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Moving to Fresno

California has always attracted people with its sunny weather, nice beaches, high level of life. Many people come to this state in search of a prosperous life, but not everyone can achieve that. However, it does not prevent people from other states, countries or rural area look for a better life in big cities of California. Not only Los Angeles or San Francisco attract new residents – moving to Fresno has always been very popular too. So hiring professional movers is a great option for moving to Fresno, such as California Movers USA.

Fresno Population

Population of Fresno California

California itself is a populous state with 39.51 million inhabitants as per the latest estimates. Being the fifth largest city in Sunshine State, more than half a million people live there, 525,010, to be exact, as per the most recently available data, true for 2023. The city growth rate has never dropped below zero. Within the period of the 2000-2010 year, the population of Fresno California has increased 41% and it continues to grow very fast, especially because of the growth among Hispanic residents who arrive in the city in search of jobs.
It is interesting to find out that only half of the local population lives in their own homes. The second half of all the houses are rented by people who have moved to this city. Nevertheless, Fresno remains a good place to live and work, so many people choose it as their destination for relocation.


Many people call living in Fresno great, but what exactly makes it so attractive? Is Fresno a good place to live? In general, there are many reasons to call Fresno a perfect city for living in California.

1. Cost of living

Fresno is one of the cheapest cities to live in, in California. On average, people make about $69,647 per year which is sufficient for living happily in this city, as per the latest expense indexes for 2023, the average expenses can be much higher in LA and SF.

A family of four can do well with a budget of $3,212.75 other than the expenses for rent, while the cost for a single person would be $927.10 minus rent. On average, the city is at least 32.22% less costly when compared to New York, excluding the rent costs, and the rent itself is 66.36% cheaper than what people pay for the same space in NY. These stats and estimates are true for 2022-2023.

What makes Fresno the best city in California is the cost of living index. It is 60% lower than the average one around the state and is only 7% than the national average one. Even housing in Fresno is one of the most affordable ones in CA. The median home price is $375K (median sold home price) in 2023 which is twice cheaper than the average Californian one. Of course, you will have to pay a bit more for transportation and utilities here, but groceries and healthcare are even cheaper than around the country.

Rent prices are twice lower than in CA and much lower than in the country – you need only $1,198.25 per month, in 2023, for renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, and the cost can be lower than this too if you can get a favorable deal.

2. Location in the central part of the state

Another great benefit of this city is its location. Despite the fact that it is not a coastal city, it will not take you much time to get to the Bay Area by car. Being the heart and geographical center of California, the city is lying in the central part of the San Joaquin Valley. There are several freeways that connect it with many other cities and towns as well as a highly developed railroad too.

3. Education opportunities

Fresno is a large city with many public and several private schools for children. It is a place where you can easily get a secondary education and continue studying in the university or college. Many people say about a very high quality of education in Clovis, a city adjoining Fresno.

4. Developed agriculture

Located in the San Joaquin Valley Fresno is a center of the large-scale agricultural production. It is the place where you can enjoy the tastiest fruit and vegetables all year round. There are 1.88 acres of fertile land there and farmers grow over 350 crops each year. Almost 20% of jobs in the Fresno area are available in this sphere, which contributes over $5.6 billion to the state economy annually as per 2023 estimates.

5. Tasty food

Living in Fresno, CA allows its residents to enjoy tasty and mouth-watering dishes. Many people believe that there is no other place in the US where you can try so delicious tacos. Other exclusive dishes cooked in Fresno originate from Mexico, Hawaii and old Indians. You should not lose an opportunity to taste nachos with many different sauces, tots, Indian ice cream, Molucca chocolate, romanesco and many others. Don’t forget to taste local beer and wine as well!

6. Increasing job market

Naturally, despite a very high unemployment rate, the job market in Fresno continues to grow. By 2024, the total farm and non-farm employment capacity will grow to 432,200, a meteoric 12.3 percent hike from the previous 10-year period. Non-farm industries are also expected to grow steadily till 2024, as per recent estimates, and as many as 43,200 non-farm jobs will be available in the market by 2024 (note that this is the cumulative increase over the past 10 years, i.e. 2014-2024). So you can affirmatively answer the question is fresno a good place to live.

Most of the local population are employed in healthcare, retail trade, educational and food services, manufacturing.

7. Beautiful art scene

Fresno can be called the bohemia of California. There is an annual city arts festival held in Tower District, let alone many different venues where arts and music are performed. There are several historic theatres, museums, zoo and even multiple annual events devoted to a variety of themes.

Reasons not to move to Fresno


It is important to remember that not everything is so good in Fresno. It is important to think twice before making a final decision of moving to Fresno, CA as there are many reasons that can influence it. Unfortunately, the city has several rather significant drawbacks.

1. Polluted air

Are you ready to live in the city that increases your chances of being seriously ill? In fact, Fresno is one of the cities where PM2.5 concentration is one of the highest in the country. It leads to holes in the ozone layer and an impressive list of health problems including lung cancer, delays in development, and premature death. Small particles, dust, different gases that are contained in the air and subjected to heat delivered by the sun are a bomb that will once explode.

The reason for such serious pollution is a highly developed extraction industry and a bowl-like shape of the valley the city is located in. It does not allow air to spread and increases the concentration of negative substances.

2. Unbearable heat

Being surrounded by mountains and having no fresh coastal breeze makes Fresno a real desert in summer. The heat gets so unbearable in July and August that it is impossible to go outside. Moreover, holes in the ozone layer make the sun much more aggressive and increase risks of skin cancer as well.

3. High crime rate

25% of 24.1% of Fresno's population lives below the poverty line, as of 2023. There is the highest concentration of young people who have no money to earn their living. This and many other reasons make Fresno a dangerous city. If to analyze that the crime rate in California is higher than the national one, in Fresno, it is even higher than in the state. The number of violent crimes is 565 per 100,000 residents, while the number of property crimes is 3,841 – almost 40% higher than the national average one as per the latest records, and there has been a recent surge in the instances of violent crimes in the city.

4. Poverty and unemployment

In 2018, it was estimated that Fresno takes second place among the cities with the highest number of people living in poverty. Every 4th resident cannot earn enough to live happily in the US. Only 6.7 percent of adults have a bachelor degree here. Despite a big number of well-paid jobs, there are no specialists to work on them. It leads to a high unemployment rate of 7.5% in December 2018.

In a more recent survey, 144,946 out of 510,489 inhabitants reported that their earnings were not enough to let them live comfortably , i.e. they were surviving below the poverty line.

5. Taxes

Combined sales tax rate in Fresno is higher than in California – 7.95%. Remember, that all other taxes characteristics of California state are applied here too.


Despite being an industrial city, there is much stuff to do in Fresno too. Sitting in the middle of the valley and being surrounded by mountains, the city offers great recreational opportunities for its residents and guests.
Among the things to do in Fresno is the possibility to visit underground gardens. You can see a variety of animals in the local zoo, walk or cycle in the several national parks, exciting museums, magnificent churches and cathedrals, and other points of interest. There are many things to do in Fresno including hiking, biking, climbing, fishing, camping too. You can also visit different annual events.
There are parades and celebrations to appeal to everyone. It is the only place where you can visit a Blossom Trail and festival, street fairs selling antiques, unforgettable rodeo, vintage and big hat days. Car lovers will appreciate a car show, while wine connoisseurs can make a journey to a dozen of local wineries and breweries.

Here are some of the most prominent places you must visit in Fresno:

1. Forestiere Underground Gardens

Yes, you heard that right! Lush gardens, dotted with wonderful plants, but all of them, underground. The Forestiere Underground Gardens, situated at 5021 West Shaw Avenue, Fresno, California, located no more than 10 miles from the downtown area, were first constructed in the 1900s and continue to daze and amaze visitors to this day. Conceived by Baldassare Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant, these gardens are a labyrinth of rooms, passages, trees, and more. No need to worry though, you can get a guided tour through the whole fantasy world.

2. Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Who doesn’t like zoos? The menagerie of exotic animals on display in their majestic enclosures, the thrill of witnessing the king of the jungle in his ever-prominent glory, and more. Besides the regular visits, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo also hosts special activities like animal meet-and-greets, educational programs, and special tours.

3. Woodward Regional Park

If the hustle and bustle of your old life were creeping into your brain, cutting you off from your connection with nature, the Woodward Regional Park will be an excellent place to reconnect. Besides lush green displays spreading for 300 acres straight, the park also has a bird sanctuary, hiking trails, picnic areas, a Japanese garden, ornamental Japanese structures, cherry trees, biking courses, BMX courses, golf area, and much more. There will be a ton of stuff for you to do here as you bond once again with the allure and charm of nature.

4. Downtown Fresno

The Downtown area of Fresno is by far its biggest attraction and there have been a series of concerted efforts to make it a hallmark of the city. The Superior Court building is bordered by an iconic park, aptly named the Courthouse Park which has a natural allure. The Downtown also hosts the Old Fresno Water Tower which has a story of its own. Plus, there are regular events, especially music concerts, to keep people engaged in the summers.

5. Fresno Blossom Trail

Mesmerize yourself with the sight of the city's magnificent blooms as you bike through the 62-miles long, cutting through an array of blossoms and fruits of all colors and shapes. You'll get to witness this sight in the February-to-March period.

Best neighbourhoods in Fresno


When you arrive in Fresno, you would like to live in the place that has at least basic amenities, offers good job opportunities, is safe and affordable. In this case, it is important to choose the best neighborhoods in Fresno CA.

North Growth Area

Despite being a costlier neighborhood in Fresno, here you can feel safe, get more chances to find a good job, and give your children a better education. Though not the fanciest place in all of the USA, this neighborhood is one of the best in Fresno, but all the perks associated with this fine neighborhood can cost you, on average, $1,566 per month in rent as of 2023.

Woodward Park

This neighborhood stands out among others by a diversity of amenities, not a high crime rate, and excellent schools. On average, the rent is about $1,293 as per the index entries for 2023 real estate cost estimates.


If you got used to living in big cities, choose the city downtown. Housing and cost of living there are rather affordable, while the amenities will not leave you indifferent. The average rent cost per month is $901, considerably less than what you'll have to pay elsewhere in California, generally, in 2023.


The best feature of this neighborhood is also a variety of amenities; however, the crime rate is not that high while housing is also not that expensive. Only slightly costlier than the average rental prices in Fresno, $1,008 per month is still not too much expensive when compared with the average throughout the rest of California in 2023.


Though it is not a Fresno neighborhood, the only thing that separates Clovis from Fresno is a change of color. Clovis can be called a suburb of the city that can boast a much better quality of life, education, and safety. As for the rent, you can get an average deal for $1,093, which is still lower than the average for the state, as per 2023 data.

why should i move to california

Are you planning a move to Fresno? Do you want to save your belongings and bring it to your new place? If so, it is better to hire our local movers in Fresno for your needs. It is a guarantee that all your stuff will be delivered safely.

cost of living in fresno

The expenses for living comfortably in Fresno are comparatively lower than in New York or some other big cities like LA or SF. So, what about the cost of living in Fresno and how much money do you need to earn to live comfortably in Fresno? An individual can get through the month with around $927.10, excluding the rent expenses, and a family of four can manage well with $3,212.75, other than the rent costs.

This makes the city 32.22% cheaper than NY, minus the rent differences and the rent itself is 66.36% less costly. Since the average person makes $69,647 per year, living comfortably in Fresno is much easier than in other places in the USA.

famous people from fresno

Here are some of famous people from Fresno:

Football Derek Carr, Carson Palmer, Tom Flores.

Bodybuilder: Flex Wheeler.

Race Driver: Bill Vukovich.

MMA Fighter: Zoila Frausto Gurgel.

Snow Boarding: Andy Finch.

Basketball: Quincy Pondexter.

Film Professionals: Sid Haig, Sam Peckinpah, Mike Connors, Golden Brooks, Steven Zaillian, Steven Anthony Lawrence, Christopher Gorham, Aaron Ruell.

Novelist: William Saroyan.

Musician: Dick Contino.

Physician: Sammy Lee.

Business: Kirk Kerkorian, Armen Alchian.


Moving to Fresno? You’ll need the help and guidance of our long-distance movers in all stages of your relocation efforts, but before we go that far, here are some tips for you to live comfortably in Fresno:

  • Try to relocate in the winter as it is cheaper unless you have to move urgently.
  • Map out your route and plan to avoid trouble later on.
  • The summers can be especially hot with lots of direct sunshine, be prepared!
  • Though the winters are not as chilly as they might be in NY, they are still pretty cold, dismiss all you think you know about the California winters (if you’re from some other state).
  • You need to get registered with the state if you plan on living there permanently.
  • Also, registering yourself as a driver requires a vision test, be prepared for that.
  • If you want to make friends and get to know people fast, look for volunteer opportunities in local communities.


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