting fragile items during the move.
Cost of packing paper, 1/5 – $15.

Shrink Wrap, Roll

The wrap or roll is used for binding many large boxes together. They can be used with bubble wraps to secure cushions, furniture, glassware, and other fragile items.
Cost of shrink wrap, roll – $25.

Bubble Wrap

These transparent plastic materials are used to protect fragile items during the move. Bulging air-filled bubbles provide cushioning.
Cost of bubble wrap, 20ft – $15.


Also called gummed tape or paper tape, they are used to seal moving boxes and secure them. They are typically in nature or white color.
Cost of tape, 6 pack – $15.

We can also provide the following moving supplies.

  • Wooden crates
  • Glass pack kit
  • TV boxes
  • Mirror boxes
  • Tote boxes
  • Envelope boxes
  • Packing tapes and dispensers
  • White cuter mailers

You Can Also Order a Packing Set

1 Bedroom Set - Cost – $159
Boxes: 25sm, 10m, 5l, 1 roll of shrink, 4 rolls of tape, 1 box of packing paper, 50ft of bubble wrap

2 Bedroom Set - Cost – $259
Boxes: 50sm, 15m, 10l, 1 roll of shrink, 8 rolls of tape, 1 box of packing paper, 100ft of bubble wrap

3 Bedroom Set - Cost – $399
Boxes: 75sm, 25m, 15l, 2 roll2 of shrink, 12 rolls of tape, 1 box of packing paper, 200ft of bubble wrap

A ready moving set will save you time and money. That’s because, you will get everything you need for packing in the set so you won’t have to source them individually. Buying each packing supply individually will not cost you valuable time, you will also end up spending much more money.

  • You will get boxes of various sizes for packing different things.
  • You can use the bubble wrap for packing fragile items. The air-filled bubbles with provide the cushioning for your precious items.
  • Shrink wrap is used for packing finished goods. You can use the shrink to seal the boxes and also wrap electrical wiring.

Self-Packing Tips

You can save money if you decide to do the packing yourself. But do make sure that the packing is done efficiently. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Get the best-quality packing supplies. Never compromise on this.
  • Wrap all breakable and fragile items in paper before packing them in boxes.
  • Pack heavy and large items first. Small items next.
  • Fill empty spaces with newsprint.
  • Provide plenty of cushioning. Place newsprint or clothing in the bottom of the boxes. Leave room at the top for crumpled paper.
  • Label boxes clearly. Write down what you have in each box. Use a broad, felt- tipped marker for labeling.
  • Color code each room.
  • For electronics, securely seal the carton and mark the outside “Fragile”.
  • Don’t over pack the boxes.
  • Always pack ahead. You should never rush it at the last moment.
  • Pack dishes vertically. Always wrap them in bubble wrap, packing paper, or blankets to protect them. Don’t use newspaper because the ink can stain.
  • Do not pack flammable liquids and solids, compressed gases, explosives, oxidizers, like – nail polish remover, gasoline, lighter fluid, paints, oxygen bottles, fireworks, matches, automotive repair and maintenance chemicals.


Our Key Principles

We give our best whether you hire our complete packing and moving service or just source moving supplies from us.

  • There are no hidden fees. We try our utmost to make our work quick and efficient.
  • Our professional movers take good care of your items during packing, loading and unloading, and transit.
  • We use and supply the best packing supplies always.
  • For moves, we deploy a dedicated truck for your things. It will contain only your packed items.
  • There are no delays. We can be at your place in 30 minutes.

Why You Should Get Packing Supplies From Us

Moving can be expensive, particularly if you are planning to source your moving supplies, such as tapes, boxes, mattress bags, bubble wraps, packing papers from a store. You could end up spending hundreds of dollars. For most people, this is an unplanned expense, which they had not foreseen. Also, can you be sure of the quality of the products even after spending so much money?
CaliforniaMoversUSA have completed hundreds of successful residential and commercial moves. Apple, Dropbox, Sony, Twitter, Oracle, and YouTube are some of our clients. We always use the best quality moving supplies and well-maintained trucks for local and long-distance moves. Our movers are courteous and experienced.
You can hire us for full packing, partial packing, or just get the moving supplies you need if you are planning to do the packing yourself.

Tip: Self-packing can save you money. But make sure to look for moving supplies as soon as you have decided to relocate. Do not leave it for the last moment.