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How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Moving is quite a large-scale event. Even if we are talking about moving things from one apartment to another within the same area. When living in an apartment, especially if it is a family with children, a lot of shoes accumulate. These are winter shoes, sneakers, slippers, summer flip-flops, and much more. The average family can have more than 20-30 pairs of shoes, which will need to be transported properly packed so they are not damaged.
How to pack shoes for moving and to simplify the process? California Movers USA has prepared the answer & best ways how to pack shoes for moving for sure.


How to Organize Shoes

So how to organize shoes for moving? The first thing to do is to organize your shoes and get rid of the extra. Just throw away unwanted pairs. Everyone has those shoes that have been sitting idle for more than a year. It is better not to take such shoes to the new apartment, and get rid of them - throw them away or give them to the needy. This process will help to organize shoes for a pleasant move.
The remaining shoes should be properly prepared for transportation. Professional packers and movers noticed that preparation is better to start at least 25 hours before transportation shoes, so it has time to dry, after which it will be possible to pack.
The algorithm of preparation is as follows: take a pair of shoes and clean them. It is necessary to remove dirt, and dust, rinse and put it to dry. Then move on to the next pair.
Prepared in this way for all pairs, you can forget about the shoes for 20-25 hours until they are completely dry.

How to Pack Shoes

The most difficult process is the packaging of shoes. It is important to know in advance how to pack shoes. It should be understood that in packing shoes the following goals are pursued:

  • do not let the shoes deform in transit, even if the box with it falls or other things are placed on it;
  • to prevent damage to the shoes, such as cracks in leather shoes.

To achieve these goals, get plenty of paper. This can be old newspapers, shipping paper, and various other waste paper, which is not sorry.
Paper or other filler should be stuffed inside the shoes. This is done to reduce the likelihood of deformation during transportation. Now, when moving, you no longer have to wonder how to pack shoes for moving.

How to Wrap Shoe Box

Prepared shoes can be put into boxes. Here are our helpful tips how to wrap shoe box:

  • if there are old shoe boxes, it is ideal to use;
  • shoes in the box should be placed on their side. But make sure that its sole does not come into contact with the top of the other shoes. That is, the sole must be in contact with the sole;
  • it is better to use your box for each pair of shoes. If you do not have so many shoe boxes when wrapping shoes in one general box, try to separate them from each other with a filler;
  • do not stack shoes on top of each other - if left in this position for a long time, the lower shoes may be damaged and permanently deformed;
  • it is advisable to put silica gel in each box to avoid the possibility of unpleasant odor and mustiness;
  • only put dry shoes in boxes.

Wrap the folded boxes with tape to prevent them from opening during shipping.


How to Wrap Shoes Without a Box

Also when packing shoes, you can ask how to wrap shoes without a box. As an alternative for packing shoes, large garbage bags are a good idea. But if you have pairs that absolutely must not be crumpled, take care of special protective covers made of plastic or fabric. Only they can protect your shoes during the move from damage.

How to Ship Shoes With Box

Shoes tend to be small and lightweight, and except for some designer items, they are not too fragile. This makes them one of the easiest items to ship.
People move and need to ship their shoe collection to a new home.
So how to ship shoes with box? It's easy to do, but there are several special considerations to keep in mind when shipping shoes as well as other common packing tips:

  • Weight: Most shipping companies determine the value of your shipment based on how much it weighs, with package size being of less importance. Heavier shoes, like boots or work shoes, are likely to cost more than lightweight sneakers or summer sandals.
  • Quantity: How many pairs of shoes you are carrying will affect how you pack them and therefore how you ship them. If you're shipping an entire closet of shoes, including heavy winter shoes and light summer shoes, you might want to pack them all in a big box. If you're retailing and you're sending a customer one pair of shoes, it's usually easiest to send them in the original box.
  • Shoe Type: If you're only sending one pair and you're not a retailer, many shoes can be sent in a simple bubble mailbox. High-heeled shoes, oversized shoes, heavy shoes, or unusually shaped shoes are best packaged and sent in boxes.
  • Value footwear: For particularly valuable shoes, such as designer, collectible, or vintage shoes, you should use a sturdy box with enough padding. You may also want to purchase additional insurance to cover the cost of your shipment in the event of damage.

The cheapest way to ship shoes depends on how many items you need to ship, as well as the speed and distance of the shipment. Flat-rate shipping is the most economical shipping method for small boxes or single pairs of shoes, but if you're shipping multiple large boxes as part of a home move or to other points in your business' network, consolidated shipping is often the cheapest way to ship boxes of shoes.


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