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How to transport office equipment correctly

One of the important issues that arises during an office moving is the correct transportation of office equipment. Printer, copier, computer are quite expensive, and can easily come into disrepair if it gets wet or accidentally fall during the transportation. There are certain rules for their relocation, which should be adhered to.

Transportation of printers

When moving laser printers, the cartridge needs to be removed, because due to a strong shake, its contents – fine powder – can spill out directly into the printer and it will stop working. Inkjet printers can be transported with cartridges inside, but it can not be put on the one side and turned over. Also it does not like constant shaking. Uninterrupted Ink Supply System must be packed separately. It is desirable to pack all the equipment in the original boxes and transfer it with foam plastic.

How to transport copiers and MFP

MFP – multifunction devices that combine the capabilities of a scanner, printer and copier – are available in many offices.
It often weighs more than 50 kg. MFP should be carried by passing belts under the bottom. And on flat surfaces it can be pushed, as it is equipped with wheels in most cases. Pack the MFP in a box with foam plastic to the sides. Castors need to be unscrewed. In the truck, the box is fixed with a strap, so that it does not move inside the truck and does not hit or roll over.

Transportation of computer equipment

Computers, system blocks, laptops and other equipment must be transported very carefully. Each wire is separated from the equipment and neatly folded into a separate packing with a marking to avoid confusion, and the wires after the move will be without kinks.
As a rule, caring owners never throw out original boxes. But even if it’s not so, professional movers from the moving company have the whole range of packaging materials in their arsenal to ensure that your property will be deliver intact.