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Los Angeles to San Jose Moving company

Professional Licensed Movers in Los Angeles

If you have made the decision to from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you should consider getting help from our moving company. We are in the business for many years, during which we’ve gained valuable experience. Thanks to that fact, our movers are capable of handling literally any kind of relocation project, no matter how difficult it may seem to the untrained eye.

And the proof that we’re really good in our work is that we have all kinds of accreditations, awards, testaments, and customer reviews in our collection. All this things prove that we are a professional moving company with a team completely dedicated to the services we offer.

Our network spreads across the entire Western United States, so the relocation from Los Angeles to San Jose is not the only service we offer. We can transport your stuff from any part in California to any place in the state you wish. And on top of that, we’re licensed to do cross-state moves.

Moving Services We Offer for Moves from LA to San Jose

Firstly, we offer you an extensive and comprehensive estimate of the cost of the moving process. Our team of customer support agents is there to answer any inquiries you might have, including the one related to the total cost of a potential moving job. This way, you will know how much money you’ll have to spend even before the day for your move comes.

We also offer the chance to use a Moving Coordinator – to have a dedicated employee who will help you go through all the steps of the moving process, as well as coordinate the move of all your things and even supervise all the members of the moving team.

If you’re planning to relocate your home furniture from LA to San Jose, our team will make sure it doesn’t get damaged along the way. We have all sorts of tools in our collection, which allows us to quickly disassemble most types of furniture, after which we will wrap each item in safety wrap, thus making it ready for transport. And once we arrive to your new home in San Jose, we’re going to assemble the furniture back to its all shape.

Also, we offer storage possibilities – we have thousands of square feet of storage space to serve your long-term or short-term needs for any kind of storage. Our storage facilities are under 24/7 surveillance and are air-conditioned, meaning that you have literally nothing to worry about your belongings.

And if you’re in need of moving your office to San Jose, you can be sure our moving company will strive to overcome all of your expectations. Both you and your boss will be made part of the whole process and be able to supervise every step of the process. We are flexible and very motivated to make the moving process as close as possible to what you have envisioned.

If you want get see more information, or have questions about the features and services that we offer, you can call us and speak directly to a member of our moving team. And you can be sure every member of the California Movers family will be more than happy to answer to your queries.

One final thing before you go is that you don’t have to hire us before checking all the other options. We’re sure you’ll come back to us once you see that we’re a company that offers top-class moving services at budget prices. If you don’t trust we’re so affordable, you can schedule a call from our agent through the form on our site, after which we’ll provide you with a free moving quote.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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