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Living in Utah

Migration inside the US is not anything unbelievable. Every year, local state organizations provide reports on the migration statistics, and it says that most of the people, who use moving services, for example, California Movers USA, relocate towards the south and west moving to Utah, in particular. It is one of the western fast-growing states that welcomes people from different parts of the US. The population of this state has been growing steadily since its foundation and only for the last 8 years, it has increased by over 9%. Living in Salt Lake City can be attributed to a prosperous, and if you ask someone what is Utah known for, the first you will find out, that it is the pleasant place, which is constantly replenished with new residents. In any case, before you move, you need to understand where is Utah located, what the state is like, what are its prospects, advantages, and features.


Utah population

Thanks to the low housing cost, low cost of living, low crime rate, great skiing, and beautiful landscape, Utah is emerging as an attractive state. Before moving, you need to find out how many people are in Utah in order to find a city that is not overpopulated, where it will be easier to find a job and arrange children for school or kindergarten. The state has the 4th highest population growth rate. Utah’s population has already grown to 3,205,958 quickly. It is estimated that by 2060, it will exceed 6.8 million people living in Utah . This increase is likely to be both from high birth rates and relocation to Utah from all over the country. In 2023, the Utah population grew by 52,664 people, an annual growth rate of 1.69%. The state’s population has registered an increase every year since 2012. More and more Americans annually leave their former places of residence, moving to Utah, because this is one of the most cozy and comfortable states in the USA.

Best cities in Utah

If we talk about the best cities to live in Utah, then it is worth highlighting the following ones:

  • Salt Lake City is a city that offers absolutely everyone a wide variety of opportunities for life, business, and tourism. Therefore, when asking what's the capital of utah, you can surely answer that it is a fast-growing and progressive Salt Lake City. We can definitely say that this is one of the best cities in Utah.

  • George is a city that can be described as the quietest and most comfortable, suitable for both small and large families.

  • Ogden is a city that belongs to the richest, most beautiful and saturated in every way.

Ogden, St. George and Salt Lake City are the best cities in Utah, which offer their residents excellent conditions and a high quality of life.

Reasons to move to Utah

Many people will only consider the benefits when deciding whether to move or not. This is a mistake. Always weight both the pros & cons. Yes, there are reasons to move to Utah so many California residents believe Utah to be one of the best places to relocate, such as great weather and climate, low monthly rent, and low cost of living. But like any other place, there are some disadvantages as well. The reason Americans move from california to utah is mostly high prices for services and taxes, while in Utah the standard of living is no less high, but its cost is an order of magnitude lower.

1. Cost of living

The main positive feature of Utah state is a lower cost of living. It is one of the most affordable states in the US that guarantees a high standard of living to everyone. This is achieved by comparatively low prices and high income, so every person living here can use the best amenities characteristic of the largest cities but for half of their price.
It is natural that homes in Salt Lake City metropolitan area are more expensive than around the state in general, but still, utilities, groceries, rental prices are even lower than around the country.

2. Home prices

Naturally, the median home price in Utah is higher than around the US: compare $302,000 and $216,200. However, a huge role in this price is played by homes located in Salt Lake City (homes are 90% more expensive there than in average around the US). It means, that living in the residential area is very affordable and almost every working family can obtain a home there.
Rental prices are similar to the national average ones. You need about $1,000 to live in the 1-bedroom apartment and double this amount to rent a 4-bedroom flat in the metro area. In other counties, rental prices are twice lower.

3. Climate

Utah living is a perfect choice in regard to climate, as local residents can feel all the features of the dry continental climate. They enjoy summer warmth and reasonably cold winters. There is rather low precipitation and the temperature rarely goes in its extremes. Any cold winds and waves are blocked by the mountains, so the average yearly temperature is about 52° F. Considering the conditions for living in Utah, anyone who is at the stage of choosing a state for moving should decide for themselves which climate is most suitable for living, because in Utah it is deserted, which means it may not be suitable for people with respiratory diseases and unstable pressure.

4. Safety

You can hardly find another state in the US that can boast such a high level of safety as Utah does. The biggest number of crimes takes place in Salt Lake City, and it makes the average crime rate in Utah be a bit higher than the national one. These are mainly property crimes, while violent crimes are 36% lower than on average around the country. However, the biggest part smaller cities and towns in Utah can boast 80% lower crime rate than the average one around the state and it is a decent proof of the high level of safety there. One more fact that speaks louder than words is a strong religious background that minimizes the possibility to become a victim of any crime. In 2016, Utah was ranked the 9th safest state in the US too.

5. Excellent education

Utah can be proud of schools located there, as they attract thousands of students to this state. You can find many decent higher-learning institutions there, but it's impossible not to mention Salt Lake Community College (the second best community college in the country), Westminster University (22nd place in the national rating), and two more institutions from top 50 of the best national ones - Brigham Young University and University of Utah.

6. Entertainment and recreation

Most of the state area is covered with mountains and it opens a diversity of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Unbelievable scenery, beautiful rivers, and lakes with crystal water, fresh air contribute to such great activities as cycling, hiking, climbing, scuba diving, backpacking, horse riding, and even skiing etc. There are 5 National Parks popular with tourists as well as multiple annual festivals that guarantee unforgettable nightlife.

7. Stable economic growth and employment opportunities

Utah can be a perfect place to look for a job or start your own business. There is a very low unemployment rate - about 2.9%. Moreover, there has been a 70% increase in the number of high-technology jobs for a couple of previous years. Salt Lake City is regarded to be one of the best city to start a career and build your own small business. Utah has also had the fastest-growing labor force since 2010 and it is a key element in the overall state economic growth. In 2014, for example, it was the best overall performing state in economic growth and it does not leave its leading positions now too.

8. Young and smart local residents

Utah attracts many people by the possibility to live among the young population. It is the state with the youngest population in the US - the median age is 30.5 years only. Moreover, most of the people living here are educated. Over 90% of students successfully graduate from high school. 30% of graduates enter higher educational institutions to get degrees.

9. Good traffic and transportation

Utah is one of few states that can offer its residents an upgraded highway system. The state is interconnected and can be easily traversed. Salt Lake International Airport is the largest Delta Hub in the west, while a constantly growing light rail system can take you in any direction. You will appreciate an award-winning bus system and FrontRunner commuter rail too.

10. Equality

People living in Utah have a very high level of well being and it is more than in all the US cities. Salt Lake City has been ranked the second friendly list city in the country, while all people feel equal in this state. No wonder there is the largest LGBT community here too. Moreover, Utahns are the most generous people in the country. Most of them admitted donating money, volunteering, and helping strangers.
Also, the best of Utah is religiosity and freedom of religion. The fact is that this state is the most religious in the United States. To be more precise, 60 percent of the inhabitants are Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ). Everyone who lives in or just moved has in Utah the right to know that he has the right to remain in Christianity or other religion or change it (purely by will). By law, each person can profess the faith he wants, the same principle applies to moving, for example, any citizen of the country can safely move from Utah to California and start a new life.

11. Very experienced movers

If necessary, local movers will do an excellent job with the delivery of goods, they will bring everything at the time agreed with the client, without delay. At the same time, they know the map of the Utah area and will deliver the goods in integrity and safety. Even if you plan on moving to Utah from California, you can contact local movers. After all, they will make your moving to Utah as convenient and comfortable as possible.

To eliminate any doubt, the question of whether is utah a good place to live can be answered positively with confidence, because this state offers good conditions for life and professional development.

Utah vs California

Utah California
GDP Per Capita 59,631$ 79,315$
Unemployment Rate 4.1% 9.3%
Groceries 47.4% more in California
Transportation Costs 11.5% more in California
Housing A 1-bedroom apartment will cost 38.3% more in CA
Childcare 62.5% higher in California
Clothing Costs 11.4% higher in CA

So, if we compare Utah vs California, we can conclude that, the cost of living in California is 32.3% more than Utah. Almost everything will cost more in the Pacific State, which means saving money is always going to be difficult, even though the state’s average income is higher.
When it comes to the best places to live in Utah, it is worth highlighting the most populated city of Salt Lake City and the richest city of Ogden, where $ 66,566 per capita falls per year. It can be emphasized that this aspect of Utah vs California is held at 100%, because in California there are also many people with plus or minus with the same income.

Reasons not to move to Utah

However, despite such a big number of benefits, there is still a question: should you move to Utah? At least, there are some facts about living in Utah that may discourage your belief in its perfection. So it is necessary to study in advance the reasons not to move to Utah.

1. The abundance of Mormon residents

According to the recent estimate, about 62% of Utah’s population are Mormons. In two southern counties, their number exceeds 83% of the local population. It means that even local authorities consist partially of Mormons.

2. Taxes

Utah cannot be called a tax-friendly state. There are several taxes paid by local residents. It is a income tax (4.95%), sales tax (5.95%-8.70%), property tax (0.66%), gas, cigarette, and alcohol taxes. If to compare state income collections in Utah with other states, it is the 25th highest in the country.

3. Home prices are rising

Despite the relatively affordable cost of housing in Utah, there is bad news for people who are planning the move. Prices are constantly rising - by 7.4% over 2018, and experts predict that they will continue to grow. And on top of that, the cost of living in Utah is constantly growing due to such an economic wave of growth in housing (both home purchases and rentals).

4. There is a huge desert area

The western part of Utah is mostly an arid desert, while the south and south-east of the state remind a terrain. Sandstone dominates this area. Southwestern part is the hottest and driest area in Utah. As a result, all the cons of deserts and sandstone such as insects, lack of water and other are characteristic of Utah geography as well.

5. Crazy drivers

The state roads have a small number of speed bumps. It allows local drivers to feel too self-confident on the road. Moreover, when they turn for drivers license, their DMV test is not strict enough too.


Why companies moving to Utah

Nowadays, not only local residents wish to live in Utah. There are many reasons to move to Utah for businesses as well companies moving to Utah. Most often these are small companies, but some of the world giants such as Facebook and Adobe take advantage of this opportunity too. Let’s find out why companies choose Utah as for running their business.

Tech industry has grown significantly in Utah

More than 8% of Utah population are employed in technology, and such a great increase by 42% happened between 2016 and 2017. Many specialists have been attracted to this state and it created a tech base for other businesses.

Lower cost of living

Many companies located in Silicon Valley, for example, have to compensate money to their employees for the necessity to live in such an expensive region. In Utah, things are absolutely different. People can not only earn their living getting an average salary but also enjoy their lives. Moreover, utilities (e.g. energy is 29% cheaper) and rent are cheaper in Utah, so companies spend less money on facilities too. To understand is utah expensive to live in, just pay attention to these statistical information data.

Low flat corporate tax

Despite the fact that there is a flat tax in the state, it is still lower than all around the US. Being only 5%, taxes paid by companies appear to be not so high as in other states.

Fast-growing economy

The success of the company is interrelated with the state economy. In Utah, there was a constant increase by 2% annually for the last 5 years and it is a proof of success. Moreover, the state has a very low unemployment rate and a rather high percentage of college graduates, so this tendency in the economy will continue.

There are also peoplewho decide to leave utah to california who lack opportunities for development in the professional field, who dream of living near the beach or, at least, relaxing near the ocean more often, and who are also accustomed to the dynamic rhythm of life.
For Californians who decide to move, it is best to hire a special trucking company so as not to understand how far is utah from California, how best to get to the state to transport all their belongings, and how long it will take.

Best places to live In Utah

It is natural that you can find much useful information about moving to the state, but there is very little data about other decent cities and towns in Utah apart from Salt Lake City. If you are moving to Utah from California or any other state, learn a bit more about the best places to live in Utah to make your choice reasonable. Thus, in order to evaluate living in Utah pros and cons, one should pay attention to important information.

1. Salt Lake City

  • Population: 186,440 (Metro: 200,544)

  • Area: 110.4 square miles

  • Main industries: government, trade, transportation, utilities, tourism, professional and business services

  • Entertainment: museums, performing arts, music, multiple festivals, conventions, different cultural and sports events, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking

  • 2. George

  • Population: 84,405 (Metro: 165,662)

  • Area: 64.9 square miles

  • Main industries: airlines, retail, education, healthcare, tourism

  • Entertainment: museums, theatres, festivals, airshow, games, marathon, baseball teams

  • 3. Park city

  • Population: 7,731

  • Area: 24.4 square km

  • Main industries: tourism, mining

  • Entertainment: skiing, snowboarding, sledging, cinema, festivals

  • 4. Ogden

  • Population: 82,865

  • Area: 69 square km

  • Main industries: government, healthcare, education, automobile

  • Entertainment: shopping, nightlife, events, outdoor recreation, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, fishing

  • 5. Logan

  • Population: 50,371

  • Area: 18.5 square miles

  • Main industries: education, manufacturing, medical services, agriculture, retail businesses

  • Entertainment: opera, theatre, arts, outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, zoo, golf, fairs, rodeos

  • 6. Moab

  • Population: 5,253

  • Area: 4,1 square miles

  • Main industries: tourism, education, government, retail

  • Entertainment: camping, rafting, kayaking, biking, climbing, hiking

Everyone chooses their personal criteria for choosing the best places to live in Utah, for example, Park City is suitable for a quiet and peaceful life, Kaysville is chosen for living near the center, but at the same time in a wilder and more secluded place, and the dynamics, frantic pace and business life can be found in Salt Lake City.
Asking the question is Salt Lake city a good place to live and whether this city is the most developed place in the state, it is worth emphasizing that other cities (even not the most popular ones) continue to be populated and are actively replenished with new families, companies that open their own business and people from all over America in general.
In general, the cost of living in Utah is affordable for people of different social groups and statuses.
There are many virtues and opportunities for life in every corner of the state, but still the best place to live in Utah were and still are the cities of Salt Lake City, Ogden and St. George.


1. Roosevelt, Utah

  • Population: 7,041
  • Unemployment rate: 8.7 percent
  • Combined household income: $63,479
  • Median home value: $199,600
  • High crime rate

2. Tooele, Utah

  • Population: 34,535
  • Unemployment rate: 6 percent
  • Median home value: $195, 999
  • High property crime rate

3. Grantsville, Utah

  • Population: 33,318
  • 4th highest crime rate in the state of Utah
  • High chance of being a victim of property crime
  • Unemployment rate: 5.4 percent
  • Median home value: $254,700

4. Hurricane, Utah

  • Population: 17,212
  • Unemployment rate: 5.4 percent
  • Average combined family income: $55,190
  • Many residents live below the poverty line

5. Midvale, Utah

  • Population: 33,318 residents
  • The 4th highest crime rate in the State of Utah
  • Residents are likely to be victims of violent crimes including rape and murder

6. Taylorsville, Utah

  • The 4th most dangerous city in the State of Utah
  • 22nd highest unemployment rate in the State of Utah
  • 6th worst place to live in the State of Utah
  • Population: 60,138
  • Median home value: $239,400

7. South Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Population: 25,000
  • 242 violent crimes and six homicides in one year
  • 1,796 property crimes reported in one year
  • Low median home value

8. West Valley City, Utah

  • Population: 137,132
  • 945 violent crimes in a one year period
  • 8 homicides in a one year period
  • 4,915 property crimes in a one year period

9. Murray, Utah

  • Population: 49,675
  • High property crime rate
  • 216 violent crimes in a one year period
  • The 8th most dangerous place to live in the State of Utah

10. Ogden, Utah

  • Population: 87,616
  • 417 violent crimes in a one year period
  • 3,218 property crimes in a one year period

11. Moab, Utah

  • Population: 5,274
  • 6th most dangerous place to live in the State of Utah
  • 33 violent crime in a one year period
  • 175 property crimes in a one year period

12. Price, Utah

  • Population: 8,201
  • 34 violent crimes in a one year period
  • 486 property crimes in a one year period

13. Park City, Utah

  • Population: 8,491
  • 225 property crimes in a one year period
  • Low median home value

14. Glendale, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Population: 13,656
  • High unemployment
  • High rate of violent crimes
  • High rate of property crimes

15. Westpointe, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Population: 8,426
  • Underperforming schools
  • 1 in 11 change of becoming a victim of crime

16. People’s Freeway, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Population: 5,805
  • High cost of living
  • Underperforming schools
  • High rate of violent crimes
  • High rate of property crimes
  • 1 in 13 change of becoming a victim of crime

So, I hope you have already studied the worst places to live in utah, these areas are still worth avoiding for life.
To date, the answer to the question: how many people live in Utah is precisely known? According to US government data, the population in Utah is 3.206 million people, and this figure continues to grow, respectively, Utah cost of living is also growing gradually.

What is Utah known for

Many Californians moving to Utah would like to learn the information associated with this state. However, there are several facts what is utah known for.

  • Why did Mormons leave New York and moved to Utah?
    The church of Mormons was created in New York, but after the death of their founder, all Mormons were persecuted because of extermination passed against them. They moved towards Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois, but later they were also asked to leave this territory, so they headed for the west to Utah and settled there.

  • Why not try local specialties like fry sauce or funeral potatoes?
    Utah has a number of local dishes eaten only there. Of course, it is a famous fry sauce invented by Don Carlos Edwards, as well as funeral potatoes. The latter ones are very tasty and cooked with cheese, sour cream, chicken soup cream, and cornflakes. As Mormons don’t drink coffee, they consume Postum instead. It is a caffeine-free beverage based on wheat grain and molasses.

  • What makes Provo one of the top-rated cities for living?
    Utah must be proud of such a city as Provo. It is famous for its minority of unemployed people, high quality of living and young population age (median age is only 24). It has been one of the leaders in many ratings including the city for career opportunities as well as city with the biggest number of mansions. Moreover, this city can boast the best well-being in the country, so it can be called a paradise for every person.

  • Is Utah an expensive city to live in?
    And the truth is, housing is expensive. The fact is that for a simple mansion you will need to pay about $ 250,000 US. True, the rent is somewhat more acceptable and is no more than $ 1,000 in residential areas of Salt Lake City, for example. For comparison, it is enough to give an example of the earnings of local residents. Earnings can be about $ 50,000 US.

  • Why is Salt Lake City worthy of the attention of those who want to move to Utah?
    This city became famous for hosting the Winter Olympics. The bottom line is that Salt Lake City has everything that active travelers or lovers of an active lifestyle dream of. Tourists like the most beautiful landscapes, because you can see high mountain peaks around. National parks located in the city attract everyone who loves nature.

  • How far is Utah from California?
    Many people are interested in the distance between the states. Maps indicate that it is 1117 kilometers. If you use a car, you will need to be on the road for approximately 10 hours. At the same time, transport operates constantly, so residents can easily get from California to Utah and vice versa daily.

Moving to Utah

Since Utah is located near the rain shadow region of one of the famous ridges called the Sierra Nevada, absolutely everyone should consider before moving whether the desert, semi-arid climate that reigns in absolutely the entire part of the state is suitable for him. After all, Utah weather year round is not constant, it changes in winter and summer periods, in winter the temperature reaches minus 10 degrees Celsius, and in summer the thermometer value rises to plus 24 degrees Celsius, precipitation is observed from time to time.
Are you thinking of moving from California to Utah? Or do you know anyone who is planning to relocate to Utah? In fact, there are several ways to do that depending on the volume of belongings you have and the number of people moving.
Naturally, the most comfortable way is to turn to the professional moving company such as California Movers and deliver everything in the perfect state to your new home. We are a full-service company, we carry out long-distance or local moving and deal with all the challenges connected with relocation, so our trained and careful movers are worth your trust.
However, if you are going to move alone, there are several ways to arrive in Utah from any neighboring state. It goes without saying, the fastest but the most expensive way is a plane. If you own a car or like going by bus, there are excellent highways to take you to the new place of living, while people who prefer railroad can catch a train too.
Moving out of state with your employer’s support can help you cover some of the costs of moving. Large corporations and other employers with financial resources are more likely to help prospective and new employees move across state lines.
Moving to Utah without a job lined up is not ideal, but don’t let not having a job stop you from moving to Utah. Obtaining employment as soon as you arrive in Utah is the best way to begin paying off expenses associated with moving. It is advisable to save enough money to cover at least three months of moving expenses. The expenses you accrue from moving should be saved should be paid for out of a separate moving fund. Budgeting your moving expenses will help you reduce some of the stress caused by moving to another state. If you have to live in a smaller apartment before moving into a larger space then consider spending less on housing until you can get established in your new state.
One of the best things you can do before moving to Utah is create a moving binder that contains a moving checklist, any important records, and a moving budget. These items will be important during your move and you will need to have easy access to medical records and school records when you arrive in Utah. If you have children you will need to make sure you have their immunization records updated before they can enroll in public or private schools.
Therefore, one thing should be remembered that when asking what to do in Utah, you should carefully read the information about what the state generally offers for new immigrants, companies, and tourists.


Cost of living in Utah

The cost of living in Utah is less expensive than the national average in the United States. Many commodities and services cost less in Utah than in the United States overall. The State of Utah as the 24th highest cost of living overall. It is more expensive to live in urban areas than rural areas in the United States. Five metropolitan areas are scattered throughout the State of Utah. Salt Lake City is the most expensive area in Utah. The cost of commodities and services in Salt Lake City is two percent higher than the average in the State of Utah.
Housing costs in Utah are lower than the national average. Renters in Utah pay approximately $990 per month on housing and this compares favorably to the national monthly median rent of $1,025. Rental costs decrease in the more rural areas of the State, but economic opportunities are not prevalent in the smaller towns in the State of Utah.
Most individuals in Utah drive to and from work every day. Most commuters in Utah driver over ten thousand miles per year while commuting to work. Driving this much can cost approximately $1,030 for fuel alone. Automobile insurance premiums also may be higher or lower in Utah depending on the individual’s driving history and whether or not he or she will be living in a urban area or a rural area.
When giving a general description, ask yourself if Utah is a good place to live whether this place is worthy of your attention. A full-fledged living in Utah will be associated with the incredible beauty of mountain landscapes, resort areas, and a long history. Cost of living in Utah is worth a lot and as Utah demographics shows, people will continue to inhabit the territory and develop all the attractions that are on it.

Utah right to know

Utah is a diverse and interesting state. If you are planning on moving to Utah you should understand some basic facts about living in Utah and not only regarding what you can expect to find once you settle in the State of Utah.
First, the Great Salt Lake that is famous throughout the country is not a great to place to actually go for a swim. Most Utah residents do not swim in the lake. Antelope Island is not close to Salt Lake City, and the water in the lake can seem murky and uninviting.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is headquartered in Salt Lake City. The Mormon church has a strong influence on the culture in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah. The church members have been known as Mormons, but the leadership of the Church plans to reduce the actual use of the nickname. Wards are gatherings of church members in the same area, and this term is often used in casual conversation with neighbors and friends. A Bishop is the leader of a ward, and he is the spiritual leader of the neighborhood.


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