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Thousands of people move to California every year. Many of them possess guns and need to know if moving to California with guns is permitted. Running ahead let’s say that the local government allows carrying firearms as soon as this state is in “May Issue” list of states. Still, the regional government makes certain demands to the personal weapons import. However, when moving to California from Texas or other states with different gun-control laws you should remember that open carry of loaded or unloaded guns is generally not allowed here.

Step by step process of moving to California with guns

Every new resident who imports his own firearm is required to do one of these lists within 2 months after arriving in California:

  • Fill in and submit special New Resident Report of Firearm Ownership and pay $10 to the local Department of Justice;
  • Sell or convey the weapon to an accredited firearms retailer or to another person applying a California accredited firearms retailer to handle the act;
  • Sell or convey the weapon to a police or sheriff’s office. Those who choose this alternative should communicate the law enforcing office for guidance before bringing the firearm to the agency.
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Note that everyone importing weapons into California is obligated to be abiding by the local laws carrier those guns discharged and in a clasped box other than the gage chamber or convenience section of a transport. Concerning military moving to California with guns it is strictly prohibited to import assault weapons. Also bringing weapons with large capacity magazines is totally unlawful.

The actuality of other states licenses to possessing weapons

Moving to California with weapons can be knotty because the local gun laws are the toughest in the country. Even if you had got permission for handgun owning in another state, it will not be legitimate in California because it does not honor other state licenses. So, you will have to get the local license.

In order to apply for the license, do the following moves:

  • Contact the land Sheriffs Office to gain instruction on the training schedule.
  • Complete the course which length and fees will depend on county. Usually, it is up to 16 hours.
  • Show your certification of finish to the Sheriff’s Office.
  • You may be asked by some shires to exert a psychological test to estimate your emotional character and experience.
  • Fill in a CCW application card and apply.
  • Pay the fee up to $100 depending on the county.
  • The confirmation or the renouncement will be received by main in 90 days.

Note that you may have to explain the real necessity to have the weapon license otherwise you may not get it. You also shall be the resident of a county you apply for a license in or your place of the job shall be placed in this county.

Restrictions to the weapon transfer in CA

Although you may bring your guns with you in California, there are still some restrictions on the weapon import:

  • The magazines of imported guns must be 10 rounds or less
  • Bringing assault weapons in CA is illegal.
  • A CA visitor has the same requirement on his firearms excepting the necessity to register it.
  • Long guns must be registered with a separate form, it is not the same as if you bring handguns.

Be attentive with the local laws requirements when transferring your weapons to CA and especially moving to the Bay Area. However, you will not be punished because the law provides you with a “recovery path” in case of a mistake.

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