Boxes and moving supplies

Packing things is not such a simple matter. It requires a lot of patience, accuracy and additional devices such as: tape, boxes, packing paper, markers, stationery knife, paper pads, bubble wrap and stretch wrap.


Small boxes

Such boxes usually have a size of 1.5 cubic feet. They are great for small items such as books, cans, records, shoes, utensils, flatware, etc.

Medium boxes

Most often used for transportation of lighting equipment (lamps, lampshade, chandeliers) or bed items (pillows, blankets, coverlet) – about 4 cubic foot.

Large boxes

The size is about 6 cubic foot. And you need to remember the main rule of packing: the larger the box, the easier should be its content, otherwise this box will be difficult to move.

Picture or mirror moving boxes

Such boxes usually have paper cushions in the corners to protect the object. Also it is necessary to additionally wrap the picture or mirror in a bubble wrap before placing it into the box.

Moving boxes for wardrobe

The construction of this boxes includes a crossbar, which allows you to hang clothes on the hangers. So your clothes will remain neat and do not have to be ironed after moving.

Dish boxes

These are the strongest boxes that the moving company offers. The separate item of kitchen utensils is wrapped in paper sheets or a wrap with bubbles, depending on the fragility of the object (crystal, Chinese porcelain and so on) and part with dish pack inserts in dish boxes.


  • Packing paper, it can be plain or tissue (used to fill a small space between fragile objects);
  • Bubble wrap (small pillows filled with air perfectly protect against damage);
  • Anti-static bubble (used to fill the boxes with electronics);
  • Packing tape (a perfect device for sealing boxes);
  • Permanent marker (used to sign and order the boxes);
  • Vacuum bags (used for pillows and blankets which сan restore dimensions after depressurization).

Even if you know the purpose of all the tools and how to use them, it is better to entrust the packaging of your valuables to experienced professionals of the moving company.

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