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Are you facing a move for the first time? Do you have a house full of different things? There is a need of Furniture Movers out of the blue? Is the house fully furnished? Do you have nowhere to send household items for storage? Or do you just need to move heavy pieces of furniture from point A to point B? Then only the best furniture moving from California Movers USA will help you deal with any problems related directly to the move. A few extra pairs of hands will never be superfluous. Forget about doing work you can't do. Transfer the volume of tasks to experienced movers and professional drivers who move furniture and other things, in particular moving on technically serviced specialized vehicles. Trained staff understands exactly how to transport expensive whole furniture or disassembled furniture, and managers, in turn, will insure the cargo and guarantee delivery without incident. The company has an average cost for services, so they are affordable for both large businesses and ordinary residents, and citizens of the country.
Dial our representatives at the contact numbers indicated on the site - use the services that are performed at the highest level!


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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What our beloved customers are saying

inhouse furniture movers

Our company is number one in the market for the provision of moving services. Among the actual ones, including those directly related to furniture moving, which are ordered most often, the following should be noted:
Local Movers
Since our movers know the city perfectly, they will arrive on time and carry out the assembly or assembly of furniture, its movement, thereby doing the job without delay, taking into account the subtleties.
Long distance movers
Our moving company has a fleet of vehicles that is fully prepared for different types of transportation of large items as furniture of any type.
Movers and packers
Since the company cares about the environment, the staff uses only eco-friendly materials for packing property. These materials will not harm human health and fully comply with all standards of GOST (All-Union State Standard) requirements.
Office movers
In office premises there is always a lot of different furniture that will always come in handy. The situation when you need rearranged furniture is absolutely normal in today's realities. The movers of our company will take responsibility for its movement and the transporter, a number of other works, etc.


Our company is considered the coolest in its niche. In order to transport furniture, just call our managers. Believe us, furniture movers near me will not only carefully complete the furniture, but also, if necessary, assemble or disassemble it, load as well as unload, lower and raise it to the floor. In addition, we are distinguished by super-careful packaging and in our practice, there were no cases associated with such points as damage or something like that. Always remember that furniture movers near me is exactly about our company.

movers of furniture

At any moment, absolutely everyone may need furniture movers near me, who do not have to travel an insane number of kilometers to complete the order. It is known that any client is always in a hurry and needs experienced professionals who can handle fragile, delicate, oversized, dangerous or other types of cargo. All that remains for clients is to remain completely calm when experienced professional furniture movers near me take over the services. Among the undeniable advantages of contacting California Movers USA:

  • It is not necessary to deal with the removal of furniture yourself. Specialists will do everything themselves - they will pick up, rearrange, unload, load, disassemble furniture products into components and deliver all things to the last light bulb.
  • The car will be delivered on time and 100%. Now you don't have to turn to your loved ones, relatives, friends or acquaintances for help and disrupt their plans, because our company is your moving helper that will not let you down.
  • Carrying out rigging, unloading and loading works. Each individual item or furniture element as a whole or separately will be delivered from the point of departure to the point of arrival by the driver.
  • Professional mover secures the load in the vehicle. Experienced specialists know exactly how to properly attach all transported and moved things, items and their individual components so that they arrive intact.
  • Responsibility of drivers and loaders. All moving companies care about their reputation, so they are ready to do the job so that customers are completely satisfied and can recommend to their acquaintances, friends and relatives.
  • Serviced trucks. Each moving truck undergoes a technical check, computer diagnostics and inspection by car mechanics at service stations before each departure.
  • Licensing and insurance. Company responsibly fulfills all obligations to the law regulations and people. All cargoes are mandatory insured under insurance policies, and specialists perform work on the basis of a valid license.

Why should you work with us? The professionalism of the entire team, special equipment for moving furniture (without injuries and damage), the availability of tools for assembling and disassembling furniture products - from kitchen sets to bedroom sets, the availability of tools, carts, furniture cushions, and other necessary materials, full-scale moving help makes California Movers USA is the best in its field.
If it seems to you that moving is too complicated, then just trust the professionals who will do all the work from start to finish with a guarantee of cargo safety!


The most difficult stage in moving from an apartment, house or other object is the search for movers. Our moving service is your chance not to forget anything. Having trusted competent specialists, all household and other items (household appliances, electronics, equipment, family heirlooms, furniture, fragile items, clothes and shoes, documentation, safes, etc.) will be delivered to the address at the point of arrival within the agreed time. Need Help Moving Furniture? California Movers will take care of the full insurance of the client's property, offer a choice of packing supplies, and handle other moving tasks, namely:

In-Home Furniture Moving

The service includes assistance with the internal movement of furniture (for example, from one room to another room, from the second or third floor to the first floor or vice versa, moving furniture into the courtyard or inside, and so on).

Transportation within the city and within its boundaries

The entire process of moving home is carried out as quickly as possible, since the distance is not far, and our drivers will seamlessly take all your property from point A to point B.

To other cities and states

We are your real moving helpers. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that all things will arrive at their destination intact, without scratches or dents, and at the same time, the property will not be lost along the way.

Moving one piece of furniture

It is known that all moving supplies can be completely different. Our company can only translate one item if you are interested. We also provide such assistance.

Heavy Items

We provide high-quality professional moving services, taking into account very heavy elements. We are talking about piano moving, home equipment, large household appliances and other large items.

When you need help with moving, and even urgently, then do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to do everything as quickly and on time as possible.


Absolutely normal is the fact that people are interested in the cost of cargo transportation services. Often the price will play the most important role, because each client agrees to save their own financial resources. The more profitable in terms of money, the more likely it is that services will be ordered. For our company, the priority is customer service at an exceptionally high level, therefore we offer to use an adequate, reasonable and democratic, market and average cost for services.

2 MOVERS + TRUCK = $125

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

3 MOVERS + TRUCK = $194

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

4 MOVERS + TRUCK = $328

  • Blankets and moving pads
  • Shrink wrap and tape
  • Assembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Tax and basic insurance
  • Dollies, tools and straps
  • Each additional mover is only $69 per hour
  • Each additional truck is only $79 per hour

Thus, the average cost may vary, but still, as we see from the table, it depends on many of the most unforeseen and important factors.
Our group of furniture moving companies does not change prices after they have been agreed, so contact us right now and use the current cost for the service provided.


Transportation of furniture is a very troublesome business, even if we are talking about moving it from one room to another, in the same building. They don’t talk about cases when there is a need to transport furniture products to the other end of the metropolis, to another state, etc. Where should you start? Look for a furniture moving company near me and hire a helper to get the job done from start to finish. It is really possible to transport absolutely any type of furniture product, so when contacting a competent company, you can expect:

Availability of the right tools and equipment to fulfill your request

All movers with truck are able to work with various bulky, heavy, fragile or thin furniture, and with the help of rigging equipment everything will be carefully loaded into the truck.

Full protection of the house, apartment, cottage or other premises

With us, you will not need to be nervous and worry that during the execution of moving services some property will disappear or traces, scratches, holes will remain somewhere in the wooden floors or plasterboard walls.

Disassembly and assembly of furniture products

There is such an overall and large furniture that it is unrealistic to transfer entirely. For this reason, moving is carried out in several stages - the furniture set is disassembled to the size in order to move it, it falls into place, and then it is assembled back. And an experienced moving company is responsible for all these actions.

Upholstery and packing of furniture

Absolutely none of the clients wants to face damaged property. Thanks to the competent packaging of the furniture set, it is possible to ensure proper movement. Therefore, faced with a situation where you need moving furniture quickly and efficiently, you should turn to professionals who know how to use stretch film, adhesive tape and other packaging materials. It is possible to wrap with these materials, both upholstered furniture, and wooden, and any other.

Urban and international transportation

Since mover furniturers take responsibility for packing and moving, rigging, transport services, you don't have to worry about experience and skills. The drivers of our company have been in business for a long time and deliver furniture over long distances without any problems.

Delivery and assembly

As soon as the property is delivered to the final destination, the specialists will immediately be able to assemble the furniture in the shortest possible time without any special difficulties. At the same time, furniture moving is carried out within the agreed time frame.

The professionalism of all furniture movers of our company

We employ real craftsmen who are able to manually disassemble and assemble back any furniture set. And we also provide a full service for the storage of property for a certain period.

Our furniture movers near me have stood the test of time, so call the phone numbers on the site as soon as possible and enjoy only the best service in the field of furniture and household transportation. Do not forget that the convenience, comfort and peace of mind of our customers is a priority for us.


California Movers USA specializes in transportation of any complexity throughout the country. For us, transportation of furniture is a process that is carried out with high quality and just in time. Our clients can be sure that the specialists are provided with everything necessary for work and seamlessly use such equipment in practice:

  • special furniture mover rollers - universal devices that protect the floor from scuffs, scratches and other defects;
  • professional dolly furniture mover – the most user-friendly products designed to move up and down stairs;
  • competent movers with truck - a full team of specialists who do the job one hundred percent from start to finish;
  • packing supplies are provided - cardboard boxes, film tapes, adhesive tape, strong polymer packaging, foam plastic and much more for upholstery and transportation of furniture;
  • strong hand trucks - devices provide high carrying capacity and the possibility of enhanced operation during loading and unloading;
  • convenient moving dolly - equipment that allows you to make a conveyor with a terminal to create a whole network of carts for the speedy fulfillment of the duties of loaders;
  • various moving supplies - thanks to the devices, all furniture elements can be securely fixed as additional protection during transportation;
  • technically serviced moving truck - reliable road transport that will not let you down on short or long trips;
  • other important equipment – ​​the company uses furniture dolly, special dolly for moving boxes, tipping movers, etc.

Turning to professional movers, you will find a full range of services - from work planning and budgeting, dismantling, disassembling and assembling furniture to loading and unloading operations using special equipment and installing furniture in their places upon arrival.


California Movers USA has its own warehouse for temporary storage of your belongings. Firstly, movers will deliver and load the cargo to the warehouse on their own. Secondly, the vault is fully under physical protection and close supervision of video cameras, as we care about the safety of your belongings. Thirdly, the warehouse is completely reliable - there is no dampness in it, excellent ventilation is installed, which means that the property will not deteriorate.
Our storage facilities can be rented by you, both for a long time and for the shortest period - if necessary. All rooms are not only well lit, but also completely clean and safe. The vault has a climate control system, and the size of the room can be tailored to your personal requirements and needs. Our company, like other professional moving companies, monitors its reputation, so storing things with us is a unique service that offers many advantages:

  • free reservation of a warehouse of the required size;
  • convenient time to access your property (24 hours 7 days a week);
  • round-the-clock staff service - physical security and video surveillance.

Call the indicated phone numbers right now, and managers will be happy to tell you about all the current services provided by our company. Remember that best furniture moving company near me is a reliable choice!


How much does it cost to store furniture with a moving company?

We employ only professional cheap movers, so the services will not be expensive.

How much do furniture movers cost?

All services vary within reasonable limits, so call now and you will be given an estimate of the cost of the work absolutely free.

Need help moving one piece of furniture?

Our company will come and help even with moving a single piece of furniture, for example, they often ask for help to move or transport a piano or other type of huge equipment.

How to move heavy furniture?

Competent specialists of our company perform all work as carefully as possible with the help of special rigging equipment in order not to damage the floor surface.

How to ship furniture to another state?

First of all, you need to contact our managers who will tell you about all the details. After agreeing on the conditions, the client can agree on the delivery of his furniture property. The company will draw up an estimate for the services, provide loaders, drivers, special overall vehicles to perform the service.

How to wrap furniture for moving?

The company's movers use thermo-shrinkable material, bubble wrap, special cardboard covers and boxes, as well as fixing elements such as adhesive tape, fasteners, wrapping paper and other materials.

Remember that moving with us will become a breeding ground for new and exceptionally pleasant experiences! Forget about the hassle - contact us at any free time!


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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