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California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company - full set of San Diego moving services

Since its foundation “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” has set a goal – to facilitate the residential or business relocation for as much as possible by performing every routine moving task. We perform following relocation tasks:

Can the moving process be easy or should it always be full of worries, broken furniture and TVs, postponed deliveries and rude movers? All these worries will stay in the past when “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” takes your moving upon itself!

Years of moving skills upgrading allowed “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” to extend its province to all services used in the process of location change. We solve both small and serious issues related to the moving from routing to truck unloading.

We offer you moving service in San Diego that will free you from any wearisome experience and will assist in smooth and fast repositioning of any objects.

Frontline services

The main field of work that our local and long-distance movers in San Diego are coping with includes residential and commercial relocation for both long and short distances.

Home moving

Being engaged in residence changing we do our utmost to facilitate the procedure making it as seamless as possible for you. If the situation requires, San Diego movers, logistic specialists and packers are ready to take upon themselves all uncomfortable functions so you will act only as a regulator. You only need to place an order so the action begins!

We make packing and unpacking of any needed item;

We handle cargo helping to load it in the car and then unload;

We deliver your belongings to any distance.

First, company’s manager contacts you to discuss the time when we can visit you to evaluate your possible expenses. Then we coordinate specifics like date and time of repositioning, additional stops, necessary tools, etc. Afterwards company’s expert plots a route adjusting it to your requirements.

On the specified day San Diego movers and packers tape and wrap your possessions, then take them to the rental moving truck from San Diego. They stick to the route and drive carefully to avoid any scratches, dents or other damages to your property. At the end your pieces are returned to you as they were before packing. At your new home our guys unload the truck and assist you in furnishing.

Office relocation

Space problems or necessity to reposition the office creates the demand in office moving services in San Diego, CA. In order to relocate the office you need fast and organized local movers who can work on weekends or at nights so the work process stays untouched by moving activity.

The procedure of commercial moving in San Diego hardly differs from the residential one. The corporate movers and packers work promptly in accordance with a thorough plan that is discussed with you beforehand. All furniture assembling and reassembling are also included.

Local moving

The range of our San Diego moving services includes local moving. Even if you need to move 5 miles from where you live now, we send our most qualified local movers in San Diego who knows the area back to front. With their assistance, transportation goes without delays or other inconveniences.

Long-distance moving

California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company works all over the Bay area. We deal with moving for long distances including interstate and intercity transitions. After submitting an order in our office in San Diego long-distance movers will evaluate suggested cost for the project and start working. The route will be created considering roads conditions and length so the transition will be short and safe for the cargo.

Additional services

Additional facilities relate to storage facilities and other pleasant bonuses that are in most cases included in the price.

Storage of your belongings can be ordered if any delays in relocations foreseen. We offer spacious and dry packhouse for different cost that depends on the storage period and the volume of the items.

Price estimation is made as long as our manager connects you. He will learn the destination and the quantity of the cargo in order to suggest you a number of required movers.

Moving plan is also a part of our service, we do not just hope that everything will pass seamlessly, we make a precise plan of each stage of the relocation and act along with the schedule.

Packing/unpacking of items is performed with care and attention. Fragile things are wrapped, then placed in the truck to create undamaged conditions during the transit.

Assembling/reassembling of furniture is included in the price, but should be primary discussed with our specialist so the movers will take all needed tools with them.

Loading/unloading of your possessions is made with skill and care. We organize them in the truck in a way they will be securely fixed during the transition.

Use our services and get the slickest moving experience resulting from our qualification and vast experience as well as friendly attitude to our customers. Order a free quote for your relocation project and let us free you from nervous work for an affordable price.