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Want to live and work in a place with a rich history, where the cost of living and home prices are low, the culture is unique, and the landscape is extremely scenic? If you have answered YES to these questions, then you can consider moving to New Mexico. This is a beautiful and laid-back state. More and more people are moving there with great pleasure, using the services of a moving company, for example California Movers USA. The employment opportunities are growing while the cost of living in New Mexico is within the means of most families. It is close to both Texas and California.


A lot of people are wondering where is New Mexico. However, everything is simpler than it seems. It is known that this city has an interesting location on the maps, namely, it is located in the west of the United States of America. As for geography, its territory is mountainous and sandy terrain. This distinguishes the territory from others, making it special, interesting for visiting. It stretched over 315,194 thousand square kilometers. It is believed that this region is one of those that are among the largest. It is no coincidence that more and more people are thinking about moving to New Mexico. Here is truly a "bewitching" land, but still, it has boundaries. The city borders such states as Texas (on the east side), Arizona (on the west side), Colorado (on the north side), Oklahoma (on the northeast side). As for the south, Mexico is located on this side (just along the Rio Grande River, known to many people).


Approximately 2.100 million people live in this state. If we talk about what place the state occupies in terms of population, then this figure is 36. Many are interested in population density, then in the city it is 7 people per square meter, and this is 45th place in the country.

The largest city is Albuquerque. It is home to 560 thousand people (this city occupies the 32nd place in the list where to add the largest cities in the country). Of course, the population in other cities is also quite high:

  • New Mexico-Las Cruces (100 thousand people);
  • Rio Rancho (more than 90 thousand people);
  • The state capital is Santa Fe (70,000 people live here);
  • Roswell (about 50 thousand people).

Naturally, the information changes every day, because statistics are kept on the birth rate, and on mortality, and on the relocation of people from other shats in connection with marriage, work, etc.


The question of how many people live in New Mexico cannot be answered unequivocally, because the situation changes every year due to the active relocation of Americans to one of the most livable Mountain states.
Today (2023) a lot has changed, so the statistics of the New Mexico demographic situation are as follows:

  • Population density is 241 thousand people per 1 sq.m.;
  • The state is about 67.5% white, 1.07% black, 4.06% mixed race.
  • There is even fewer Asians - 0.17%, but there are many mixed nationalities - 25.40%.
  • Hispanic people (due to the fact that Mexico is nearby) are also very numerous - about 69%.

With families, the situation is such that there are women without husbands who raise children on their own, and there are full-fledged married couples (about 45%) who raise children in full-fledged families. But there are few elderly people - only about 11% (age 65+).

In terms of income, the average annual income for a full-fledged family in this state is about 31 thousand dollars, which is not very much for America as a whole. Also, many remain very poor - their income is about 13,000 dollars a year.


To calculate the route and prepare for the move, you need to understand how far is new mexico from California, because this is a rather long way, which can be overcome in many ways - by car, bus, train or plane.
The route is really large. The length of the path is 990.9 miles, it is about 1800 kilometers. At the same time, on the way by road transport, you will have to overcome about 13 hours on the road. True, many advise to overcome such a distance by air transport (if, of course, there are financial resources). In principle, domestic flights are not too expensive, but in 3.5 hours you can fly to California by plane. At the same time, there is no direct bus (public transport) from the state of New Mexico to California - you need to get at least two buses and the travel time can take about 20 hours in total. You can also buy train tickets and get there in 16.5 hours.
Moving from california to new mexico is chosen by people who strive for a comfortable life at low financial costs, because Californians know better than anyone how high taxes and housing prices can be. When planning a move to a new location, many Americans choose the New Mexico to California route, preferring a hot climate, great business opportunities and an active lifestyle.


Moving to New Mexico, you will definitely want to know more information about the cities located in this state. Cities in new mexico by population and interesting facts:

1. Albuquerque

About 545 thousand people live there. This city is considered the fastest growing in the country. If you are still deciding for yourself, is Albuquerque a good place to live, you should understand that this city is cozy, comfortable, but quite expensive.

2. Las Cruces

There live about 98 thousand people. The city belongs to the administrative center of Dona Ana.

3. Rio Rancho

Approximately 88 thousand people live there. It is located in the southwest of the country. It is really fast growing. This city is included in the Albuquerque Statistical Area.

4. Santa Fe

There live about 68 thousand people. This city is distinguished by its sights, and it is also considered truly "Royal of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi."

5. Roswell

There live about 49 thousand people. It is the capital of Chavez County. This city refers to cities that once hosted the largest Victory Day parades in history.
When choosing a city for living in New Mexico, the "golden mean" is albuquerque cost of living, which is less than the cost of living in Santa Fe, but slightly higher than in Las Cruces.


New Mexico Facts

What are New Mexico facts? Read below facts about New Mexico.

  • Population - 2,096,829;
  • Median Household Income – $48,059;
  • Median Property Value – $174,700;
  • High School Graduate or Higher – 85.3%;
  • Total Employer Establishments – 43,830;
  • Number of Employees – 833,651;
  • New Mexico attracts more than 30 million tourists a year.


Those living in New Mexico or moving to New Mexico have reasons to be happy. The state’s job market is looking up. Historically, though, it hasn’t been very good. Wallet Hub has ranked NM 43rd for jobs. But all that is changing now.
Many jobs are now available in the health services. According to Zippia, job opportunities for physical therapists, home health aides, and personal care assistants are growing faster than others. Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Lovelace Health System, and New Mexico VA Health Care System are the leaders in employment. So the job scene for healthcare workers are looking up in the state and jobs in New Mexico are increasing
Jobs in the construction industry has also grown 9% in the last year. Job opportunities in the finance sector have also grown by an impressive 4.8%. So overall, the job scene in NM is definitely on the upswing.



  • Energy (gas and oil);
  • Agriculture & Mining;
  • Tourism;
  • Aerospace & Defense;
  • Tourism;
  • Food Processing;
  • Distribution, Logistics & Transportation;
  • Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Digital Media & Film Production;
  • Administrative & Federal Government.

Corporations in New Mexico

  • Federal Government / State of New Mexico;
  • Wal-Mart;
  • Sandia National Laboratories;
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • The University of New Mexico;
  • New Mexico State University;
  • Presbyterian Healthcare Services;
  • Ernest Health;
  • New Mexico Department of Health;
  • Lovelace Health System.


One of the main factors that influence people’s desire to relocate is the cost of housing. New Mexico can boast ones of the lowest prices for homes as their median price is 5% cheaper than the national one – it is only $187,000 .
Home prices in New Mexico are also rather affordable. The most expensive city to live in New Mexico is Santa Fe. One-bedroom apartment in and outside the city center costs $1,166 and $903 respectively. The rental prices in Albuquerque are even lower – $841 and $735.

Cheapest Places to Live in New Mexico:

Usually the best place to live in new mexico is not always cheap, but we have compiled a list of the cheapest place to live in new mexico that are also worthy of your attention.

  • Lovington;
  • Truth or Consequences;
  • Hobbs;
  • Carlsbad;
  • Roswell;
  • Bloomfield;
  • Alamogordo;
  • Tucumcari;
  • Gallup;
  • Grants.

Cost of Living in New Mexico

Moving to a new place is necessarily accompanied by an analysis of prices in different states and cities of the United States, often stopping at the state of New Mexico, because the cost of living in New Mexico is affordable. The state’s cost of living index of 96.3, which is below the nationwide index of 100. This means, you will need less money here. That’s a wonderful reason for relocation to New Mexico. You will be able to save money if you live in the state.

Average Monthly Costs in Santa Fe (2 Adults + 2 Children)

  • Housing - $1,006;
  • Food - $784;
  • Childcare = $1,237;
  • Transportation = $1,176;
  • Healthcare = $806;
  • Other necessities = $722;
  • Taxes = $812.

Average Monthly Costs in Albuquerque (2 Adults + 2 Children)

  • Housing - $873;
  • Food = $739;
  • Childcare = $1,213;
  • Transportation = $1,141;
  • Healthcare = $808;
  • Other necessities = $650;
  • Taxes - $729.

Average Monthly Costs in Las Cruces (2 Adults + 2 Children)

  • Housing = $753;
  • Food = $721;
  • Childcare = $1,116;
  • Transportation = $1,095;
  • Healthcare = $835;
  • Other necessities = $595;
  • Taxes - $634.

I hope you have made sure that the cost of living in New Mexico is acceptable. Are you planning to relocate to the state? Let us examine the Pros & Cons.



The question of whether is New Mexico a good place to live is debatable, because on the one hand, visitors to the state receive responsiveness, hospitality of the population, diverse nature with forests and deserts, a beautiful atmosphere and exotic food, and on the other hand, a dry, desert climate, employment difficulties and average crime rates. There are many benefits of living in New Mexico.

1. Unique culture and traditions

New Mexico is a state with a long history and a rather diverse ethnicity. You will find many people belonging to the native American tribes and also many Latinos and Hispanics. Moreover, there are big communities of African-Americans, Asians and Middle Eastern people. It has contributed to a unique culture with many exclusive traditions. You will see many architecture styles, exclusive arts, including painting and pottery, dancing, and even food. The state’s cuisine has been greatly influenced by Mexican and Spanish foods.

2. Beautiful nature

New Mexico has beautiful landscapes. Start your journey along the desert and in a couple of hours you will be in the mountains. You can walk in the forests, rest on the bank of rivers and enjoy the state’s canyons and valleys. If you love nature, then for you the answer to the question is New Mexico a good place to live will be yes.
The air is extremely clean, even the metropolitan areas have some of the least polluted air in the country. NM also has beautiful skies. It is a perfect place to gaze at the stars and the constellations as they are incredibly distinct and bright.

3. Warm climate

The climate is mild and continental. The residents enjoy all four seasons. Enjoy warm and sunny weather in the summer and snowfall in the winter. The main feature of the local climate is dryness – there is an abundance of sunshine and very little precipitation throughout the year. It is one of the reasons why this state has such clean air, making NM an excellent choice for retirement.

4. Wines

The state has some of the oldest vines that have been growing since the 1960s. Local wine is incredibly tasty as it has been influenced by Spanish traditions. There is even a True Wine Trail in the state. Visit all the best wineries.

5. Long history

New Mexico is a state with the long history. Relocation to New Mexico has been happening for centuries. Discover the state’s many ties with the native American tribes. Santa Fe is considered to be the oldest continually inhabited US city. This area is believed to be the origin of the American Cowboys. Also, no other state has so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites – three of them are in NM.

6. Entertainment and recreation

You will find a great variety of entertainment options and activities. Moving to New Mexico makes sense if you enjoy the outdoors. You can do hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, skiing, climbing, and horse riding.
The creative arts flourish here – you can enjoy everything from painting, designing, opera, to theatre. Many events and festivals are also held, one of which attracts people from all corners of the world – The Annual Balloon Fiesta. Plus, you will also have free access to gambling, as the casinos are legal in the state.
Planning moving to new mexico will be easier with the help of a professional trucking company that knows exactly which route to get to your new location is the safest, fastest and most economical.

10 reasons not to move to new mexico

Picturesque nature, a fairly well-developed infrastructure, a friendly atmosphere - all these are the advantages of living in New Mexico, although there are nuances, such as an arid climate and a lack of job vacancies. Relocation to New Mexico has some disadvantages as well. So 10 reasons not to move to new mexico:

1. Job opportunities

Historically, New Mexico hasn’t been the best place to find a well-paid job. The unemployment rate is 5%, which is higher than the national average of 3.6%. However, all that is changing now as the state is doing better economically in recent times. Many industries like construction, finance, and healthcare are doing well. Jobs in the construction industry has grown 9% in the last year. Job opportunities in the finance sector have also grown by an impressive 4.8%.

2. Low-quality education

New Mexico has the highest number of PhDs in 2000, but primary and secondary school education is not that great. The state has been even accused of violating the constitutional rights of students by not providing them with sufficient education. In 2018, only 25% of the students in grades 3-11 managed to pass Maths test, and 31% completed a test in English arts successfully.

3. Bad roads and traffic

The state has some of the poorest rural roads. 25% of all rural roads in the state have been reported to increase the risk of traffic fatalities. Many bridges are also in poor condition. The state has achieved the distinction of having the “Most Dangerous Road in the USA” – the U.S. 666 or “The Devil’s Highway”. Also, many hilly roads are not in the best condition.

4. Higher crime rate

Unfortunately, the crime rate is also higher. The percentage of violent crimes per 1,000 residents is 8.6, while the national average is only 3.7. The number of property crimes is also higher than the national average – 39.42% vs. 24%. The state has also legalized the use of stun guns and tasers for self-defense.

5. Too dry climate, especially in spring and summer

Since there are a large number of deserts in the state, and forests are concentrated in the northern part of the state, the climate is quite arid and hot, especially in summer, and it is difficult to stay in the open sun for too long.

6. Widespread alcoholism

People drink too much due to lack of work. This affects the middle-aged population, especially unemployed men aged 40 to 55. During the day on the streets of the capital you can often see drunk people or huge companies of them.

7. Negative trend of the share

In the capital, as in other cities of the state, it is rare to meet well-groomed, beautiful, pumped-up people. Basically, they all have a lot of weight. And here we are talking not only about adult women and men, but also about overweight children. Most of them have problems with being overweight. Consequently, this gives rise to health problems and a gloomy state of sometimes still very young people.

8. Small amount of public transport

A very big problem of the state is that there are no public buses and other transport in order to quickly get from the capital or other cities to other, neighboring states. Basically, all people drive pickup trucks, because due to bad roads, there are not too many cars on the train. Practical trains are also absent due to unpopularity. True, there is a Rail Runner Express, which was introduced to connect the state capital and Albuquerque with neighboring suburbs.

9. Bad state of the economy

The state of New Mexico is considered a normal place to run a small business because there is no sales tax. And the prices for apartments and houses are much lower than the average American. The state ranks 47th in terms of GDP per capita. This is due to the fact that many immigrants and those who do not work from the indigenous people. The unemployment rate is too high.

10. Underdeveloped infrastructure

There are places in the state like museums and desert landscapes, beautiful forests on the south side that you can see. But there are very few public places such as restaurants, beauty salons, large hypermarkets. If they are, then they are located at very large distances from each other, or the service in them is, to put it mildly, not of very high quality.


Relocation to New Mexico has its own peculiarities. It is good to remember the following if you are thinking of living in New Mexico.

1. Learn Spanish

English is the main language. But many residents here speak Spanish because of the higher number of Hispanic people and also the state’s close proximity to Mexico. Many residents will often use some Spanish words instead of the English and there are those who only speak Spanish. It will be good to learn Spanish for easy communication.

2. Visit the DMV office

You have to register your car when you start living in New Mexico. It won’t cost a lot of money. No inspection is required. You will need a car because public transportation is well-developed only in Albuquerque.

3. Avoid moving in the hot summer months

The dry climate together with hot summer days may be difficult for people who are not used to this. At first, you may feel exhausted. If you can decide when to move, choose spring or autumn when the temperature is not so extreme.

4. Forget about stereotypes

Be prepared to meet all types of people from different ethnic groups. You may see mixed race couples and their children as well as gay pairs. Try not to think stereotypically and leave them behind when you decide to relocate.



Have you decided the city where you want to live? Most of the state settlements are small towns and villages. But there are several big cities with metropolitan areas as well, which are perfect for moving to New Mexico. Here are the best cities to live in New Mexico.

Santa Fe

One of the most popular cities in New Mexico, but it is still a small city. Santa Fe’s metropolitan area has a population of 84,683. It is the oldest state capital in the USA dating back to 1610. Santa Fe has also been designated as a Creative City by the UNESCO due to its focus on folk art, crafts and design. Science and technology has grown in the city in recent times and attracted thousands of tourists.


The state’s most populated and largest city. Often called the Duke City, it is home to more than half a million people. Albuquerque attracts many artistic and creative people, especially because of the many fairs that are held there. You can see the world’s second-longest passenger aerial tramway and the largest International Balloon Fiesta. Many high-tech companies are concentrated here. Most people, though, are employed in the scientific laboratories, air force base, and the solar systems.

Rio Rancho

The third largest and fastest growing city in NM. Its population has almost reached 100 thousand in a territory of 103.7 square miles. Most of the residents are employed in technology. The major employers are Intel and HP. The other well-developed industries are education and healthcare.

Las Cruces

The second largest city and an economic, cultural, and agricultural center of the southern part of the state. Most people are into government jobs. The other major employers are in education, healthcare, retail, and services. This is a beautiful city with the Organ Mountains in the background. Many festivals are held here.


A small village in the Sierra Blanca Mountains. Located in a very scenic area, the village resort attracts many visitors in the winter for skiing. There is also a casino and a golf course.

Worst Places to live in New Mexico


Deming is one of the most dangerous towns in New Mexico. Deming poses many problems for its residents, but the lack of safety is an issue that affects everyone who lives in Deming, New Mexico. Violent crime and property crime are two of the reasons Deming is a dangerous place. However, economic problems also give rise to the some of the social ills that plague this area of New Mexico. For example, Deming’s 12 percent unemployment rate is the highest in New Mexico. For those residents who are employed they bring home an income that is below the overall average for the state of New Mexico. A lack of entertainment options means people do not have a cohesive sense of community. If you are moving to New Mexico it is advisable that you avoid Deming, this area is one of the worst places to live in New Mexico.


Belen, New Mexico has the second highest crime rate in the State of New Mexico. Violent crimes and property crimes occur in Belen at a high rate when compared to the town’s total population. The population of Belen is 7,400 people. High unemployment is also a factor that contributes to Belen’s social problems. The unemployment rate in Belen is 10 percent. Also, many of the public schools in Belen are not adequately funded. Schoolchildren lack the necessary funds they need to purchase textbooks and supplies for school. Home values in Belen are also low compared to more prosperous areas of New Mexico.


Anthony, New Mexico has a high crime rate and is one of the most dangerous towns in all of New Mexico. Violent crimes occur more often than property crimes in Anthony. High unemployment, decreasing home values, and low household income all contribute to the economic and social problems in Anthony, New Mexico.

Sunland Park

Violent crime is a major issue in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Sunland Park has the thirteenth highest violent crime rate in New Mexico. Also, Sunland Park residents are often victims of property crimes. The unemployment rate in Sunland Park is 7.6 percent, but those who are employed suffer from a low household income and declining home values. If you are planning to relocate to New Mexico it is in your best interest to avoid Sunland Park, New Mexico.

average rent in new mexico

The majority of New Mexico enjoys a lower cost of living than the national average. Albuquerque is more expensive than other areas in New Mexico. The cost of living in Albuquerque is $50,000 to $60,000 per year. Housing costs in Albuquerque, New Mexico average nearly $20,000 every year. Rental property in Albuquerque differs in price depending on the area of city where the property is located.

Santa Fe contains the most expensive rental prices in New Mexico. Farmington is a popular area with low unemployment and lower than average rental costs. Albuquerque contains approximately twenty five percent of the entire population of New Mexico. The average price for a one bedroom apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico is $1,160, which is average rent in New Mexico. The average size of a one bedroom apartment in Albuquerque is 811 square feet. Approximately 42 percent of Albuquerque residents rent their homes. 57% of Albuquerque residents own their homes.

Rental prices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe have increased gradually over the past few years. In other areas of New Mexico rental prices have remained the same or decreased during the past three to four years. The average rental price for a one bedroom apartment in Santa Fe is $1,500.


New Mexico climate is one of the most unique climates in the United States. Many visitors and residents have chosen to call New Mexico home because of its weather. Individuals who want to retire in a pleasant area often choose New Mexico due to its elevation. The average annual temperature in New Mexico is approximately 55 degrees F. Extreme temperature variations do exist in New Mexico, and recorded temperatures have reached as high as 120 degrees F and –50 degrees F.
Evening temperature in New Mexico are much lower than daytime temperatures. New Mexico receives around fourteen inches of rainfall every year, but precipitation increases at higher elevations. In the highest mountains of northern New Mexico approximately forty inches of rain will fall annually. The lowest elevations in the state receive eight to ten inches of rainfall annually. New Mexico has a mild and arid continental climate. October, September, and May are the most comfortable months in New Mexico. December and January are the coldest months and residents often enjoy skiing in the mountains near Taos during this time of year. New Mexico has so much to offer due to its geographic diversity. The southern and northern sections of the state have different climates due to elevation variations. Alpine lakes in the northern mountains contrast with the vast deserts of the southern portion of the state.


The cost of moving to New Mexico will depend on where you are located presently, the number of rooms to be moved, your inventory, manpower requirements for the job, and some other factors. It is always best to work with a fully licensed, insured, and professional local moving and packing company. California moving company can help you with your short and long-distance relocation help. We can move both houses and commercial establishments. Always work with the professionals.
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