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Every person who is planning to relocate and thinking about ordering services of the moving company wants to know their accurate cost, therefore, many companies offer them a moving quote. This is an estimate performed by the company representative on the basis of the information provided by the customer or a visit to the place to be moved.

It is very important to understand the notion of a moving estimate, its types, the way it is conducted, and other important facts about it to be sure that your moving will be not only smooth but also well-organized, coordinated, and affordable. Only then you will sign a moving contract with pleasure and put all the responsibility on the movers.

Types of moving estimates

When you turn to a moving company to inform you about the cost of your relocation, you should ask its representative what type of estimate he or she performs. Every type has its pros and cons, but you should choose the one suitable for your individual situation. 

1. Non-binding estimate

Such a type of local or state to state moving estimate means that the quote is calculated on the basis of the total weight of the client’s possessions. The prefix ‘non’ shows that most often this quote is not fully accurate and the cost of the move may change when the actual weight of the items moved is determined. Consequently, such quotes are approximate ones and the final price may increase by 10% additionally (if a moving company provides a low-ball estimate). However, this extra fee can be charged by a mover only in 30 days after the delivery according to the FMCSA. Moreover, you can be simply cheated and made to pay more from the very beginning by rogue movers.

2. Binding estimate

Quotes calculated on the basis of the binding estimate are more reliable for customers since a moving company guarantees that the price of relocation is fixed despite the fact that the weight of your belongings is approximate one. In this case, any changes in the moving cost are excluded and a client will not pay more or less than this final price. Naturally, some movers may charge you more from the very beginning, so to understand if this local or interstate moving estimate is good for you, it is preferable to compare offers of several companies. At the same time, sneaking some extra items on the relocation day may result in abiding the initial contract, negotiating a new binding estimate or converting it into a non-binding one.

3. Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

Quotes based on this estimate are the most popular ones since they are advantageous for customers. The original moving price cannot be changed if weight of the customer’s possessions exceeds one indicated in the contract. Moreover, if this weight is less, the cost of relocation decreases too.

California Movers believes that only care about customers can help a moving company develop further. Being a full-service company, we consider not only the weight of our client’s belongings but also all other services ordered when we make up a moving quote. However, the main thing appreciated by our clients is a guarantee that our quotes are final and the moving cost cannot be changed. This point is mentioned in the moving contract so any hidden fees are excluded.

How are moving quotes determined?

Every company has its own procedure of determining moving quotes but each of them considers several basic factors which impact them. When you turn to California Movers, we calculate the price of relocation on the basis of the following points:

  1. Weight/volume of the cargo. Our company representative makes an estimate of the belongings to be moved.
  2. Distance to be covered. We perform both short and long-distance moving services including interstate and cross-country ones.
  3. Services ordered. Our extensive list of services includes basic moving and additional services.
  4. Move date and time. Early booking and weekdays are cheaper than urgent orders on weekends and holidays. 
  5. Storage option. We offer air-conditioned professional storage facilities in your area.
  6. Moving supplies and tools needed. Our range of professional moving supplies and tools is wide enough to select the necessary set for every order.
  7. Liability and valuation coverage. Our goal is to guarantee the utmost protection of your belongings. 

The detailed analysis of this information allows us to calculate the move cost quite accurately and present this information to our client in the form of a moving quote attached to the contract.

Is moving estimate free of charge?

California Movers like other trusted companies realizes how important it is for customers to know the cost of their move, so it provides every client with a free moving estimate and a free quote.

How to cut your moving costs?

Relocation is often associated with additional expenses which impact the family budget. However, not always should you pay fully from your pocket. Sometimes, it is possible to decrease the moving cost following simple pieces of advice:

Get a free moving quote in three steps:

1. Call us or fill in the form on our website

You can call our manager at (415) 579 27 47 and provide details about your move. If you prefer to fill in the form on the website and get a moving quote online, you need to indicate the initial and final point to move to, the date of relocation,  select the type of dwelling and number of rooms moved, necessity of storage, and provide your name, phone number, and e-mail. 

2. Wait for our manager to contact you

The representative of our company will call you back as soon as possible.

3. Provide details about your move

Inform our manager about all the details of your relocation to get the most accurate free moving quote.

Personal moving manager

California Movers believes that relocation can be smooth only if it is coordinated by professionals. That is why we appoint a personal moving manager to every order who is a point of contact throughout the whole relocation process. His task is to manage every aspect of the move. When it comes to quotes, a manager performs a survey of the home to be moved and coordinates all the movers to guarantee efficient and timely relocation. 

Other responsibilities of the moving manager include consulting customers on any issues connected with their move, confirming move details, arranging insurance and others. He will follow your relocation incessantly to prevent any issues. With our dedicated and friendly assistant, you will get not only the best moving quote but also the best moving experience.

How to choose right movers?

Before getting a long-distance moving quote it is important to find a trusted moving company first of all. Not every mover deserves the trust of customers so this choice must be reasonable. Here are several tips on how to find a reliable company to cope with your relocation and offer the most competitive quotes:

  1. Read referrals carefully so that positive ones dominated. They can be found on the web or in the phone book of moving companies;
  2. Check mover’s license and insurance (DOT number given by the U.S. Department of Transportation, license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)
  3. Compare quotes of at least three companies to understand if they make a fair estimate;
  4. Verify the address to be registered under the name of the company;
  5. Avoid movers who ask for upfront deposits. It is a warning sign;
  6. Ask which type of estimate is made by the company to give a local moving quote;
  7. Learn how your possessions are protected by the company and what kind of insurance is provided. 

Do movers accept upfront payments after they issue quotes?

Usually moving companies ask for upfront payment for a long-distance move (about 10% of the total payment) and don’t take prepayment for local moves. This information is included in the contract and is guaranteed by our company.

What type of estimate is the best for customers?

Since there are three estimate types including binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed estimate offered by most of the moving companies, we advise our clients to choose the last type. It is the only estimate type beneficial to the client under any circumstances. Moreover, California Movers also uses a binding not-to-exceed estimate to express loyalty to all our clients.

Can the moving quotes provided be changed?

California Movers is one of a few companies in the US moving market which has no hidden fees. It has included a point to the contract which guarantees that the moving price provided in the quote cannot be changed by the company if there are no changes in the volume of the items moved or services. It means that our clients do not pay any dollar extra to the cost written in the contract.

Can a customer ask for another moving estimate if not all belongings were considered? Is it Free?

Naturally, any changes in the weight of the cargo or number of services required lead to the necessity to make a new estimate. Our company representative must be informed about this and a personal moving manager serving your order will make a new estimate absolutely free of charge.

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