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Best places to live in the US

Despite the fact Americans are moving less than ever we are still one of the most “long-distance moving” nations in the world. The United States has always attracted people with a high quality of life, but even in this country, there are more and less beneficial places to reside. If you want to find a paradise for your family in this country, there are several cities which are considered to offer a happy life to every resident, attracting people from nearby and farther areas, who flock in via local moving or apartment moving. Let’s determine the top 5 best places for living in the US this year and the reasons why they look outstanding among others.
Friendly residents, a favorable climate, great job opportunities and an affordable cost of living are the criteria that most people keep in mind when choosing the best places to live in the us 2022 and planning to move for a while or for permanent residence.
To determine for yourself the best option from the list of best state to live in 2022, you need to familiarize yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, make lists of PROS and CONS, and if possible, talk with those who have already moved to the USA and have tasted a new life. Such a way, you will know how you can realize your "American dream" as soon as possible.

Best cities to live in Texas

Austin, Texas. has a subtropical-humid climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The city offers an affordable cost of living with an average of $1,690 as of 2022. You can select your neighborhood range from tightly packed urban areas with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to family-friendly suburbs. There is one of the lowest crime rates in the country and a rather diverse community, so you will not feel odd there.

Neighborhoods in Austin:

  • Downtown
  • North Austin
  • South Congress
  • East Austin


  • There is a vibrant music and arts scene
  • Most people appreciate the weather
  • The local government has been increasing diversity
  • The gas prices are fair


  • People complain that the housing market can be rather complex
  • You can’t get around well without a car
  • The traffic is dreadful

This green and energy-efficient city is appreciated by everyone who visits it or settles in after local moving.


Best places to live in Colorado

Colorado is a liberal state without any discrimination laws, and Denver is one of the best cities to live in. With an average $1,838 rent for a 1-bedroom apartment as of 2022, you can become a part of a premium neighborhood. The summers here are hot, while the winters are cold and snowy and are partly cloudy year-round.

Neighborhoods in Denver:

  • LoDo
  • Cherry Creek
  • River North Art District
  • Central Park


  • It is close to the mountains
  • The economy is promising
  • There is an expanding job market
  • It is an overall active city


  • It is placed at a high altitude
  • It has a high cost of living
  • It is a landlocked city

The beautiful downtown and mountainous area of Denver are best for startups and small businesses. You can acquire professional apartment moving services to move in as soon as possible.


Best cities to live in Oregon

Portland is a city that unites both coastal and mountainous areas as well as a variety of jobs for getting employed. The summers are short, warm, dry, and mostly clear, and the winters are very cold, wet, and overcast offering green living and promoting it to the masses for long-distance moving. The average rent for an apartment in Portland is $1,667 as of 2022, devoid of any sales tax and affordable real estate.

Neighborhoods in Portland:

  • Downtown Portland
  • Southeast Portland
  • Northeast Portland
  • Pearl District


  • It offers better livability
  • Good food and drink scene
  • Offers vibrant arts and culture


  • The rain and snowstorms are a drag
  • The heat and fires are also pressing issues

Overall, the charm of Portland, Oregon is in its manageable size and unique neighborhoods.


Best places to live in Washington

Living in the capital has both benefits and drawbacks, but the US capital can offer much to its residents. The average rent is higher in Washington. You can get an apartment at approximately $2,238 as of 2022, while some neighborhoods are easier to afford. Located on the coast, it is home to multiple global companies.

Neighborhoods in Washington DC:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Downtown
  • Northeast Washington
  • Georgetown


  • The salaries are fair
  • There is cultural diversity
  • Many cultural attractions
  • There are many weekend break opportunities


  • The salaries are fair
  • There is cultural diversity
  • Many cultural attractions
  • There are many weekend break opportunities
  • The cost of living is high
  • The traffic is challenging

The job market is promising there, so you can consider competent office moving services. Moreover, it is a city of parks, recreation activities, and tasty food, so living there is versatile and exciting.


Best areas to live in Seattle

Seattle is considered a perfect place for a living: it is a dog-friendly city without a state income tax. It attracts young people, coming in via local moving, with its sports, beer, and exquisite cuisine, while others appreciate the friendly and smiling people who live here. The summers here are short, warm, dry, and partly cloudy, and the winters are very cold, wet, and mostly cloudy.

Neighborhoods in Seattle:

  • Pike Place
  • Downtown Seattle
  • West Seattle
  • Lake City


  • The city offers closeness to nature
  • There are amazing career opportunities
  • No state income tax at all
  • Overall, a safe cityy


  • The weather is mostly overcast between September and May
  • The driving scene is very tricky

The nature and greenery surrounding the city make it a unique place to live in. Every year millions of Americans move to another state. Maybe you are thinking about the opportunity of relocating right now; our local/long-distance moving professionals can help.


Living in America

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese proverb.
You are the one who takes responsibility for your life, sum up its pros and cons and move on with our long-distance moving company. Moving places for commercial or residential purposes can be difficult. Therefore it is necessary to do proper research on the location and local moving companies before deciding to move.


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