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How to Pack a TV for Moving

A TV is a fragile thing that can easily be damaged during moving or shipping. Replacing the matrix, most often suffering in this case, is comparable in cost to buying a new device. So think in advance about how to pack a tv for moving and how to transport your TV in the car properly. If you apply to special firms to pack the TV or take the device yourself, protect your equipment. Warn the carrier, driver, and movers that you have valuable, fragile cargo.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

How to Transport a TV

It is worth considering how to pack a TV for moving by transportation company, for example, California Movers USA. How to transport a tv? You can transport tv and any equipment by car, plane, or train (railroad transportation). Here it is also better to use the factory original packaging with all the included foam elements and bubble wrap.

how to ship a tv

How to ship a TV by plane is a different story. Such cargo like shipping a tv will fly in the luggage compartment in a special compartment. It will be marked with a "fragile goods" sticker on the package. It will not be put on the luggage belt, the equipment will be lifted separately. But no one can guarantee that the packed TV device will survive the trip. All the responsibility of the best way to ship TV is on you. So when you think about how to transport the LCD TV, decide in advance what its protection will be, make it the maximum. How to move a TV on the train? To do this, you should definitely find out how to pack a tv for moving. Exactly the same way as in the plane. First, call the information desk to clarify the details, and then purchase a ticket and separate seats for the cargo. Pack it in the factory or create one yourself.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

How to Wrap a TV for Moving

The factory box is the best way to protect and pack tv for moving. It is the best way to pack a tv for moving.. But few people keep it because it takes up a lot of space. So, how to wrap a tv for moving? Before you transport your TV in the car, pack the equipment, disconnect the mounts, feet, and anything else possible from the screen. Remove wires, attachments, and plug-ins.
Do not hide them far away - let them be in one place so that after the move you won't lose anything, don't waste time looking for a remote control, a foot, another important part. Wipe dust off the device, wrap a tv in protective bubble wrap. Put it in the factory mold made of foam plastic or other material. Pack the TV in a cardboard box.
Important: Before transporting the TV in the car in the box, check that it will not deteriorate during storage. It is better to additionally reinforce the edges with tape. Now you know and are sure how to wrap a tv for moving.

How to Move a TV Without a Box

When you are thinking about moving, it is very important to decide in advance how to pack a tv for moving. When you need to decide how to move a tv without a box, you can use the materials at hand. You will need a special air-bubble film, corrugated cardboard. Instead of film, you can use a soft plaid or other means that will protect the screen during transportation.
Making a corrugated cardboard box is a must, even if you transport the equipment in your own car to the next street.
The answer to the question of how to move a tv without a box is simple. Regardless of the diagonal and weight of the device, preparation consists of the following steps:

  • Disconnect the cables and all sorts of items. Wrap tv for moving with protective film. All sides of the TV should be protected.
  • Place a sheet of corrugated cardboard on top so that it forms a box and encircles the TV on all sides. Use a wide Scotch tape for attachment, overlaying it in several layers.
  • A handle for the box can also be made from duct tape. But this option is more suitable for LCD TVs with a small diagonal and weight. In other cases, you can do without the handle, carry the device not alone.
  • When the TV is too large, it is better to use the services of professional movers with special equipment.

Do not put wires and other objects in the box with the packed TV. They can damage the screen during transportation. It is better to pack them separately, sign each box or package so that you do not get confused later.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

Cost to Ship a TV

The average cost to ship a tv delivery in North America is $2.57 per mile for deliveries under 100 miles and $0.34 per mile for deliveries under 1,000 miles.This shipping a tv cost depends on many details, including the size and weight of your TV, type of service, distance, and time frame.

TV Movers

Moving an installed TV is not always easy, but a professional tv moving service has the expertise to handle the job. Expert tv movers are also highly organized. They are trained to pack everything together, tie cords together, label things so they are easy to find, and store hardware in bags so no part gets lost.
So, now you know how to pack a TV for moving but if you had the mount and it was installed by a professional or everything was already in place when you moved in, it's a good idea to hire someone to help you get out of the mount and pack the TV as well. Trying to handle equipment you're not familiar with is just asking for trouble.


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