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10 Gift ideas for someone moving to California

California is one of the most expensive states for living: high taxes, extremely expensive real estate, high prices for housing and healthcare and so on. Despite it, thousands of people relocate to CA every year. Still, the ocean proximity and 248 sunny days per year attract newcomers from all over the country. If your mate or relative is going to have a move to the South Coast, check this guide and choose gifts for someone moving to California.

Moving insurance

If you know that your friend has already chosen movers in California you can present him with an insurance certificate. It will protect the one who is relocating from concerning his packages. Or just help him to detect a reliable and precise moving company. But in this case, you will honestly be puzzled about another gift idea.

Protect the newcomer from the sun: a sunscreen

As it was mentioned above there are 284 days in CA when the sun glows. And radiates, by the way. It is the primary things to know before moving to California. So, to show much attention to your hail-fellow just present him a sunscreen. Almost every cosmetic brand has such a product in its range. Choose a creme with SPF more than 30 — it will perfectly protect skin from sunburnt and suit even a man.

Sunglasses & broad-brimmed hat

Make the one who is relocating look stylish and upscale — just as all CA urbanites.
Together with a sunscreen, broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses, it will be a sterling beach set. After all, you cannot be considered as a full South Coast resident, if you do not hang out on the beach.

Personal transport: a bicycle

California is the second state in the car-owning expenses rating. Owning a car there can be really ruinous to your friend’s budget. Still, the weather and the whole atmosphere at South Coast implies move on wheels. So here are 2 nice ideas to please a newcomer, just present him a bike.
Be sure, your friend will be happy to join the society of the local bikers. It can be a fast and minimalistic fixie bike to rush to the second job right after the first is over (remember that living in CA is extremely expensive). Or it can be a groovy and voguish beach cruiser bike — a perfect suit for an unhurried fashion-monger. In fine, your friend may be a bit puzzled when to receive such a gift, especially if he used to drive huge and noisy a pickup car. But lately, he will be as thankful for the bike as never before.

Longboard, skateboard or cruiser

If the bestowed is adventurous and spry, he will certainly like such a present. By the way, there are dozens of skate-parks in CA to have fun and improve riding skills.

Tedious but still helpful gifts: new home care package

Relocation is not just fun and adventures but also adjusting life and settling down in a new place. Collect and wrap up all the household stuff your fellow uses: cleansers and detergents, paper towels, rags, and ironing agent. Whatever will be useful in the new place. This gift may not make your friend excited when presented, but be sure that the bestowed will appreciate it after the relocation. You can complete the box with a cute cup and aroma candles if the set of household cleaners and rags seems too boring.


Who knows where a newcomer can drop in. Make sure that your friend will return home despite when he dropped in. Let a travel card be in your fellow’s wallet — you never know from where he has to get out.

Gas card

As we have mentioned above, gasoline is highly expensive here in CA. So extra gas cards will never be redundant. Also, it will help to save money until the one who is relocating gets a job to pay his gasoline himself.

Certificate to a local showplace

Disneyland, SeaWorld or Universal Studios — or any of dozens astonishing places to visit. Here in CA, there are plenty of locations to see and admire. Impressions are the best present at all times, just analyze your friend’s predilections and choose the certificate according to his interest. Be sure that he will be extremely grateful for such a gift.

Ticket back home or a plane ticket certificate

Such a gift do not mean your hesitations in the idea of relocation. It is just the best way to say your fellow that you are going to miss him and he can look in the former place anytime he wants. Be sure that your friend will be touched and melted.