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Moving from California to Texas

Nowadays you will not surprise anyone if you tell that you are going to leave California and move to Texas. Beautiful coastline and eye-catching hills no longer attract people so much that they could withstand all those difficulties they face on a daily basis. According to the report of the California Legislative Analyst’s office about a million people left the state between 2016 and 2023. It was estimated that by the end of 2023 the number of people who leave this area annually will reach 30,000 individuals. Moreover, the biggest number of people who are thinking of moving or have already decided to do that are qualified middle-aged white-collar workers with the average income in California between $100,000 and $200,000. Consequently, soon many companies will lack educated specialists who look for better life in other states including Texas. Also, Texas is a favorite place for seniors. Even in retirement, they want to take on part-time work or use their time to pursue a second career. Many cities in Texas have great job markets and provide many opportunities for seniors eager to work! Now it's more clear why Californians moving to Texas. That is why, moving company is so popular in this area.

Relocation to Texas


Texas got its second name - "Lone Star State" - thanks to the flag, which flaunts one five-pointed star. For a person who has never been to these places, such a symbol is associated with the sheriff's badge, which is not uncommon to see in westerns. In fact, nothing from the films about the Wild West, like deserts with tumbleweeds scurrying through it, cacti at every step, or cowboys on horseback and with spurs on their shoes, is here. Although the population still loves cowboy boots!
Texas is a modern state with a lot of trees and greenery, high buildings scurrying along the highways of cars. The state occupies approximately 7% of the land and water of the United States, so the geography of this place is diverse and interesting.
The state is located in the south-central part of the United States of America. Texas is considered to be part of the South and Southwest of the United States. The state also has its own regions, which differ in the type of population:

  • Southern.
  • Central.
  • Northern.
  • West.
  • Oriental.
  • Panhandle.

Although the Texas Almanac has registered only four physical regions and these are:

  • Range and basin province.
  • Inner State.
  • Great Plains.
  • Coastal plains of the bay.

"Lone Star" is geographically located with access to the Gulf of Mexico. Among its neighbors are the states of New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mexico.
On the border with Mexico there is the large city of El Paso, and closer to the Gulf of Mexico the million-plus city of San Antonio is located. An important role in the cultural and economic life of the state is played by the large cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the capital Austin, which is located on the Colorado River.



California is 1240 km away from Texas. This is equal to 771 miles. The calculation is taken on the basis of if you travel in a straight line by plane. If you travel by car, then the distance increases to 2264 km, which is 1407 miles.
When deciding to make such a journey with the goal of living in Texas, it is important to choose the most profitable, reliable transportation. We focus on your budget and the time that you need to spend on moving.
By car, you can cross this distance in 1 day, 2 hours and 35 minutes. The route is laid across the United States, so no borders need to be crossed.
By plane, the journey will take 4 hours and 47 minutes. The journey by train will last 35 hours and 10 minutes, and by bus it is almost 38 hours.

Interesting Facts:

  • You can cycle from California to Texas non-stop in just less than 114 hours;
  • if you go on foot, then this distance will take 16 days;
  • the dog will run faster there - in 9 days.

As for the cost of tickets, for any type of transport you can buy both budget and expensive tickets, so their price varies from 100 to 300 dollars for a plane, from 150 to 230 dollars to buy a train ticket and within 160-250 dollars you will spend on the bus ticket.



Texas takes the second place after Alaska in the ranks of the US states. Its territory is 695.662 kilometers, which is equal to 268.596 in miles. Compared to Alaska, Texas will not reach even half of it.
California stretches for 423.967 kilometers, that is, for 163.694 miles. It is often referred to as the "Golden State", both for its precious metal reserves and for its sunny, mild climate. And it ranks third in size in the United States.
In terms of population, Texas is inferior to California. The last state is home to 33 million people in according to the last known data. The density of residents is 91 people for one square kilometer.
Texas has a population of 25 million with a density of 36.1 people per square meter. Interestingly, many of their residents in Texas are former Californians. Let's try to analyze the issue of demography in more detail.


Since the first half of the 21st century, Texas has experienced a large increase in population. In the state there are many, both megacities and large cities, as well as urban-type settlements and villages. Those who want to live an active city life with its dynamics and bustle choose centers such as Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, Fort Wayne or Houston. People who prefer a calm and measured lifestyle, farming and growing various kinds of crops, move to the state valley, where the harmony of nature and man reigns.
Texas is the most populous state on the south side of the Central US. The largest population growth was observed in the period from 2016 to 2023. And for 2023, the number increased by another 16% compared to the figure for 2016.
The territory is inhabited by different nationalities:

  • Non-Hispanic whites, 41%;
  • Hispanics - 39%;
  • African Americans - 13%;
  • Natives of Alaska - 1%;
  • Asians - 5%;
  • Hawaiians - 0.1%

Everything else is occupied by representatives of other races.
This affected the spread of languages ​​throughout the state, including: Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, French, German, Arabic, Tagalog.
As for California, it is the most populous state in the country. According to this indicator, it even beat Canada and Australia, which are the whole countries! Just think, the state won over the countries in terms of population and population density!
Interestingly, in parallel with the population growth in Texas in the 21st century, in California this process, on the contrary, has slowed down.
The largest ethnic race here are Hispanics. The rest is divided among themselves by Asians - 11%, African Americans - 7%, mixed races - 2%, Native Americans - 1%, Hawaiians - 0.5%.
There are several languages used in the state: English is the main one, Spanish is the second most important, but there are also Hindi, Vietnamese, German, French, Chinese and others.
It would seem that if so many people live in California, which speaks of a high standard of living there, then why are many of its residents moving to Texas?



You may wonder ‘why Californians are moving to Texas?’, however, there are several reasons for that:

  • California state income tax is the highest in the country.
  • Housing and rental prices are extremely high and 1/3 of renters living in California cannot afford that.
  • Endless traffic rule violations and brutal behavior of drivers on the road.
  • Inability to run business in the state.
  • Unstable political climate with the swing to the left.
  • The ratio between the salary and the cost of living is unrealistic.
As a result, it was estimated that by 2050 20 million people who used to live in California would gradually move to Texas because of these and many other reasons.

Benefits of moving from CA to TX

Texas is the top choice for a large section of the California population, people who are looking for a better place for living. How many Californians moved to Texas? In 2023, over 70,000 CA residents completed their relocation to Texas. It has also emerged as the fastest-growing state in the US, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Californians who are moving to Texas. Why do so many people think about moving from California to Texas? It is because of the challenges they are facing in CA and also because of the many advantages Texas offers to its residents. But like any other place, there are both pros and cons of living in Texas as well.

1. Both personal and corporate income taxes are absent in Texas

This is one of the greatest benefits for people who would leave a huge part of their income in their own pockets instead of giving it to the state. People who have the business and moving from California to Texas trying to develop it in the new state, have more chances to be successful there.

2. A lower cost of living

The cost of living in Texas is significantly lower. California is 31.4% more expensive than Texas so a large section of the population won’t be able to save money in CA. California residents on average have to pay 28.1% more for groceries, 33.1% more for transportation, 47.2% more for childcare, and 14.1% more for clothing. The housing cost is 45.1% higher. The monthly rent, health insurance, and everything else costs more in CA. When living in Texas, a family with kids may save over 60%.

3. Faster growing economy

Thanks to the capital city of Texas, Austin that takes the tenth place on the Forbes list of the top 10 growing economies, today the state is also regarded to take the leading positions in the economic sphere as numerous reputable companies like Google and Apple have moved to it. Today the Texas economy is the second largest in the USA and if it was a sovereign country, it could take the tenth place in the whole world.

4. Warm and mild climate

Texas is a large state. Different parts of it have different weather and climate. However, the biggest part of the state has a subtropical climate. The average summer temperature is 80-100° F. The winter is mild and not snowy. The climate is very similar to California. Living in Texas is very pleasant.

5. Much space for everyone

Texas is the home to six of the largest cities in America, and there are many smaller towns and villages that are rather inviting and nice for living.

6. Better employment opportunities

As Texas has become the main location of many leading American and global companies, people who live there have received more opportunities to be paid more and have a regular full-time work due to a large number of job positions.

7. Unique entertainment

If you are a fan of live music, you should move to Austin, the center of the American and world’s live music. People who enjoy eating tasty food should remember that Texas offers the most delicious fried food and BBQ (there are over 2,000 BBC joints in this state).

8. Liberal state

Either population or local government treats most of the regulations in Texas rather liberally. There are many gay families, simple city rules and obvious business regulations, so you will not have to get used to multiple restrictions.

9. Texas people are friendly and easy to come along with

Though you can see migration between many states all around the USA, Texas remains one of a few states where local population does not wish to go anywhere. It happens because people are satisfied with their way of living and it makes them open, friendly and easy to communicate with.


Disadvantages of moving from CA to TX

In spite of the fact that for a person, who moves to Texas, this place may seem a paradise at first glance, not everything is that smooth in this state. Unfortunately, there are no perfect destinations and even a cheap and well-organized place for a living might have its drawbacks. You should be prepared that moving to Texas you might face several challenges including:

  • A necessity to get a Texas driver's license and car registration;
  • Bigger cost of transportation services up to 17% than you had in California and lack of public transport;
  • Unpredictable weather changes and high chances of storms and tornadoes;
  • Inability to travel to other states because of big state area and heavy traffic;
  • A restricted choice of products for sale because of not many farmer markets;
  • Too conservative views on many points.

Such factor as loyal gun laws that allow open carry in Texas we can't characterise as beneficial or unfavorable because this choise is up too you. But without fail you should know about this factor when moving from CA to TX.


If you watch films shot in California and Texas, many foreigners will not understand why the inhabitants of the first piece of paradise move to a place with a less pleasant climate and an abundance of cacti instead of normal trees?! It's all about the banal ignorance of how life works in America. After watching exotic and romantic films like “Sex and the City”, people go to conquer New York in the hope of becoming part of it, like the heroines of a cult picture. And how many films have been made about California! And these are always bright pictures, because the state itself received the title of “Golden” for a reason.
So why do so many prefer moving to Texas from California? Let's see what perks people get when they move to the Lone Star State:

  • saving on gasoline - which cannot be done in California, where people drive exclusively in their own cars;
  • the opportunity to choose the countryside for life - whereas, California - very often city life;
  • lush nature - there is a lot of greenery in Texas, which has a positive effect on mental health.

In addition, everything is cheaper in Texas, namely that we will discuss in more detail later. Despite the fact that the climate here is not so favorable, the financial issue is still decisive.


Although many people who chose to move away from California will first look at Washington State as their destination, Texas comes with a lot of benefits.

While the main reason for moving is that living in the Lone Star State is more financially advantageous than the Golden State, the best thing to consider is the cost of living in this place.

Everyone who chooses Texas living comes to find out in advance how much money he will pay for utilities. This is one of the most significant factors deciding in favor or against moving. So, let's look at the average utility bills for electricity that a Texas resident can get for a month of living in:

  • One-room apartment - $ 84.
  • Two-rooms apartment - $119.
  • Three-rooms apartment - $153.
  • Four-rooms apartment - $ 191.

The cost will depend on the area of ​​​​housing, the use of electrical appliances, that is, the more they are used, the higher the bills will be, as well as the number of people living in the house.

If we talk about lighting bills, they make up 10% of the electricity consumed.
Now let's move on to average water bills per month:

  • $21 for a one-room apartment;
  • $36 for a two-bedrooms apartment;
  • 45 in a three-room apartment;
  • $57 for a four-bedrooms apartment.

You can save on water bills by purchasing a dishwasher and washing machine, spending less time in the shower, and using water only when absolutely necessary.
The monthly cost of natural gas is as follows:

  • $18 for a 1-room apartment.
  • $37 for a 2-rooms apartment.
  • $52 for a 3-rooms apartment.
  • $70 for a 4-rooms apartment.

For Internet and cable TV per month, on average, you will need to pay $ 10. Naturally, if there is a desire to connect mega-speed, even more - 20, 30 or more.

Now, if you sum up all the above bills and add them into one big bill, it turns out that for a month a Texan needs to pay about $ 420 to the state treasury without taking into account savings. People who lived in California with a $1,325 one-bedroom electric bill would be able to answer why is Texas so cheap without delay. Now information for those who decide to buy or rent an apartment in Texas. The median home value for the 2016 period is $156,913. It is important to understand that real estate prices have been rising since 2015, while utilities remain stable.
Renting a small studio costs just over $1,000, which is 47% below the American average.



When deciding to move from California to Texas, many do not know which city is the best place to stay. There are many large centers in the state, each of which has its own merits. Here are the largest and most popular cities in the state:

Dallas. Located in the heart of North Texas. There are many museums, churches, shops, eateries, children's parks here. But the main advantage lies in its family and cultural areas. You should come to Lower Greenville for a stroll through the best bars and restaurants, and to Uptown for a hockey or basketball game.

Austin. The state capital is ready to offer its residents and tourists a full range of entertainment and opportunities. It has 12 popular districts, the best of which are Clarksville with its cozy streets for riding a scooter or skateboard, Tarrytown with its luxurious mansions and family comfort, as well as the most artsy East Austin district.

Houston. This is the energy capital of the United States, which has the most famous district of the state - Theatrical. This is the best tourist center, which houses the Symphony Orchestra and the famous Houston Ballet.

San Antonio. You can plunge into the old charm of the city by visiting its famous Alamo Heights district, and the Helotes district will help you to see the real pearl and charm of the town.

If you can’t decide where to go to get to know the new state better, then you should familiarize yourself with its TOP 10 must-see attractions.


Anyone who has visited the following ten popular places in Texas can consider themselves an experienced Texan:

  • The historic city of Alamo, where the remainder of the mission station is located.
  • Sixth Floor Museum and President Kennedy Museum in Dallas.
  • Space Center in Houston.
  • Big Bend National Park, located in the Texas wilderness.
  • San Antonio River.
  • Guadeloupe Mountains and National Park.
  • Capitol in Austin.
  • USS Lexington near downtown Corpus Christi.
  • Moody Gardens in Galveston.
  • Natural bridge caves near San Antonio.

Seeing such beauty, few people want to return from Texas to California, despite the sandy beaches and the hot sun of the last state.



There are a few things that simply cannot be ignored in Texas. First, you can't help but spend time outdoors in Big Bend National Park. This leisure is especially relevant in the autumn and summer. During this period, the park offers many campsites for family, single leisure, entertainments for couples or friend groups.
In late September and early October, the grandiose Texas Fair takes place. It lasts 24 days. Attractions, exhibitions, competitions and prizes await all visitors. And the highlight of the program is the football competition between Oklahoma and Texas. In fact, it is a big celebration that displays all the key aspects of the state, namely: industry, agriculture, culture and education. In recent years, the organizers decided to diversify the palette of the fair and added gastronomy to the holiday plan. Thus, without any problems, you can taste and enjoy the classic tastes of Texas, recognize its subtle and pleasant aromas and make your taste buds feast.
It is impossible to visit Texas and not learn about cowboys and pastoralism. After all, this is the component and form of the economic process without which Texas could not exist, animal breeding is considered an integral part of the economy and one of the ways the state exists. So, a visit to the town of Fort Worth, where there is a themed area dedicated to this topic, is number one on the list of every tourist and newcomer to the state.
There is the attraction Six Flags Over Texas, located in Arlington and striking with its grandeur even the daredevils - this is entertainment for real adventurers and extreme people!
And for dessert, there is a huge dose of tenderness and love for animals, which everyone can find in the Houston Zoo. It is one of the most popular and oldest zoos in the United States. This place is considered the second most visited zoo in the United States of America. Just imagine, every year it receives more than two million visitors.
As you can see, life in Texas has many advantages: from saving money to a lot of entertainment that will not make anyone bored. In addition, tourists from all over the world like to visit the state, because for them it is like an exotic adventure - what they see here will be new.

Tips to a person who is moving from California to Texas

Every person who is moving to Texas from California must not only evaluate all the pros and cons of this decision but also prepare for the moving process. It is natural that you will have absolutely different experience if you move with kids or think of moving dogs from California to Texas. The first thing you should do when you start organizing the moving process is to learn how and where you can get all the necessary documents to stay in Texas legally. You might also need to change your driving license and perform other actions with your vehicle to drive safely in the state and in this cases, DMV.ORG can be a useful helper in this task.

How to hire long distance movers from California to Texas

Usually, families with children, pets or without them require some professional assistance for the process to be completed faster and without unpleasant surprises. Moving can be often connected with damages, thefts or forgetting some important items, so it is always better to turn to a professional moving company from California to Texas and make this process smooth and non-tiring. Remember that you need to think not about how to keep all your items in safety during transportation but about the way how to organize your living in the new place in the best possible way. That is why "California Moving Company: Local & Long distance moving company" is always happy to offer you premium moving services to Texas or moving California so that the start of your living in these states could be associated only with positive emotions, while we will take all the responsibilities for a reasonable cost of moving services. Make this challenging experience an exciting adventure with qualified and professional assistance from our company!

How much does it cost to move from California to Texas

Many consider other states like Oregon or Arizona to be less expensive than Texas, but Texas remains a premier destination for state-to-state moving.
An average cost of moving from California to Texas is from $4,000 to $8,000 for a one-bedroom apartment and a team of 2 movers and driver.
We recommend to consider the main factors that influence the moving costs with movers from California to Texas:

Individual vs Groupage cargo

If you choose individual moving services a mover guarantees a personal truck for your goods. You can be sure all your belongings are fixed properly and have enough space to keep its ideal initial state.
You should know that the majority of moving companies with the cheapest prices load personal belongings in the same truck with other households’ belongings. Economy long-distance move, in this case, means space-saving by the transportation of several customers’ personal property at the same time. We don’t recommend to use this type of move for those who have costly furniture, fragile dishes or other valuable things, as the probability of damages increases.

Choose any date you want vs Waiting months

Another advantage of individual transfer is the possibility to choose any day of the week and even holidays for relocation.
In case of groupage cargo, you should wait from 2 weeks to 2 months before the mover finds enough customers to completely fill the truck and send the cargo.

Team of movers

Individual transfer means that the same movers who were packing and loading your belongings accompany the cargo to the final point to unpack/unload the goods. It helps to speed up the furniture layout process as the team remembers the content of each box. Another advantage of this approach is that moving specialists also treat boxes with fragile and valuable content with extreme care because their team is fully responsible for the cargo.
If you choose the moving company using different teams of movers in the starting and final point it can slowdown the process and result in damages of the belongings as the team doesn’t know the content of each box and doesn’t fully responsible for the move.

Packing Services vs DIY

Packing yourself is a great way to save on moving. We recommend considering this option if you have a small apartment and a lot of free time. Otherwise, if you have several bedrooms and are a full-time employee it’s better to hire professionals to carry out this work for you and avoid unnecessary stress.


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