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How to Start a Moving Company Business

Today, moving companies involved in the organization of various relocations from one place to the other are quite in high demand. Here we are referring to the transportation of various things for people who have chosen to move to another place of residence. We are also talking about the transportation of various equipment, and office furniture if the organization decided to change its location; about the transportation of bulky items and various decorations from one place to another. Read below how to open a moving company and earn money on transportation.

How to Start a Moving Company Business

What Do I Need to Start a Moving Company

The Moving business is the most beneficial. This is constantly in the improvement process and will keep on achieving high results in the future. Those moving organizations that are already successfully operating in this market, receive excellent profits. So, what do you need to start a moving company? To avoid strong competition, you should open such a moving company in those regions where the presence of such firms is very small, or there are none at all. But your choice, nevertheless, it is necessary to stop in large cities. But what else is needed to start a moving company?

How to Start a Moving Company Without a Truck

At the moment, there is little competition between moving companies. However, there are many unofficial carriers in this market, who operate most often alone and find their customers through ads. For your potential customers to choose to favor your company, without relying on the price of services, you need to confidently declare yourself as an official company that takes full responsibility for the fast transportation and safety of all things and offers other additional services. This is what you need to start a moving company without a truck:


Private carriers work without premises - they pick up goods from one place and immediately bring them to another. Serious and large moving companies work a little differently. It is necessary to have premises for different purposes, as different situations may arise in the work. But how to start a small moving company? There are several important requirements. A Moving company should have the following premises:

  • For temporary storage of goods and materials (10-15 square meters, preferably 20-25).
  • For reception and negotiations with clients (15 square meters).
  • Bathroom and utility room (10-12 square meters).
  • For the rest of the employees (15 square meters).

As you can see, the total size of the premises for a moving company business is small. Much larger should be the car parking. Cargo storage facilities are needed for those situations when the cargo needs to be picked up, for example, today, and delivered to a new place only tomorrow or in a few days. Such orders may not be frequent, but they will be. At the warehouse, you will also be able to store packaging material - cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, strapping cables, etc.


Cars, even if it is not a truck, are the main tool in your work . They can be rented or leased, but it is best to have your own. You can also have cars with cargo trailers. It will also be nice to have navigators in each of the cars, for the convenience of drivers and to ensure fast and accurate delivery of goods to the right place. The bodies of cars should have special fasteners to fix furniture and other things that can be broken or scratched during intensive movements of the car. Cars must have your company logo. You can order the creation of the company logo and its application on the outside of the car body in any advertising company.


How to start a moving company business with the necessary staff? Employees of the moving company will be drivers, loaders, directors, accountants, and administrators. The work of the staff is most often paid by the hour. In some companies, they receive a certain percentage of the total cost of the order, but this is less common. Accounting can be outsourced. It will be nice if you dress all employees in company uniforms that contain the symbols of your company. In the eyes of customers, this will once again confirm that you are a serious organization.


To advertise moving services, first of all, create a company website. It can be a regular business card site. Indicate on it a list of all your services, prices and information on how to contact you. Be sure to write that your company is fully responsible for the safety and integrity of the things you transport. This will inspire potential customers to trust you. Promote your website in search engines, and advertise on social networks and forums. As for other additional services, you can offer consulting and transportation, assembly/disassembly of furniture and equipment, and arrangement of furniture according to the customer's plan.

How to Start a Moving Company Business

What Permits Do I Need to Start a Moving Company

If you want to organize a small company with one or two cars and accept orders only from private clients, it will be enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. In the case of the intention to create a large company with its fleet and focus on corporate clients, it is necessary to register a limited liability company.

What Licenses are Needed to Start a Moving Company

You can also ask: “What licenses are needed to start a moving company?” To establish a company, you will need to provide:

  • Documents proving the identity of directors and shareholders.
  • A document on the reservation of the name.
  • Articles of incorporation.
  • A statement confirming the opening of an account in a US bank and the deposit of the required capital.
  • Information about the registered local agent.
  • Confirmation of a local address.

The company is established by the decision of its founders. If a company is established by several persons, such persons, if necessary, may agree on the establishment of the company in writing to determine the relationship between them regarding the establishment of the company.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Moving Company

Wondering how much it costs to start a moving company? First capital for starting a moving company business varies from $20,000 to over $100,000, with an average of about $65,000. Assuming you don't already have a truck, the biggest initial expense will be buying a vehicle. It is a good idea to keep costs low by purchasing a used truck and later adding newer models to your fleet. To know how to start a moving company successfully, you will need a few things. These include:

  • Truck(s)
  • Trolleys
  • Moving pads
  • Ropes and furniture straps
  • Packing materials
  • Boxes

Please note before you start a moving company business whether it is a local or a long-distance moving company that this amount includes the salaries of all staff. Also, it is a rough estimate and we usually advise you to contact the big truck dealers in your city directly to get real prices for trucks and vans.


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