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In search of a reputable San Jose movers and packers or San Jose piano movers that you can rely to provide top-quality moving services? Then look no further than California Movers. With over 20 trucks to help you move seamlessly from one location to another, California Movers is a local moving company San Jose CA dedicated to offering fast and efficient movers in a timely manner with no hidden fees and a 100% satisfaction rate. You can give us a call any day of the week and we will there by your side with a truck that precisely caters all your needs while moving. When you join hands with us, you embark on a fun and hassle-free journey that makes your moving day the smoothest you have ever experienced.

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When we arrive at your place, we bring with us boxes for small items as well as plastic wraps for a safe and efficient handling of household belongings and mattress. The hand truck is used to accurately and quickly load/unload the truck, whereas the blankets help protect your furniture, glass, and mirrors. In addition, we also bring along the necessary tools to assemble/disassemble your furniture and also wardrobe boxes to gently pack transport your clothes. All of this is included in the hourly rate.

Professional Local & Long distance San Jose Movers

Traveling a long distance means embracing new changes. Besides the address and postal code, you also have to make changes to your work area, lifestyle, as well as your social circle. Relocation problems only make you feel more overwhelmed and increase the possibility of things going wrong.

We are San Jose CA local movers who offer you relocation assistance when you are in need of moving far away from your current residence or office. With an experience spanning over many years, we have succeeded in gathering professional drivers, logistics managers, packers and long-distance movers who deliver a quick and top-notch relocation, including interstate transportation.

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Moving services provided in San Jose

We offer the following moving services in San Jose:

  • Residential moving - We specialize in bringing each transported item as it was before packing. We achieve that result thanks to our scheduling approach.
  • Commercial Moving - Our team at California Movers work tirelessly during the nights and on weekends to carry out long-distance relocating, thereby saving a lot of time.
  • Piano moving - Pianos are usually an expensive and delicate investment that calls for an efficient transportation during the time of relocation. We at California Movers are properly trained with the best practices and are fully equipped to handle the moving of these large instruments. Whether it be uprights, baby grands, spinets, concert grands, grand uprights, or any other kind of pianos and organs, we've got you covered!

Trusted Residential & Office Movers in San Jose

California Movers is one of the most reliable moving services in San Jose that has the potential to relocate offices and businesses of all sizes, thereby minimizing the downtime and meeting the budgets of both small stores and regional business branches alike. Not only do we deal in moving and storage in San Jose, but also furniture moving.

We first make an estimate of work scope and then from there onwards prepare an office relocation plan and schedule. This allows us to be prompt and efficient. Since we expect the unexpected, our professional moving team is always prepared to deal with anything unusual in the best possible manner. Lastly, we value your time and thus perform the relocation activity after office hours and on the weekends.

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Take the first step in making your relocation a seamless and an easy breezy experience! California Movers is a moving company in San Jose CA dedicated to understanding the needs of its clients and then offering streamlined relocation services in a thoughtful way. Are you interested in getting a quote for our professional moving help? Then fill out the form below and our team will get back to you right away! For general questions and concerns, feel free to give us a call at (415) 579-2747.


  • San Jose Chamber of Commerce – 101 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95113 – (408) 291-5250
  • San Jose School District – 855 Lenzen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126 – (408) 535-6000
  • San Jose Community College – 2100 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128 – (408) 298-2181
  • San Jose Cable Television – 1600 Saratoga Ave Ste 32, San Jose, CA 92129 – (800) 934-6489
  • San Jose Water Systems – 110 W Taylor Street, San Jose, CA 95110 – (408) 279-7900
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Amazing company! I mean it! It was my first relocation experience, and they did it excellent! I didn’t worry at all, cause they looked like real professionals and as a result – one more satisfied client. It was really cool the team arrived on time, because I heard different stories about moving company. And that is why I did my best to find the best one. And as a result – again, great relocation. No broken stuff, no hassles and no stress. Thank you so much! And good luck with all your clients!
We recently hired California movers to help us in moving or household goods. We have been sent 4 guys and 2 trucks to load all our stuff. And the whole move was great. Guys did their best to wrap our belongings and load them into the truck. I can definitely recommend them to anyone!
California movers helped me move in 3 weeks ago, and that was awesome. My relatives told me about this company, so I decided to hire their team. And to be honest, the relocation was really fast, because a team arrived on time. At once, they started to wrap everything in moving blankets, and loading took only 40 minutes (and everything arrived in the same condition). TIP: if you offer them water, and let them use your bathroom you got to keep them in a great condition! Also, guys were efficient and very strong! What is more, there were no hidden fees. So, in conclusion, I want to say that I highly recommend this company, cause no headache and broken stuff. Only good mood!
12 February 2018

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