Charities that help with moving expenses

In some cases moving can be very expensive as well as logistically difficult. The situation is getting worse when a person is under pressure of his individual circumstances. You might be tight on money to hire a moving company and have nobody to help you with moving costs. Whatever is your individual reason to move, there are special organizations providing grants and programs to help move within or out of state.

Charities for Women and Single Parents

  • State Welfare Agency. Such agencies usually help in such spheres as Medicaid or food, but don’t provide financial assistance for moving expenses. However, they give cash assistance to families with low incomings. Women may use this money to pay a moving company.
  • Escape from Abuse. Safe shelters offer asylum for all women escaping from abusive relationships. And some of them provide moving assistance for women in severe living conditions.
  • Salvation Army. This is a real giant in the world of charity. This organization controls thousands of operation centers on a country scale. The Salvation Army gives assistance to people requiring food, clothes, moving services, shelter etc. It has the largest amount of single mother community care grants for moving home. Many of these programs have limited funds, and some might not be available for a single parent who does not meet specific requirements.
  • Other sources. There are some other organizations which can help ladies move to a new place. The amount of aid varies greatly. You can apply to reputable socially active organizations: different religious social services, the YWCA, and the others.

Relocation Grants for Low Income Families

Nowadays many people live in leasehold houses and should change their places of residence quite often. But for people with low earnings even an interstate move seems a heavy financial burden. That is why the USA government offers relocation assistance programs to the people in need.

Grants and Benefits

  • The HUD (Dep. of Housing and Urban Development) provides relocation grants for households meeting the special qualifications. Besides, several state agencies also give assistance in covering such type of moving expenses. For example, if you reside in Washington state and your home is under risk to be demolished, condemned or converted, you can obtain financial aid from your state. If you live in Miami (Florida), you may obtain help from the Housing Assistance Network of Dade. A number of grants cover not only the moving itself, but also utilities and rent expenses. Some grants may offer help in covering rent costs on a temporary basis.
  • Federal Relocation Assistance Program.
    Federal authorities direct resources to state administrations as Family and Children Department or Social Services Agency. As an example, TANF funds are sent to state offices to provide material support to the families in need. The aid covers everyday expenses such as utilities, rent, relocation costs.
  • Emergency Solutions Grant.
    The purpose of ESG is to help families to get stability after going through homelessness or other severe circumstances. This emergency moving fund gives a grant up to $2.500 for individuals moving to a new location. Such grants are very quickly processed – within 24 hours and are sent directly to the utility company, landlord or management company.

Eligibility Requirements

Only the families falling into a low-income scope can be qualified for a migration financial assistance. The income range differs from state to state. And each course has its particular requirements. You can expect to get this encouragement if your rental home is under the risk to be converted or reconstructed, or not meet the safety codes. Some grants require landlord’s eviction notice.

How to apply for help

All the information about assistance policy can be found on websites of the Social Services Department, HUD, or of Housing Authority. You should complete an application and provide documents proving the income, residency and the needs for relocation.

Moving Assistance for the Disabled

Citizens with disabilities usually have neither financial resources nor physical ability to pack and carry things. But after surfing the web a bit you will definitely find free assistance.

An Impressive Alliance

The homepages of the University of New Hampshire as well as National Institute on Disability are a prefect resource of data about statewide programs and free moving help for disabled people. ADAPT, UAP and other organizations improve life quality of individuals with disabilities implementing social supports.

Operation Roundup Program

This program is a perfect addition to those on the alliance. This organization adds an extra tax to the utility bills of ordinary people so that they benefit the families in need. Contact your utility company to get more information. The amount of this assistance is limited, so apply as soon as possible.


The SSA (Social Security Administration) answers all the questions regarding disabilities in its online booklet. If you didn’t find required information, you may contact SSA specialists for more detailed data.


All the government branches at all the levels provide relocation grants for people with special needs. The government awards money for different goals, including home renovation as well as moving assistance.

Supportive Programs for Veterans

The Veterans Inc. Supportive Services provide various types of help to veteran soldiers and their families. If a person meets all the requirements, he can get support in rent and utilities payment, housing, childcare, legal services, moving expenses, security deposit etc.

Support from Religious Organizations

Many churches assist not only women and single mothers, but also families with low earnings and disabled people to pay their urgent expenses, including moving costs. The success of your request depends on the temple’s budget and the pastor’s loyalty. Even if you’ve never attended a church or if a pastor refused, you can call to other churches referring to your local YP.

Relocation Grants for New Employees

Many reputable companies provide their new employees with financial support to pay moving expenses for relocating to another state. The amount of assistance varies from $1.000 to $10.000 depending on the employer and the employee’s place of residence.

Budgeting Loans

The people applying for a budgeting loan for moving costs should be on Pension Credit, or on JSA (Job seekers Allowance), or ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) for no less than 26 weeks. The amount of loans is from $100 and depends on the personal circumstances. Such loans are interest free and should be repaid within 2 years.

Grants Search Tools

Each charity organization is unique in the way it supports people. The financial assistance is usually offered through grants, services and advice. Surfing the web gives you great opportunities to find support matching your individual case.

  • You can contact HUD Department providing quick help for people, which lost their homes unexpectedly.
  • BENEFITS.GOV aggregates a lot of useful programs and grants.
  • Or visit Housing Industry Foundation in California offering grants within 24 hours.
  • Concerning elderly people, the website is a source of full and diverse information including charity funds, which provide financial support for moving and housing.
  • GRANTFORWARD.COM and GRANTS.GOV have free search tools for grants.
Charities that help with moving expenses
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