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The Best Places To Live In The United States In 2022

Despite the fact Americans are moving less than ever we are still one of the most “moving” nations in the world.
The United States has always attracted people with a high quality of life, but even in this country, there are more and less beneficial places to reside. If you want to find a paradise for your family in this country, there are several cities which are considered to offer a happy life to every resident. Let’s determine the top 5 best places for living in the US this year and the reasons why they look outstanding among others.

Austin, Texas

Many people think of moving to Texas because living there is more affordable. Austin is among the top 5 of the American cities with the highest increase in population and there are several objective reasons for that. The city offers an affordable cost of living including rentals especially. There is one of the lowest crime rates in the country and rather diverse community, so you will not feel odd there. This green and energy efficient city will be appreciated by everyone who visits it.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado is a liberal state without any discrimination laws and Denver is one of the best cities to live in. The constant arrival of new people boosted the development of startups and small businesses, so there are more chances to find a well-paid job too. There is a beautiful downtown, fresh mountainous area and a variety of things to do too.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city that unites both coastal and mountainous area as well as a variety of jobs for getting employed. It is a city of cyclists, beer lovers, and excellent educational opportunities. There is no sales tax and rather affordable real estate too. It is a city of future that offers green living and promotes it to masses.

Washington D.C.

Living in the capital has both benefits and drawbacks, but a US capital can offer much to its residents. Located on the coast it is a home to multiple global companies so the job market is rather promising there. Moreover, it is a city of parks, multiple recreation activities and tasty food, so living there is rather versatile and interesting.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is considered to be a perfect place for a living: it is a dog-friendly city without a state income tax, it attracts young people by its sports, beer and exquisite cuisine while others appreciate friendly and smiling people who live here.

Every year millions of Americans move to another state. Maybe you are thinking over the opportunity of relocating right now. Should you move or not?
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You are the one who takes responsibility for your life, sum up its pros and cons and move on with our moving company.