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It is a widely known fact that moving without professional assistance is a real challenge and when you start the search of the trustworthy movers in San Fernando Valley, our professional team will always give you a helping hand. California Movers is a company that has helped hundreds of people to relocate in the area of Los Angeles, Pasadena and other cities in California. Today we offer superior moving services in different cities and states. No matter whether you arrive or leave San Fernando Valley, our professional team will assist you during the process and you will appreciate all the benefits of cooperation with experts.

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Professional moving company in San Fernando Valley, CA

What are the benefits of turning to the professional moving company? Our San Fernando Valley movers will take all the responsibility on their shoulders while you will enjoy the following pros:

  • The absence of necessity to organize the process;
  • All the belongings are moved according to the checklist so you can compare if everything was delivered;
  • You will save your time for other important things;
  • The moving process will take place no matter what weather conditions are outdoors;
  • No need to sacrifice your health by raising heavy items;
  • All the items are treated carefully and insured against damages.

As a result, the only thing you have to do is to address our expertise team and follow the moving process if you wish. In the end, you will be surprised how successful moving can be when you hire California Movers.

Piano movers in San Fernando Valley

There is always a difficulty with moving such heavy and big things as pianos, machinery, equipment, etc. In most cases, lack of experience in dealing with moving such things results in damages and severe health issues. Prevent yourself from negative consequences with our professional piano movers in San Fernando Valley. Provided with professional equipment and aware of the right moving strategy they will complete this process fast and effortless for you.

Relocation Guidelines

The relocation procedure consists of several important stages. When you turn to our staff for professional help, we always try to inform our customers how both residential and commercial moving takes place. There are several stages to be completed:

  • Creation of the checklist;
  • Evaluation of the number of services required;
  • Negotiating the schedule;
  • Processing the payment;
  • Successful completion of the process.

Our cheap movers in San Fernando Valley will pack, load, transport all the belongings according to the list of services you require. We also offer a premium storage option to our clients who need to keep their belongings in absolute safety for some time. Prevent your household from extra stress and hard work as nobody will do the moving job better than our professional staff.

Useful Resources

San Fernando Valley may seem foreign for newcomers so it is important to be armed with some contact information to get used to this place faster.

  • City Council, 117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340; (818) 898-1201
  • Police Department, 910 First Street, San Fernando, CA 91340; (818) 898-1267
  • Recreation & Community Services Department, 208 Park Avenue, San Fernando, CA 91340; (818) 898-1290
  • Personnel Division, 117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340; (818) 898-1239
  • St. Patrick Education District, No. 101 Farah Street, San Fernando; Phone: 1-868-653-8957 / 3445
Address & Contact information
16776 Millikan Ave Irvine, CA 92606
Toll Free:
(415) 579-2747
Monday - Saturday
8:00am - 8:00pm Pacific Time
8:00am - 8:00pm Pacific Time
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Ju Tung
Slava, Matt
Coordinator move
review client
Well, at first I thought to hire an original company. I knew they would provide me with a truck where all my belongings would be loaded with other people's stuff who also need to move in San Fernando Valley. But, yeah, with this move it is easier to lose some (or even all) your stuff. What is more, that company also told me the delivery would be within 7 days, and it was really difficult for me to wait for so long without any control of the process. So, that is why I decided to try California Movers. It was great to know the company provides the same guys who load your stuff during a move. Those same guys would drive to your new place and unload your belongings, and they would be in Long Beach with my belongings on the same day they collected them. All in all, my movers came highly prepared, on time, and they got the job done quickly and with care. What else do you need? Ah, the most important thing: nothing was broken or missing. Thank you so much!
Carol Sandoz
Dmitry, Kartman
Coordinator move
review client
On moving day from San Fernando Valley, the crew Dmitry and Kartman proved to me why California Movers has such a strong and consistent reputation. The guys were prompt and wonderfully professional. Their communication was at the highest level and they were very friendly. What is more, I saw how organized they were - all considering their own plan - as my really heavy and big furniture was moved as if it was a regular day at the office or them without any fuss and struggles.
On Yang
Craig, Sergey, Andrei
Coordinator move
review client
They were on time at both locations (San Fernando Valley-Los Angeles)and did a perfect job of separating the freight, which was color-coded on pallets, and delivering the correct items to each of our two customers in that part of the US. I would highly recommend them, especially for the fantastic price. Thank you California Movers, you did an awesome job - my furniture arrived with no trouble or issues!
Gary Janzen
Aibek, Azamat
Coordinator move
review client
This is my second time using them within San Fernando Valley and I would now never recommend anyone else. I can't express enough how professional and courteous Mike and his team were through my move. They also took care to put everything in the proper rooms in the new home. Nothing was damaged!
Sam, Craig
Coordinator move
review client
In under their two hour estimate, they'd done all our furniture and some extra stuff. They even arranged our furniture for us and they did all of this FAST. Thank you Sam for making me feel like an important client! Don't call anyone else. Hire these guys and you will never regret! (especially if you live in San Fernando Valley)

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