Do you think moving locally isn’t complicated? Do you think hiring local movers isn’t obligatory and you can easily accomplish everything yourself? It’s a common mistake – to underestimate the assistance that good local moving companies can render.

Even a short-distance moving is associated with detailed planning, cargo transportation, packing and other things that bring headache or takes time that can be spent on much more useful or pleasant doings. Our San Diego local movers will give you more time and free your mind from moving!

MOVING HOME OR OFFICE? DOESN’T MATTER! “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” allows prompt relocation of any purpose - residential or commercial:

Moving of a commercial object;

• Residential relocation;

Storage option.


Many local moving companies provide limited amount of services like truck, movers and facilitation of loading. But our service embraces every relocation aspect including route plotting, accurate planning, property packing, furniture assembling and truck unloading. One local mover from our staff can make a huge difference shortening the time the moving will take. But we provide a number of specialists according to the work content, a truck and also an assistance in packing, dealing with oversized furniture pieces as well as loading, of course. Moving with us, you can shorten the time of relocation twice and prevent any damages to your fragile things, home appliance or furniture.


Office repositioning often results in employer’s destruction that leads to money loss. Our professional team prevents such an outcome by working out hours and weekends to reduce employer’s involvement in the relocation process, allowing uninterruptible office work.

After an order is taken we send a specialist who evaluates an amount of work, afterwards making an accurate plan of future work. On a relocation day our San Diego local movers help with packaging, secure the items before the transition, load them and drive to a required location. There they discharge the truck, helping to put everything in the right order.

This staging allows arranging and managing work of San Diego local movers. Thus, the approach maintains a transparency of the process and quoting.


If the moving takes too long, so you don’t know where to leave your belongings before moving in, you can order a place at our warehouse in San Diego. Space, safe conditions, stress-free way to return your property as well as reasonable price make our storage facility a matched variant. The cost for the service varies depending on property volume and a storage period.


Sometimes, regardless of the type, local relocation has the same complexity degree as an intercity or even interstate relocation. Only thought-out plan and teamwork allows performing such an activity on schedule. Usually we split our work in several stages, providing optional services:

• Estimation of future costs before starting cooperation;

• Cost estimation and relocation planning as well as route plotting and equipment preparing;

• Property packing and checking wrapped items;

• Transportation to a new place or a storage facility including additional stops on the way.

Cooperation with us is easy and stressless, we coordinate with you each schedule change, always acting on the plan. “California Movers Local & Long Distance Moving Company” considers itself an expert moving team as we can solve any of your repositioning problems. Our workers have a vast experience and are ready to respond to any unexpected situation with plan B.

Order a free estimation of your project and experience our friendly attitude, professional local movers and budget friendly service.

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