Pros and Cons of Moving from California to Texas

Moving statistics from CA to TX

Nowadays you will not surprise anyone if you tell that you are going to leave California and move to Texas.  Beautiful coastline and eye-catching hills no longer attract people so much that they could withstand all those difficulties they face on a daily basis. According to the report of the California Legislative Analyst’s office about a million people left the state between 2007 and 2016. It was estimated that by the end of 2018 the number of people who leave this area annually will reach 26,000 individuals. Moreover, the biggest number of people who are thinking of moving or have already decided to do that are qualified middle-aged white-collar workers with the average income in California between $100,000 and $200,000. Consequently, soon many companies will lack educated specialists who look for better life in other states including Texas. You may wonder ‘why Californians are moving to Texas?’, however, there are several reasons for that:

  • California state income tax is the highest in the country.
  • Housing and rental prices are extremely high and 1/3 of renters living in California cannot afford that.
  • Endless traffic rule violations and brutal behavior of drivers on the road.
  • Inability to run business in the state.
  • Unstable political climate with the swing to the left.
  • The ratio between the salary and the cost of living is unrealistic.
  • As a result, it was estimated that by 2050 20 million people who used to live in California would gradually move to Texas because of these and many other reasons.

    Benefits of moving from CA to TX

    Texas takes the first place among US states that were chosen by the Californians as a better place of living. In 2016, over 70,000 residents of California found their new home in Texas. Moreover, this state has gained a title of the fastest-growing state in the nation thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Californians in particular.  Of course, it happens not only because of the challenges people have to face in such states as California but also advantages they get when they become locals in Texas. Consequently, there are many benefits of moving from California to Texas.

    1. Both personal and corporate income taxes are absent in Texas

    Taxes in Texas

    This is one of the greatest benefits for people who would leave a huge part of their income in their own pockets instead of giving it to the state. People who have the business and moving from California to Texas trying to develop it in the new state, have more chances to be successful there.

    2. A lower cost of living

    There is a significant difference between the cost of living in California and Texas. Housing costs in Texas are 54% less than in California, while a family with kids may save over 60%. However, it is important to compare all the other typical expenses for both states to see how cheaper it is to live in Texas. There is an 18% difference in food cost, 8% less expensive health insurance, and 14% lower spending on entertainment.

    3. Faster growing economy

    Thanks to the capital city of Texas, Austin that takes the tenth place on the Forbes list of the top 10 growing economies, today the state is also regarded to take the leading positions in the economic sphere as numerous reputable companies like Google and Apple have moved to it. Today the Texas economy is the second largest in the USA and if it was a sovereign country, it could take the tenth place in the whole world.

    4. Warm and mild climate

    Climate in Texas

    Despite the fact that there are regions in Texas that encompass different climates, the biggest part of the state has a subtropical climate with the average summer temperature of 80-100° F and mild not snowy winters. The climate is very similar to Californian one and is very pleasant for living.

    5. Much space for everyone

    Texas is the home to six of the largest cities in America, and there are many smaller towns and villages that are rather inviting and nice for living.

    6. Better employment opportunities

    As Texas has become the main location of many leading American and global companies, people who live there have received more opportunities to be paid more and have a regular full-time work due to a large number of job positions.

    7. Unique entertainment

    BBQ in Texas
    If you are a fan of live music, you should move to Austin, the center of the American and world’s live music.
    People who enjoy eating tasty food should remember that Texas offers the most delicious fried food and BBQ (there are over 2,000 BBC joints in this state).

    8. Liberal state

    Either population or local government treats most of the regulations in Texas rather liberally. There are many gay families, simple city rules and obvious business regulations, so you will not have to get used to multiple restrictions.

    9. Texas people are friendly and easy to come along with

    Texas flag

    Though you can see migration between many states all around the USA, Texas remains one of a few states where local population does not wish to go anywhere. It happens because people are satisfied with their way of living and it makes them open, friendly and easy to communicate with.

    Nikita P.
    Nikita P.
    Nikita is more than 5 years professionally engaged in moving industry in California Movers.
    Texas remains one of the top destinations for Californians a few years in a row. This route is popular for individual residents as well as for local companies which want to lower the cost of doing business.

    Disadvantages of moving from CA to TX

    In spite of the fact that for a person, who moves to Texas, this place may seem a paradise at first glance, not everything is that smooth in this state. Unfortunately, there are no perfect destinations and even a cheap and well-organized place for a living might have its drawbacks. You should be prepared that moving to Texas you might face several challenges including:

    • A necessity to get a Texas driver's license and car registration;
    • Bigger cost of transportation services up to 17% than you had in California and lack of public transport;
    • Unpredictable weather changes and high chances of storms and tornadoes;
    • Inability to travel to other states because of big state area and heavy traffic;
    • A restricted choice of products for sale because of not many farmer markets;
    • Too conservative views on many points.

    Such factor as loyal gun laws that allow open carry in Texas we can't characterise as beneficial or unfavorable because this choise is up too you. But without fail you should know about this factor when moving from CA to TX.

    Pros and Cons of Moving from California to Texas

    Tips to a person who is moving from California to Texas

    Every person who is moving to Texas from California must not only evaluate all the pros and cons of this decision but also prepare for the moving process. It is natural that you will have absolutely different experience if you move with kids or think of moving dogs from California to Texas. The first thing you should do when you start organizing the moving process is to learn how and where you can get all the necessary documents to stay in Texas legally. You might also need to change your driving license and perform other actions with your vehicle to drive safely in the state and in this cases, DMV.ORG can be a useful helper in this task.

    How to hire long-distance movers from California to Texas

    Usually, families with children, pets or without them require some professional assistance for the process to be completed faster and without unpleasant surprises. Moving can be often connected with damages, thefts or forgetting some important items, so it is always better to turn to a professional moving company from California to Texas and make this process smooth and non-tiring. Remember that you need to think not about how to keep all your items in safety during transportation but about the way how to organize your living in the new place in the best possible way. That is why "California Movers: Local & Long distance moving company" is always happy to offer you premium moving services to Texas or moving California so that the start of your living in these states could be associated only with positive emotions, while we will take all the responsibilities for a reasonable cost of moving services. Make this challenging experience an exciting adventure with qualified and professional assistance from our company!

    Reality check Girl
    Many cities in Texas have become overpopulated. The property taxes are so high that it pretty much negates any savings from no state tax. Sales taxes are high. Gas prices are high. Schools have become overcrowded and many major roads in cities and burbs have slowed to a crawl. If u don't want California I recommend the Midwest or places like Florida, Georgia etc.Moreover Texas is not a great place to be a Democrat much less a Socialist. Just calling it like it is.
    Having lived in both states myself, I am very partial to California. Texas does have some redeeming, I really enjoy the BBQ there, but there Mexican food is sub par and Tex Mex should have never been created. Texas is a great place to raise your family, low cost of living with lots of opportunities. If education is important to you, stay away from Texas. One would be lead to believe they have great colleges because of how much hype is made over their football teams; however, it's just hype. California schools, even their schools that you never heard of are still better than UT and A&M. LIke I said, they are good schools, just not anywhere near California universities. The long and short of it boils down to one thing really, if you have a choice, which by being American we all do. Which state do you want to live your life in, remembering that you only have one life to live. It is that exact reason why I left Texas and came back to California. Every time it was 110 degrees at 9 pm or it rained for a week straight, I often asked myself why I would live in a state with such awful weather when I knew that California was just a two day drive away. Texas is great, California is just better. Don't be upset Texans, I've lived all over the country, it's just a fact that no states weather can match California's weather and beauty.
    Awesome article!! Thank you!! 🙂
    Dallas Fort Worth is extremely over populated! Arlington is right in the middle and I hate having to drive around here! We have the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Six Flags, Hurricaine Harbor, UTA, etc. It takes me 25 minutes to drive 4 miles down Cooper Street. Texas use to be known for our friendly driving. Not in this area. Get road rage and get a gun pulled on ya! If you want friendly, DFW is not the area for you. You might want to move to Odessa!
    Having lived (longer than 15 years each) in both states(both urban and smaller towns), a couple things became obvious. The cost of living in Texas is really high compared to wages. Pricing for homes is ridiculously high for most wage earners in Texas, esp. in the urban centers. Services are good, but, limited. In some places embarrassingly so. As for open/concealed carry, the older rules that Texas maintains is just what has always been, the realities of urban living is morphing Texas in the urban areas to look more like, urban environments. California would do well to examine how the differences between urban and rural areas have different requirements. No income tax leaves the issue of how to pay the bills. Texas has done well to use mineral taxes to do so but that leaves those costs to be passed on to somewhere not so direct. Also, the huge areas make it easier to manage resources since the pressure on them are usually less. Where usage is much higher, costs to use those resources are much higher to reflect that. Clothing, food and utilities are higher in Texas. Fuel costs less, but, you have to drive a lot more to do anything since public transportation is generally so mediocre to really bad, you'll wind needing to drive. At the upper income levels it works out about equal. At the lower levels, California is brutal, but, Texas is starting to get so now as well and the upper income levels populations are not as many. you'r milage may vary.
    California's higher income tax rate when initially voted in was supposed to be temporary and sunset if a couple of years. Guess what...NEVER HAPPENED The politicians are drunk with spending your money on bogus homeless projects, free stuff for all of the illegals in this sanctuary state. Talked to some folks from Texas a while ago about relocation. They said you're welcome to come, just "leave your crazy California politics in California"...LOL True,very true
    Tim Rollins
    How are conservative views and liberal gun laws a bad thing? Those are reasons to move there!
    Amen! That’s why we’re movin’ there y’all!
    Rob Van Huss
    Hi, that was my thoughts exactly.
    Hilary Clinton
    Wrong about two of your cons. Because people in Texas are carrying concealed guns. There are less shootings. Something Liberals don't understand. Second, liberal policy's drive people from California. Conservative policys are why Texas economy is thriving!
    Housing and business opportunities are more likely the driving force for growth; you’re erroneous in your assumption that it’s based on political views. Also there aren’t less shootings in Texas, or any “pro” gun state where you can open carry.
    bill ding
    very high property taxes; can be 4x california
    Im glad you mentioned that! My property taxes on $185,000 home purchased was close to $7000 yr. They base it not on purchase price but on assessed value. Weather is not mild! You will have over 120 days in triple digits.
    I honestly don't know what you are talking about... My property taxes here in texas is $120/year. Perhaps you didn't homestead your house? Actually including my 5 rental properties that you can't homestead my tax bill still only comes to roughly $6500/year. And in most places the assesed value you speak of is less then the actual purchase price of the house. Weather depends on the part of the state you are in.. But you obviously fail to factor in that some of your property tax is offset by the simple fact that you don't have to pay state income tax.
    Yea but you will still pay more in property taxes in California because of the housing cost. If you break down the property tax per square foot California is double the cost, at least.
    I pay $6200 on a $450k home in los angeles.
    Lived in Texas my whole life. Never had 120 days with triple digits. Every state has it's good and bad so pick one you like for crying out loud!
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