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Moving to Burbank

Burbank located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is practically next to Hollywood. It is the home of Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Studio. Universal Studios and the famous Hollywood Sign are just outside the city. Burbank is also the home of many media companies, which is why it is called the "Media Capital of the Globe" . Many CA residents who want to work in the movie industry and prefer staying outside a big city are moving to Burbank. So moving to Burbank can be accompanied by hiring professional movers, for example as California Movers USA. The city also has a lower housing cost and favorable cost of living. Relocation to Burbank is very common. According to statistics, 20% of the city's residents have moved here from other places. Now, the city has a population of 103,340 . There is only 5% unemployment.


According to the most recent survey, the estimated population of Burbank is about 107,337 . The racial composition is a bit diverse, with fair-skinned people making the bulk Burbank population at 71.8% . Other groups also have significant numbers, such as Black or African American at 3.0% , American Indian and Alaska Native at 0.8% , Asians at 12.1% , and Hispanic or Latino at 23.5% .
As for the percentage of white people, who were not Hispanic or Latino, the number was 56.9% .
These records give a detailed insight into the racial composition of the city in 2023.

Population levels of Burbank

is burbank a good place to live

You might wonder what exactly Burbank has to offer you. Is Burbank a good place to live? Here are some advantages of moving to this city.

1. Weather

For starters, the weather – residents can experience sun over the year The coldest month is December, even though the level of precipitation is low. Such climate conditions allow experiencing outdoor activities during the whole year.

2. Famers market

Every Saturday residents continue to keep up the tradition of the Downtown Burbank Farmer’s Market. It is the place where you can both recreate and buy some delicious food.

3. Nature

Burbank is lush green. The city has 41 public parks with baseball fields, swimming pools, tennis courts, and designated areas for picnics when the weather is great. There are also playgrounds and gyms with fitness equipment. There are many other things to do as well. You can visit the Verdugo Mountains, just outside the city's northern border, or the Runyon Canyon Park in the south. Moving to Burbank makes sense to those who love the outdoor lifestyle. It is one of the best places for nature lovers.

4. Infrastructure

The city of Burbank has a very good developed infrastructure. It includes ideal connections by highways and railroads, public places, the city's government, and public safety departments.
Burbank has its police and fire departments. Both are separated from Los Angeles departments, which enrich the feeling of safety among residents. The hospital Providence St. Joseph Medical Center is another facility of significant matter in the city.

5. Go green

Burbank community is highly alarmed about ecological conditions. There are plenty of recycling centers here. It's important to note that the government encourages people to follow ecological decisions in public and private life .

6. Education

Burbank has many top-rated schools and a good university scene . The Burbank Unified School District serves schools for all ages. There is the John Muir Middle School, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary, and the Burbank High School. The campus of Woodbury University offers very good facilities for graduate and ungraduated programs. The schools and universities here can guide students to a good future.

reasons not to move to burbank

There are also some serious problems with moving to Burbank, more like challenges that one will have to face when moving to Burbank:

1. Home/rent pricing

Despite all the advantages of moving to Burbank, like any other place, Burbank has some weaknesses. It is not suitable for everyone – prices can be very high. Let's take a look at real estate here. The median home price in Burbank is near $817,000 in 2019 . The median rent price for 1 bedroom apartment is $1,924 (667 sq. ft.) . Only 13% of all apartments have prices less than $1,500 a month. These prices affect the cost of living in Burbank in general. Proximity to Los Angeles is a partial reason for that.

2. Risk of natural disasters

Burbank is situated in the seismically active zone. As well as most parts of California, the place is open for natural disasters by its geographical position. Also, some people seriously think that the loudness of nearby Hollywood areas can be a problem.

3. High Population Density

It's a spacious place to live in but apparently, not so much when there are people everywhere. The population density in Burbank is almost suffocating, and this leads to a ton of other problems, apart from traffic issues and overly crowded public places.

4. Environmental Issues

The environmental toll of the extremely dense population is quite obvious and if you’re the kind of person who values environmental health, Burbank may not be the most ideal place to relocate to. Though there are some solid benefits involved in moving to Burbank, mostly economic, which explains why people flock to the city in thousands, the environmental serenity is long lost.

5. Declining Population Growth

Though this may not be a concern for most people, we still listed the factor to keep the record straight. Yes, for the past 5 years or so, the population growth rate in Burbank has been a bit less than optimistic. Though there can be a ton of different reasons at work here, some short-term and others long-term, the decline does affect the day-to-day lives of the people. It creates economic challenges such as a drop in the demand for basic services, although we're not at that stage yet (and this is merely an extrapolation of the situation), people seem to want to get out as much as others want to get in. The population has grown over the years, but not as much as one would think it should have.


While you’re in the city, as a visitor or a stranger in a town (having moved here permanently), there’s much you can do and places you can visit to get acquainted with your environment and blow some steam. Here are a couple of examples of the things to do in Burbank:

The Warner Brother’s & Walt Disney Studio

You can smell the fun in the air when you have two of the most iconic theme parks in one city!
Burbank is one of these places where you will never feel a lack of entertainment. There is always something to do and to see. First of all, your kids will find fascinating the fact that so many big animation studios have theme parks here. Take them to The Warner Brothers or Walt Disney studio – and you won't regret it. If your kids are teenagers, they probably will be pleased to know that Burbank is home to numerous skate parks.

Burbank Classic Car Show & International Film Festivals

There are annual festivals to attend. In July residents as well as visitors gather to visit the Burbank Classic car show. The best car companies of all kinds will be showing examples of classic cars. In September Burbank is open for those who can't imagine their life without good movies. As you guessed, we are talking about the Burbank International Film Festival . If you are into music visit amazing The Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra . The concerts and events here are very often performed for free. So you are just welcome to come and enjoy a live music show.

A One-Of-A-Kind Martial Arts Museum

What is unique about Burbank and exists in only one example is the Martial Arts Museum . You wouldn't find another institution like this somewhere else. The complex has a host of displays educating visitors about the history and diversity of martial arts in historical civilizations. Who knows? This may be the perfect motivator to get your kids to join a class and take martial arts as a hobby.

Rancho Sierra Vista Equestrian Center

The residents of Burbank are very fond of horse riding . People usually come to the Rancho Sierra Vista Equestrian Center to practice this kind of sport. The ability to bond closely with the horses in the ranch, riding them, or at least watching them from close-up is sure to lift their spirits, and there are a ton of games to be played as well once your kids learn to ride properly, such as polo.

Magnolia Park

Burbank's Magnolia Park is one of the main attractions of the city , but contrary to its name, it is much more than just a park. It is based around Magnolia Boulevard and is an ever-busy shopping area that sees a lot of traffic every day. The clothing stores, especially the ones with vintage collections, are the most important feature of this shipping collection, you can get apparel from movies of the fifties. Plus, events like music nights are also quite common in the area. You will also find a ton of coffee shops in the area.

burbank transportation

What about Burbank transportation? The Bob Hope Airport serves about 60 flights per day . Millions of travelers use this airport every year.
For those who prefer cars, there are two major routes – the Golden State Freeway and the Ventura Freeway.
If you are traveling with a light bag behind your back, consider a rail connection. The services ensured by the local Transportation agency work flawlessly. It includes Metrolink, which is serving over 50 rail stations in the region, and Amtrak station. Do not forget about California High-Speed Rail, which is also connected to Burbank.
Burbank bus is a convenient way to move through the city. The bus system has scheduled routes to every part of the place and neighborhoods.
If you want to move to Burbank, there is a reason to call a moving company. If you want to make it quick and stress-free, you can always rely on our professional local movers from moving companies. We have a perfect understanding of the whole moving process and know how to make it successful.

Burbank neighborhoods

Let's take a look at the best Burbank neighborhoods. It is important to say that neighborhoods are 90% more expansive in this part of the California metropolitan area than in the rest of the United States generally.
Here are some of the best picks for 2023:

Scott Rd / Heaven Way

One of the best neighborhoods for married couples in California. The crime rate is very low, there are plenty of public schools and educational facilities for children. In addition to that Scott Rd has a 15% higher income than generally in America. Culturally diverse, this neighborhood is home to Armenian ancestry and Iranian ancestry. The median property cost here in 2023 is around $1,194,836, and the rent cost for a one-bedroom apartment is around $3,899 as of 2023.

Kenneth Rd/Jolley Rd

This neighborhood is very suitable for families. High income among residents makes the neighborhood relatively wealthy. Almost 90% of residents drive in private cars. In such neighborhoods very common to use a car instead of public transport. Here, you’ll get the property purchase costs around $ 1,090,422, in general, for 2023, and the rent will cost you about $5,892 , which is significantly higher than the rest of California, but it affords certain perks not seen elsewhere.

N Kenneth Rd / E Magnolia Blvd

This is another very expensive neighborhood but with lots of perks. Very popular among college students and people of middle age. This fact explains why the statistics of income are quite different here – it is upper-middle. The level of safety is very high. As for the median house purchase cost, you’ll find that to be $918,819, while the average rent for an apartment is $1,850 - $2,525 in 2023 .

Some of the best neighborhoods in Burbank

celebrities who live in burbank

The list is quite expansive and most of the names in here will be familiar actors, actresses, and TV show hosts. Сelebrities who live in burbank:

Film/TV Professionals: Carrie Fisher, Erin Moran, Joely Fisher, John Ritter, Mark Harmon, Mara Wilson, Tim Burton, Eve Plumb, Jay Benedict, Tanner Buchanann, Rene Russo,Eddie Cibrian, Wil Wheaton.

Music: Bonnie Raitt, Kim Shattuck, Paul Barrere, Andrew Gold.

Baseball: Jack Flaherty.

Golf: Max Homa.

Basketball Coach: Jamie Dixon.

Business: Scott Borchetta.

Videogames Industry: Mark Cerny.

cost of living in burbank ca

The overall cost of living in Burbank CA is staggeringly high when compared to other cities from California and the USA in general, however, the increased cost does come with a much better lifestyle and amenities not found elsewhere. The monthly expenses, including the rent, for an individual, are around $2452 and the same can be $5077 for a family of four , on average in 2023.
Without rent, the expenses are $728 and $2357 for an individual and family , respectively. The utilities and rent combined and cost you $1723-$2720 per month, food will cut away $513-$1332 from your pocket, you’ll also be spending $67.8-$173 on transport , and so on.
The monthly salary after tax averages at $4250 which is enough to sustain your lifestyle here in Burbank, and if both you and your partner have jobs, you can live here comfortably without any problem.

Overall cost of living in Burbank


No wonder that you need to spend some amount of money on your move. Moreover, to make it truly successful and safe, you must estimate the cost of moving to find the best option among moving companies from Burbank.
It is always better to pick up a few services which you need for your type of relocation. It will save you from extra expenses. If you doubt some methods practicing by moving companies you have heard about, just consider the next fact – to keep all of your possessions safe during the relocation to Burbank can be a hardship. Especially without professional equipment. When it comes to moving furniture to another state or city, professional movers can perform secure packing and wrapping – to prevent any possible damages.
Full-service moving companies offer different services separately or together, such as locale and long distance service. It is completely up to the customer what to choose. The professional moving crew can perform packing, loading, transportation of your goods.
So, first of all, find a trustworthy moving company. It will guarantee you a strict schedule, a professional attitude, and secure transportation of your belongings.


Here are some important tips for relocating to Burbank and making your stay there worthwhile:

  • Contact competent local movers to help you with the move.
  • Plan ahead of time, start packing in advance, map out your route, and seek guidance from your moving company before the moving day.
  • Ensure that you won’t have a problem with a driver's license or resident's card.
  • You have 20 days to register your car after becoming a part of a community, and you need insurance to complete this registration.
  • Plan to make sure that you will have time to acquire a driver's license in 10 days after becoming a resident.
  • If you have a pet, be sure to learn how to get a new dog license.
  • In the case you are moving your business to Burbank , i.e. from another city or state, go through the legal requirements thoroughly.
  • If you’re new to the city, join volunteer clubs to get a better feel of the place so that you’re not left out of what’s new.
  • Take a city tour to better explore the many options/places to visit for you.
  • Get the kids excited so they don’t feel let down by having to leave their old home back, the Martial Arts Museum is sure to attract their attention.

Once you take care of these little things in advance, it will make your move easier emotionally. Let a professional moving company provide you with safe and quick transportation !


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