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Best Local Moving Companies

Are you the lucky owner of a new home, but need help setting it up?
Not everyone has the necessary resources in the form of a vehicle, enough people, and time to move to a new apartment or house on their own.
Best local moving companies are an ideal choice in this case.
Considering all the potential risks, one should be as competent as possible when choosing the best local movers. You can be guided by the signs and recommendations on the selection, or lean on the ratings among movers.
We are ready to help you!

Top Local moving companies

Our guide to the best 2023 mover companies includes descriptions, services, and costs.
So, among the best options we've highlighted:

California Movers USA

California Movers is number 1 on our list and one of the best moving companies that provide local and long distance moves. This best local moving company is the best way to move around the country so that you'll be satisfied.

To use the best local movers near me services, all you have to do is go to the website and fill out a form to get an overall moving estimate, an explanation of how everything will go during and after the move, and a packing booklet.

    Company Services:

  • local moving;
  • intercity relocation;
  • office relocation;
  • storage and moving.

Price of services: Understandably, each type of trucking will differ in cost. If things are moved from one area to another across the city, the price will be lower than when moving an office or home across the border, such as when moving from California to Texas. This is why anyone who is planning to undertake such a complicated procedure needs to get a quote for the services and learn about the types of moves.

JK Moving

JK Moving was founded in 1979. The best local moving companies near me provide long-distance, international and interstate residential and commercial moving and storage services along with local moving capabilities in the tri-state area. Private and corporate moving, commercial moving, and government moving makeup JK Moving Services' main lines of business.

    Company Services:

  • experts in moving services;
  • government relocation services;
  • public and environmental relocation services.

Price of services: The best local moving companies Web site is free to request a quote and has a blog with moving tips and information. Cost estimate information is provided, but there is no cost calculator on the website.


Bellhop is ranked #3 on our list of the best moving companies. The best local moving company near me has over 300,000 moves. It's not a traditional moving company," allowing you to book your move without an in-person consultation and manage your move from an online dashboard in your Bellhop account. The best local moving also offers free quotes and reservations with no deposit.

    Company Services:

  • planning your move with an app or website;
  • insured movers;
  • apartment or commercial moving options.

Price of services: As with any move, the cost of Bellhop's services depends on many factors, such as how much stuff you need to move and how much distance.
Two days before the move, you'll be asked to pay a deposit of 10% of the estimated cost of the move. At that time, there will also be a time limit on paying the balance of the cost.
You will also have to pay a service fee to cover expenses such as travel, fuel, and, if necessary, moving supplies.


Portable On Demand Storage, claims to have pioneered portable storage in 1998. With best local movers PODS, consumers have a choice between renting a truck and moving on their own or hiring a moving company to do all the work. Specifically, PODS customers can rent a storage container, pack and load it themselves, and then move it into storage or to a new location.

    Company Services:

  • removal services;
  • storage facilities;
  • residential and commercial moves.

Price of services: Moving the contents of a one-bedroom home 500 miles will cost about $1,580.
Larger, longer moves with PODS come with costs comparable to many other companies in our rankings.
One of the best moving companies for local moves PODS charges a monthly rental fee for storage containers. Both local and intercity rentals are billed on your anniversary date.


The best local moving company provides a selection of waterproof steel portable storage containers, which it delivers right to your shipping location. During the 30-day rental period, you load your belongings at your convenience, and once you're ready, PACK-RAT picks up the containers and delivers them to your new home.

    Company Services:

  • containers for long-distance moves car moving services through partners;
  • assistance in packing and loading cargo through partnerships.

Price of services: The company offers fixed prices depending on the number of containers and the time you need.

How to Find Local Movers

So, how to find local movers? Now a little about how to choose the right company that will provide employees for the move. It is not difficult to find advertisements for such services on the Internet and in print publications.

There are always all sorts of adjustments for time, place, and the complexity of the work involved from the best local moving company.

You should start by doing a little research:

  • Find out a little about the company, and look for reviews.
  • Then you should ask the people who provide services about some guarantees.
  • People who work in this field will give you all the information, and sign the contract without fear of anything.

Confidence in their abilities - a sign of professionalism, and drawn up a contract - your guarantee in case of force majeure.

Best Local Movers

The best way to do a long-distance move depends on whether cost or convenience is more important to you. Best Interstate Moving Companies are your great choice if you need to move on a budget, and professional cross-country movers are ideal if you want to keep stress to a minimum.

You should schedule your movers with Best Long Distance Moving Companies In California at least four weeks in advance of your move. During this time, you should also coordinate a moving permit if you need one, gather any remaining belongings, contact utility providers, and make travel arrangements.

If you want to avoid problems, move to a new apartment quietly, avoid damage to property and additional proceedings, and give enough time and effort to the question of choosing a mover.

So you will get everything you need, spending a minimum of time, effort, and nerves.

Working with professionals objectively saves even your budget.

We advise you to contact California Movers. Skilled best local movers will do everything on time, provide guarantees, and remove your responsibility for additional packing, disassembly of furniture, and other nuances of the long and difficult house move.


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